July Collective Haul

Hi everyone! Yesterday I asked you what do you want to see first, my July Collective HAUL or my July FAVORITES. Then a lot of you responded and told me that you’d rather see the haul first. So without further ado, let me go and introduce you the products that I bought all through out the month of July (except those which were featured during my Weekend of Hauls Part I, II and III). Enjoy!

>Real Techniques Expert Face Brush & Eye Starter Set
Real Techniques Eye Starter Set (PhP 989) & Expert Face Brush (PhP 549)
Kalm Cosmetics

I finally used my 30% blogger discount from Kalm Cosmetics (I got a discount because I was one of the bloggers that hosted their RT giveaway) so I decided to use it by buying, of course Real Techniques brushes. My favorites so far are of course the Expert Face Brush and the Deluxe Crease Brush (came from the Eye Starter Set), and both them will be featured in my upcoming favorites post).

Naturactor Cover Face Foundation/Concealer
Naturactor Cover Face Foundation/Concealer in #130 & #140
Digital Traincase (#140 – PhP 790); Shadz Online Shop (#130 – PhP 600)

The one that I bought for myself was #140 from Digital Traincase. I must say that it’s a tad bit lighter than my original skin tone but I can work with it. It covers my blemishes, redness, undereye circles flawlessly. Then my niece received another Naturactor concealer (#130 from Shadz Online Shop) and she thought she has two of the same shades so she gave me her #130. I use it for my undereye circles and I sometimes mix it with my #140 and it blends perfectly.

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in RiRi Woo
MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in ‘RiRi Woo’
Makeover Shop (PhP 1,100)

I love this lipstick. I know I said before that I’m not totally into red lip colors, and this is like a total jump for me but this lipstick is like RED red but it’s bright. Think Ruby Woo but brighter. I’ve seen people wear Ruby Woo but this is is just BRIGHT. And drying too, lol. I’ll have a review about this maybe next week.

Etude House Dear Darling Neon Tint & Kissful Tint Choux
Etude House Dear Darling Neon Tint & Kissful Tint Choux
Etude House (not sure about price anymore, sorry)

I’ve picked these babies up in the beginning of last month, I’m not even sure if I featured it already. Nevertheless, I love the orange tint, but it only my lower lip, it wont transfer color into my upper lip, so that’s a bummer. The other item is something that I would only wear if I want that subtle hint of color. It’s a bi sticky though, but I do love the packaging.

Dream Girl Lovelight BB Powder #2 & Dream Girl Faith BB Cream
Dream Girl Lovelight BB Powder ‘#2’ (PhP 194)
Dream Girl Faith BB Cream ‘Universal Color’ (PhP 184)

SM Department Stores/Watson’s

I love this compact. I already hit pan in my last powder, so I decided to buy another as a backup since this is a bit of an elusive product for me. Then I decided to try their BB cream, which I surprisingly liked. I’m going to do a review about it soon. I’m looking forward to try their foundation. I hope that it’s still in stock.

4U2 Diamond Eye 2-Color Eyeshadow
4U2 Diamond Eye 2-Color Eyeshadow (PhP60 ea. – Shade Nos. indicated at the photo)
SM Department Stores/Watson’s

I am currently OBSESSED with these eyeshadows! They’re hella cheap and when I mean cheap I mean THAT. They’re only PhP 60. Yet they’re so pigmented, and they stay on the entire day! The thing is they’re on clearance that’s why they’re cheap. They’re just emptying their stocks. Let me know if you want swatches/review. Try to look for these because they’re so worth it. They were once PhP 180 now they’re PhP 60. Like I said, they’re hella cheap. Lol

Natasha Face Duo in 'Light Beige' & Natasha Lip Duo in 'Coral Peach'
Natasha Face Duo in ‘Light Beige’ (PhP 205) & Natasha Lip Duo in ‘Coral Peach’ (PhP 200)
Natasha Direct Sellers/ Natasha Website

A couple of you guys were requesting product reviews from makeups that can be bought from direct sellers such as Avon, Natasha, Color Collection so I decided to get these. Will post a review about ’em soon. Gosh, I really need to catch up. Lol.

