Monthly Faves | July 2013

  • Hi everyone! So I’m going to say what a lot of beauty bloggers say when they introduce their monthly favorites… “Can you believe it?! It’s already the end of the month?! (well, in my case since I’m late posting this one, Imma say – ‘It’s already AUGUST!’) But the thing is that I really do feel the same way, I feel like time flies so fast, like I just took down my Christmas tree last month and now Imma have to dig it again a little later. Lol.

    Anyway, enough with the babbling, I’m sure you’re all interested to see what I have been loving this month. So, let’s jump in

    Monthly Faves | August 2013
    Garnier Skin Naturals Light Intensive Brightening Scrub & Marrionnaud Facial Brush
    (Sorry everyone, I forgot the price of the brush, but I got the scrub from my May BDJ Box)

    Since my Cure Aqua Gel is no longer working in terms of exfoliating my skin and I’m kinda hardcore when it comes to exfoliating, I decided to try the one that I got from BDJ. These two is seriously my perfect combo! This Garnier facial scrub lathers on quickly and when it does that, I follow it up with my Marrionnaud Face Brush. I only do it twice a week since the brush can be quite abrasive but it sure is a good massage and my face feels so squeaky clean afterwards.

    Monthly Faves | August 2013
    Celeteque Brightening Multi-benefit BB Cream
    (Got it from SampleRoom)

    I have been using this BB Cream non-stop lately. I will be doing a review of this within this week, I promise. But I love this one because it has an awesome coverage yet it feels light and it doesn’t give you that graycast in photos (not that much, at least).

    Monthly Faves | August 2013
    Naturactor Coverface Concealer/Foundation in #130 & #140
    (PhP 600-700+ depending on where you buy it)

    I am really loving this concealer. It has an awesome coverage and it blends seamlessly onto my skin. The thing with this product though is that you have to be careful not to layer it too much and be sure to moisturize your face first otherwise it will look cakey on you. But other than that, this is a really good concealer, one that is really worth the moolah & the hype.

    Monthly Faves | August 2013
    Sleek Face Contour Kit in ‘Medium’ & Sleek Blush By 3 in ‘Lace’
    (Contour – PhP 650; Blush By 3 – PhP 850)

    Yeah I know I just bought my Benefit Hoola (something that I haven’t reviewed yet, I know -__-) like a month ago but it just doesn’t give me that chiseled look that I often aim for. Don’t get me wrong though, Benefit Hoola is an awesome contouring/bronzing powder, but if you’re getting fat like me, you’d rather have something darker and my Sleek Face contour kit is just that. Oh, and of course, my favorite blush at the moment, Sleek Blush By 3 in ‘Lace’.

    Monthly Faves | August 2013
    4u2 Diamond Girl Eyesadow Duos in #08 & #21
    (PhP 60 each)

    As I’ve mentioned in my previous haul (Click here to read about it), I am obsessed about these eyshadows. They’re affordable yet they’re highly pigmented as well.

    Monthly Faves | August 2013
    Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara; Hayan Auto Brow Pencil in ‘Taupe Brown’
    (Will update you about the price of each one)

    As I’ve said in my Sick Girl’s Makeup Routine post before (Click here to read about it) since I’ve been sick a lot lately, I just use this brow pencil instead and set it with a clear mascara. It’ not my favorite way of doing it but when you’re tired/sick and you just want to sit down, it pretty much does the job.

    Monthly Faves | August 2013
    Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in ‘Hot Chocolate’, Revlon Photoready Kajal Intense Eyeliner – Brightener in ‘Purple Reign’ and Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in ‘Black’
    (Will update you about the price of each one)

    I love that Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in ‘Hot Chocolate’. I ran out of my brown eyeliner and I have been hearing a lot of buzz lately about these eyeliners, so I decided to get one, and it doesn’t smudge! This eyeliner lasted on me for more than 6 hours without fading, smudging, etc. Oh, and I’m also into the neutral shade of Revlon Photoready Kajal Intense Eyeliner because it’s so pigmented and it can easily brighten up my eyes. Oh, and I’m into gel eyeliners lately so I’ve been loving my Maybelline Gel eyeliner

    Monthly Faves | August 2013
    Revlon Lip Butter in ‘Tutti Frutti’, Benefit Cha Cha Tint & Mac Lustre Lipstick in ‘Flamingo’
    (Will update you about the price of each one)

    I’m so into orange last month! Obviously!

