Etude House Princess Academy Event Day 2 Experience

Hi everyone! Yup, here again. Never slept. Told ya there’s another one coming! Anyway, as you guys may already know, I attended the recently held Etude House Princess Academy Event (Day 2). I had so much fun there with my co-bloggers/friends and family, and the event itself really made me feel like I’m such a Princess. Anyway, I hope these photos will be able to somehow describe what it felt like to be there, and also a clue of what it’s like to be a princess even just for a day (well, half).

Etude House Princess Academy Event Day 2 Experience

I arrived at the venue (SM The Block) at approximately 12:00 because I had to meet my best friend so I can get my ticket from her. (She bought me my ticket! Yay! Thanks Bhez!) We went to Starbucks for a while then afterwards, we parted ways (she’s not really interested in makeup ). At nearly 12:45, the line near the entrance was starting to accumulate so I had to get in line as well. They opened their ‘doors’ at exactly 1:00pm. They gave us our very own tiaras prior to entering their pink arch.

Etude House Princess Academy Event Day 2 Experience

Oh, and if the tiara’s not enough to make you feel like a princess, here’s their Pink (Strawberry) Macaroons & their Pink Heart-shaped cookies just to make sure you get your own dose of sugar. Oh, and the Pink cotton candy as well as their Strawberry cola is not yet included in that photo.

Etude House Princess Academy Event Day 2 Experience

Oh, and have you met Betsy? Betsy is Etude House’s official car? She’s soo pink! Eyah, Gina and I took the opportunity to pose with her and take our pics while we were waiting for our turn at some of the games. She’s a heart breaker, isn’t she?

After our picture taking with Betsy, we were able to play games. The first game we played was the game ‘Sweetie’s Spin’. I was able to answer their trivia, so I got two spins, and I was able to win two items (since both spins got me two prizes, as well) Sorry if I don’t have a photo, btw. Then we played ‘Style Me Up’. I won a nail sticker in this round. Thanks to Eyah & Gina for coaching me. I must admit, I’m not really good under pressure -__-

Etude House Princess Academy Event Day 2 Experience

Last game I played was ‘Kiss The Prince’ which was something I didn’t think I would play. Luckily, coaching was allowed, AND, the part that I got was ‘chin’ so, yeah. Thanks, Gina, btw. I also got a nail sticker for winning that game. So far, I won in all of the games that I participated. Thanks Etude, for making winning so easy

Etude House Princess Academy Event Day 2 Experience

Of course, you wont be a princess until you sit on your own (cute pink) throne. I got my very own ‘Princess Portrait’ and of course, I wore my tiara even though it kept falling. That’s why I can’t even tilt my head. Duh -__-

Etude House Princess Academy Event Day 2 Experience

Then of course, what would an event be, without the speakers, celebrities & the main event which is the Pink Artiste contest (Sadly I wasn’t able to see it). The program started with a dance performance by the Nemexis (More photos here), hosted by Carla Humphries, with a few opening remarks from the Etude House Philippines President – Andrea Amado. Their main topic was fashion & beauty and their main speakers were Ryuji Shiomitsu, who talked about fashion & Bianca Valerio who of course, talked about beauty.

Etude House Princess Academy Event Day 2 Experience

Of course, who could forget their celebrity guests, I was only their until Ella Cruz. I didn’t get to meet the others. I didn’t know that her family was with her, so I took the opportunity to spend the entire day with them. It’s been a long time since I bonded with them. I miss them dearly.

Etude House Princess Academy Event Day 2 Experience

Then of course, my co-bloggers and I took photos with Ella.

Etude House Princess Academy Event Day 2 Experience

Of course, before I left, I still get to take some photos with my co-bloggers. Again thanks to Gina, Eyah, Gen, Jhesica, Ana, Katrina, Raychel (not in photo) & Kath for the photo op!

So like I said, I had to leave. I decided to leave with Ella since it’s been a while since I bonded with my bro’s family. We went to Greenhills afterwards, which is something that I haven’t done for quite sometime. I know, right.

Anyway, just a quick rundown of events — were a total of 13 Freebies (including the tiara) in the ticket, and so far I was able to redeem 8 of them; They are the following:
Mirror Mirror
Kiss The Prince*
Style Me Up*
Princess Portrait*
Treasure Room
Sweetie’s Spin*
Bowl Nails
Pink Photobooth
Strawberry Macaroon*
Pink Heart Shaped Cookies*
Strawberry Cola*
Pink Cotton Candy

* – Claimed freebies

Etude House Princess Academy Event Day 2 Experience

Like I said, I was only able to redeem 8 freebies, but it was more than enough and it was so worth it! I bought a ticket with no clue what to expect and I got home with a pink heart shaped cookie, along with some other stuff that I bagged through joining their games. And I didn’t expect that.

A couple of my co-bloggers went home with a blogger loot bag which I must admit got me to thinking I wish I stayed, and registered, but well, at least I had fun. Oh, and I can always go back and buy those things for me. It might not be for free, but the event was priceless.