Bobbie Kaleidoscope Nail Polishes'
Bobbie Kaleidoscope Nail Polishes in Cherie Red, Fuchsia Pink, Lemon Souffle and Indigo Blue
(PhP 79.75 ea)

Watson’s/Department Stores

I’ve always been interested in color-changing nail polishes whether they change due to lighting or temperature. I got all-four shades except the last one (not sure but it’s a bit grayish that turns to white or vice versa). I’m not really fond of Cherie Red & Fuchsia Pink because the’re just plain white when applied then when you’re cold, that’s when they turn. And we all know that that seldom happens here in our country. Guess that means we need to keep an ice-cold drink handy just to pimp-out that nice ombre effect..

Girl Stuff Nail Polishes & Essence Nail Polish
Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish in ‘Break Through’ (PhP 99), Girl Stuff Nail Polishes in in ‘Joy’, ‘Pretty Pink’, ‘Orange’ & ‘Jade’
(PhP 99 up)
Watson’s/Department Stores

I love these nail polishes so far. They’re opaque. Tried it on this month and they never fail to surprise me.

Etude House Princess Academy Event Loot
Etude House Princess Academy Event Loot (2pcs Incoco Nail Polish Applique in Lilac & Gold Crack, I’m Blooming Sample, Wonder Pore Freshner & Tiara)
Etude House – Free

And of course, if you’ve read my Etude House Princess Academy Event Day 2 Experience, then you probably saw this mini haul already (Click here to read it if you haven’t).

So, those are all of the items that I got this July. Just a few things to take note of, I’m not bragging and I certainly did not get all of these items in just one day. Keep your eyes open for more reviews because I seriously hope that I’ll be able to catch up.

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  • OMG Yette~!!! The RiRi Woo! Dapat yan nalang yung sakin eh. LOL I’m very curious about those color changing polishes, review them ha? And those eye shadows, looks like na na-adik ka ah ma-try nga rin yan mura naman eh. :)) Nice haul as always!

    • Haha. Wala pa kaseng RiRi Woo nung nag lipstick week ako e.

      Yup, I’ll review them. The eyeshadows are really good. I might review them. Nakaka-adik talaga kase mura lang sobra… Tapos sobrang pigmented pa. They’re have really nice quality.

  • Katrina Rebecca Guzon

    Saw how the color changing polishes fare on you at instagram. Really looks nice!

  • Cutie collection Haul ♥ oh my!
    I also want real technique brushes and your mac lippie~

    My blog: http://143beauty.blogspot.com

  • Your haul is just sooo amazing!!! I wish I could have it all

  • Huda BBlogger

    I have my eyes on RT since long now:)


    • Go buy one for yourself. It’s worth it.

  • awww too bad! I think the 4u2 counter near my place just closed. HMPPPP…

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    I love the nail polishes you featured. I will be trying out Bobbie Kaleidoscope Nail Polish! Just bought one in Galleria. I got a neutral color which is greymod. I’m excited to try it out myself

    • Yea that’s the one that I didn’t buy cause I figured that it’ll just turn to white as well. Let me know once you tried it

      • Rosalie B.Tangonan

        surely. I just always go with the neutrals kasi… and it actually looks good inside the bottle

  • GilCamporazo

    You got a ton of beauty enhancer like lipsticks, face powder, nail polish and many more. It is indeed a great July collective haul for the woman like you.

  • Waaaah nice items sis! Love your haul. Daming polish! That BB powder from 4u2 is super kaduper nice!

  • I think you got a good haul with the several valuable beauty products.

  • nice haul! Actually this is my fave type of post from you (aside from the reviews of course!) I love your photos too.

  • I am so impressed with the Naturactor. It is worth the hype for me.

  • papaleng

    Except for the Natasha and Bobbie products, I know little about the rest. But I am quite sure that most women will go gaga just to have these beauty stuffs.

  • nurina adhalia

    woah, great haul

  • Ileana

    Great things!!! love the mac shade



  • Betzy Carmona

    You have a great haul

  • tianna

    awesome haul! Love the RT brusheS!

  • wow! great beauty products you got here. The Naturactor looks and sounds like an awesome product, you should do a product review about it

  • wow! super rami ng products! i love it!