    Monthly Faves | August 2013
    Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush, ELF Angled Blush Brush & Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
    (Will update you about the price of each one)

    I’ve been using these three brushes every time I wear makeup. The Expert Face brush is just amazing. It’s definitely worth the hype. Oh and I have been using the deluxe crease brush and it’s excellent for applying/blending cream concealers. And, I can finally give my Marrionnaud blush brush a break (which is also my favorite) because I found something as an alternative.

    Monthly Faves | August 2013
    OMG Nail Polish in ‘Mojito’, Girl Stuff Nail Polish in ‘Joy’ and ‘Pretty Pink’ & Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish in ‘Break Through’
    (Will update you about the prices of each one soon)

    I love these nail polishes especially ‘Joy’. Too bad I broke the bottle. I’ve been loving really loud colors for my nails lately.

    Monthly Faves | August 2013
    Bvlgari Amethyste
    (Approx. PhP 2,500 @ Eauthentic)

    I love the smell of this. It’s a bit subtle but it’s definitely something you can tell/detect. Oh and it lasts for hours too. Oh, and I forgot to include this at the group pic. Sorry

    So those are all of the items that I have been loving this past month. How about you guys? Do you have any new faves? Let me know!

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    • Gina May J. Mungcal

      Naturactor and Real Techniques brushes *drooling*

      • Lol. You have Ben Nye naman e

        • Gina May J. Mungcal

          But.. but … but.. oh well!

    • Rosalie B.Tangonan

      hahaha… natwa naman ako dun.Relate na relate ako sa opening remarks ng bloggers kapag monthly faves na ang usapan. JUst want to ask, HM yung Hayan Brow pencil if its okay lang. I’m currently looking for a good and cheap eyebrow pencil. Lagi kasing out of stock yung sa Avon na favorite ko.:) Thanks!

      • I believe it’s less than PhP 60 (intro price). Try it you’re definitely going to love it

        • Rosalie B.Tangonan

          really? where I can get hayan products then? sobrang affordable Thanks

          • Hayan stalls

            • Rosalie B.Tangonan

              I contact their page… sa Starmall daw. ahhaha. goodluck sa akin… ang layo

    • i’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews about naturactor. I think I have to try this one since I’m currently in the hunt for the perfect concealer.

      • Go! You’ll love it

    • KeiFio Fave Closet

      Next on my what to buy list are: RT brushes, sleek blush but in pumpkin bec am not fair complexion like you, 4u2 e/s and then I will re-purchase the bvlgari amethyste supppper love the smell of this perfume. My what to buy list pile up because of your Haul and monthly favorites Sis Yette but no regrets since all the products that you reviewed and I bought did not fail me, so many thanks to you

      • Aww thanks but be careful not to overspend like me, lol. Although that’s something I should be telling myself, lol.

        • KeiFio Fave Closet

          hahaha, sadly I have limited budget because I have two kids but am motivated to work if I have a new mukaps so I can’t really resist your influence

    • May

      I love your pictures and great post!! I love the Mac colour. Beautiful blog :)))))

      I hope you can follow me and check out my beauty and lifestyle blog and like my FB page


    • akristinechong

      Yay for Garnier! It’s actually my current favorite – something that I am using in my daily beauty regimen as of lately! Great post! I didn’t knew Celeteque has a bb cream na pala, nice!

    • I love your review of the Sleek blush. I totally adore Sleek products. I also have Maybelline’s gel liner and I find it easier to use than liquid eyeliners.

    • woow.. lots of nice products!!! So envy of youuuu.. hihihihi.. I really really need to start re-stocking my makeup as well

    • I can see a lot of shopping in there. Haha. I love the perfume and the lippies! More beauty posts please!

    • I love your picks for this month especially Sleek’s Contour Kit & Celeteque’s BB Cream! I’m actually quite surprised with how well the BB Cream delivered its function. Affordable yet impressive.

    • Ganier and Elf are two of my favorite brands. I love when bloggers share their favorites.

    • Angel

      Most of these things are my faves too! That Garnier facial scrub does not only whiten, it’s great for oily skin as well! My skin was spotless too when I used it :)) Thanks for this post! I’m reminded to switch back to good old Garnier after I’m finished with my current stock of facial scrub


    • LharraCroft de Guzman

      I’m so horny. I want to fuck a big cock.

    • Nhonim Cailing

      I sign up at Sample Room last month and because of this post, Ms. Yette, I’ll try the Celeteque Brightening Multi-benefit BB Cream.

    • Monika De Veas

      ooohh! that Naturactor is really interesting. You have a great collection Yette! I recently won a MAC Flamingo from a giveaway and it’s a pretty shade kaya lang it looks more peachy/pink on me. Great post!

    • Jeffrey Rilles

      Will bookmark your post and share to wifey- great picks!

    • U-Ned Belleza Algabre

      Amazing! really nice post too!

    • I’ve been eyeing the Sleek Blush by 3 and Celeteque BB Cream, but I am holding but, coz I have a lot to use up! I wanted to buy the essence eyeliner though. I have the black one, and I love it!

    • phyaboo

      Looking forward to your Celeteque BB cream review! I’m crazy about BB creams, and I’m on the hunt for a good one.

    • I love the Garnier Brightening Scrub, ng ginamit ko siya I love my skin ang minimal ng blackheads ko. I’m think of going back to this product I switch kasi to tony moly’s foam wash (was okay) then now to st.ives green tea cleanser (gel consistency and it break me out so bad. pimples were showing and my nose is full of blackhead.) tinatapos ko lang ung product then I’m think of going back to garnier or maybe human nature I’m excited for the celeteque bb cream! i’ve been waiting for your review >.< as always im so jelly sa lahat ng make up mo! lovely photos! awesome insight about the products

    • I love the celeteque BB cream and the real technique brushes I have the expert brush and the travel essentials.

    • Kelly Chin

      omg i love the sleek blush & face contour

    • Mojito is also my favorite!!! ALL TIME! Pati Garnier. I use it all the time (or pag may stock) kasi doesn’t give me breakouts unlike Pond’s. Love this post nakakaaliw! :p

    • Leilani Gamboa

      My bet is Maybelline gel eyeliner. I havent tried gel eyeliners i only use pencil eye liners. I also love the colors of your nail polishes sis,

    • I’m wearing Mojito right now hihihi.. gusto ko tlga yung real techniques nasa list ko yan yung naturactor din kainissss kaa! hahah!

    • Denise Rennie

      great blog great way to spend your time testing these out and letting the world know If you like skincare and new products you may like to see my blog too xx

      • Thanks, Denise. WIll do

    • Lei Diwa

      Hi Ms.Yette, can you do a blog post or video on how you exfoliate ur skin using garnier? Thanks! curious lang how you do it with the brush hehe

      • I’ll try to work on that soon, Thanks Lei! )

    • itsmefati

      I always love your selection sa lipsticks! So I enjoy reading your posts that includes lipsticks especially hauls and monthly faves! I wanna know also what’s your insights about Facial Mists! And what brands of facial mists ang maganda gamitin. and, i have a question, how do you normally clean your brushes po ba? Thanks!

      • I don’t use Makeup mists that often. I’ve only used 3 so far but I really like Tony Moly & Celeteque

        I use Michelle Phan’s method when it comes to deep cleaning my brushes.

    • aiko borja

      wow nice shades of lippies Ms.Yette and like ko den yung sleek face contour kit and blush plus the nail polishes!!! hmmmm.. grabe nice post po .. thanks for letting us know whats best make ups and skin care products based on your reviews

    • meganlev_13

      errrrrrrr i want that sleek contouring powder, how much is that? and btw i want that maybelline gel liner too! i’ve tried this one and hindi sya nagsusmudge or anything, it stays and locked in place.