  • I just ran out of concealer yesterday, so I might consider buying a Naturactor later. =)

  • OMG Riri Woo! Aaaaand Naturactor! I also like the Etude House goodies, they’re always so cute. I like Natasha’s makeup line too, I got a few things from them last Feb and I still use their matte pressed powder. You got amazing stuff in this haul. ♥

  • Monika De Veas

    I love everything you have in this haul! I’ve been seeing Naturactor in blogs/vlogs lately. I am really interested in that. RiRi Woo is so pretty and that Bobbie Kaleidoscope polish looks so fun! Thanks for sharing Yette!

  • this is what you call a haul!! really like the products.. and I am just excited about your reviews on local direct seller products such as Natasha..

  • Leilani Gamboa

    wow dami naman sis, i really love your haul. I am really curious about Naturactor Foundation, pricey sya is it worth the money?

  • RebelSweetHrt

    I’m looking forward to your review of the Naturactor.
    Great haul, sis!

  • Denise Johnson

    I’d love to see eyeshadow swatches! Seems like you got great finds. I’m trying to resist MAC anything but it seems like I need to try their lipsticks!

  • Great haul for the month of July! I have the Riri Woo as well but I haven’t used it yet. It looks so beautiful that I only want to stare at it.

  • KeiFio Fave Closet

    Waaaataaa haul, I wished I have that kind of money to burned for mukaps (self confessed make-up addict). I would definitely check the 4u2 e/s, they got lots of lovely shades and super cheap as well. Do you know sis for how long their clearance sale would run?

  • Angel

    OMG I’m drooling! I love everything you got! Those BOBBIE nail polish look s interesting. Review pls! :))


  • Rochkirstin Santos

    Wah I want to try that orange-ish lippie! I guess it won’t look like I’ve eaten palabok naman noh?

  • wow…although I can’t relate much but I’m impressed with your haul!

    keep it up!

  • Porshia Mitra

    woahh.. huge haul!! everything looks so good.. those real technique brushes **sigh** !

  • what a huge haul. your room must be full of cosmetics!

  • I love everything in this month’s haul ate yette

  • HauteFrugalista

    Love MAC lipsticks! my fave its Dare You!
    Dee http://hautefrugalista.com

  • wala tumaob na naman ako sa upuan ko sa haul mo… and seriously binili mo lahat yung sa 4u2 na eyeshadow?? it must be really good. I will check it out..

    Sabi din ni Aya maganda daw yung 4u2 na powder.. do you have a review on it.. Ayoko lang kasi ng lalagyan prang laruan for barbie. hehe

    Im so excited for your naturactor,,, kasi naalala ko ni pm mo pa ko just to tell me that you finally give in! ang dami long aabangan na reviews shocks! excited na ko! hihih

  • so many hauls! grabe yung 4u2 products, you bought a lot!!! ;D cant wait for all the reviews youll make for the products

  • Nhonim Cailing

    Oh, the real techniques! I hope you will have a review about the brushes Ms. Yette, I’m planning to get those sets, too!

  • rhania escueta

    wow! e/s hauls love it =)

  • What’s your skin type? Been hearing so many good things about Wonder Pore but it just so happens that the people I’ve read from have oily skin (mine is dry.)

    • I have dry skin. I used it once before. It’s great in a way that it really clears out my skin from breakouts but the formula was too dry. I had to switch to other toners.

  • Woah!! Hope to see swatches of the kaleidoscope nail polish! Always love to see your hauls, Ms Yette

  • Natasha

    WOW! What a great haul!

  • emtha

    Yay! Great haul! I’m also a huge fan of the Real Technique brand of brushes and I also LOVEEEE my RiRi Woo

  • Somdyuti

    Wow.. amazing haul. Love the MAC lipstick and the Etude House tint. Looking forward to your swatches! xx

  • Lei Diwa

    nice haul! Yung e/s ba is on sale or yun talaga ung prices nila? do you have a swatches?

    • They’re on clearance. Their original price is around PhP 180. I dont have swatches/review kase I’m not sure if it’s widely available pa

  • aiko borja

    nice haul miss yette grabe daming nail polish .. inggit ako hehehe

  • itsmefati

    Super expensive talaga ng mga brushes! Pero magandang maginvest ng mga makeup brushes talaga. You have a lot of beauty stuff which I like. Kaya I enjoy looking through your posts.

  • meganlev_13

    i’ve tried naturactor to my client and maganda sya talaga. nkakacover talaga sya ng dark undereye circles, blemishes, acne marks. sobrang worth it yun. and btw, I LOVE THE LIPSTICK! its soooo yummy