Thanks again, Etude House Philippines
because even though it was just for a day,
you made my childhood dreams, of becoming a princess

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  • Leilani Gamboa

    Sis bagay ang tiara sa beauty mo who did not dreamt of becoming a princess when she was a young girl? its like a wish come true nga, nakakatuwa. i like everything from the princess inspired theme, all pink (my favorite color), games, cute car, especially the freebies, hihi. obvious na obvious na super enjoy kayo

    • Yes we did! You should’ve been there. I’m sure mag-eenjoy ka ren

      • Leilani Gamboa

        Sana nga sis hihi sana may next time

  • You look so cute with that tiara. Yung smile mo, you seemed so happy. Mukhang super enjoy kayo sa event. Betsy is so adorable. Sana sya yung binigay sa event, hahaha! Oh and Ella is so charming ah pero di nalalayo when you girls posed beside her. Every girl’s a princess in their own little ways. Glad yours came to a reality in that event. Cute post again, Yette!

    • Thanks Michelle!

      Yes, sayang wala ka. Haha, it would be so cool if Betsy was a part of their freebies, pero hindi e. Kahit replica lang, wala. Lol.

  • rhania escueta

    hi princess! hahaha =) ang saya naman nameet mo other beauty bloggers =) hugs!

    • Yup! Wish you were there!

  • I am happy to see you girls together. Looks like a fun event I hope I can join you guys next time. *HUGS*

  • Gina May J. Mungcal

    Thank you for the super bonding yette till next time! Nasarapan ako dun sa heart-shaped cookie

    • Ang tamis! DI kinaya ng powers ko! Magsama kayo ni Gen!

  • No picture with you! Rar! Next time.

  • Hello Yette Thanks for the photo and it was great seeing you. Nahiya lang ak magpakilala ng maasyos. Next time dear ha

    • Hi! I knew it was you. Nahihiya nga ren ako e -__-;

  • I am seriuosly drooling right now. Bakit ba hindi ako nakapunta nagsisisi ako. mahal kasi ticket eh. Love your photo on the princess booth! you really look like a princess. sali ka din next year sa pink artiste!!

    • Aww, sana nandun ka! It was worth every peso, my dear

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    perfect photos! The event was so nice! Too bad I was not able to go there… Just quite busy this past few days. I love their booth.

    • Aww, Maybe next time

      • Rosalie B.Tangonan

        fingers crossed

  • I’m so jelly! I tried joining as much as 5 contest to try to grabe a ticket but huhu I failed. Ang ganda ng event all girly :3 thank you ate yette for showing what happpend at the event I was actually waiting for your post about it

  • Monika De Veas

    Wow! You’re so lucky! The event looked so much fun. Too bad hindi ako nakapunta. Happy for you Yette!

    • Aww. Next time, maybe

  • Aya

    I didn’t go na! Sayang but I’m glad you girls had fun!

    • Kaya nga e. Sayang talaga

  • Robi Marapao

    To become a princess is what most girls wish for. Glad you were able to attend this event.

  • Wow, you were indeed treated like a princess in this event and you even meet celebrities.

  • itsmefati

    You’re so cute! Love your tiara in you.

  • Nice photos sis! So fun this day. Bonding mode you're so cute with that tiara Princess talaga ang peg!

    • Haha, thanks, Gen!

  • Looks fun! Love the photo with the tiara too

  • Lookin’ sooooo adorable Ms. Yette !!!
    I’m jealous, I hope I had a chance to see you. Nagdropby lang kasi ako dun. Love those freebies, yey!


  • Angel

    Aww it looks SUPER fun! I’ve always wanted to attend one of these Etude House events but I live in the province *sob


  • Marseille Frances Bañas Talaca

    I won a ticket by Ms. Genzel of Genzel Kisses but unfortunately wasn’t able to know it earlier before the event.. so sad btw, i love your blouse :))

  • Jean Lharra Barcebal de Guzman

    Di pantay mata mo. Okay lang yang. Haha

    • I know. They’ve always been like that.

      • Jean Lharra Barcebal de Guzman

        Why were they like that?

  • Jam Daquio

    Oh my Gosh! I hope I get to attend this one. It is just near my area how come i dont know >_<

  • Lean Lacaba

    This is so cute! It awakens the princess in me!

  • u-ned algabre

    really nice! cool post

  • u-ned algabre

    your confidence, sweetness and brains outshines any physical beauty, so nice post from you! such an inspiration

  • Kelly Chin

    wow so pretty & the event looks fun

  • I did enjoy the playhouse more because of you guys.. kasi we can bond together at the same time! I really had a great time.. Till our next get together! Alam mo na kung san yun hihihi!

    I really love the photos on the photobooth hihih! Nakakatuwa

  • Louise Ito

    I joined a raffle for tickets for this event way back because I really wanted to go. But sadly, I wasn’t picked. It would have been great to be part of the event though. Everything’s so pink & girly — like me! Looks like you had a great time! You look great, a princess!

  • Wow you look like a princess here wearing your tiara! I hope I can attend an event like this too!

  • prncessjaq11

    Miss Yette! I know this article is a long time ago but I really want to try and Etude product but still hesitating baka kasi sayang lang ang pera. Hehehe how was the Wonder pore Miss Yette? Is this still one of your night rituals before sleeping upto now? Hehehe
    Almost 1 year na itong post but still your face looks smooth and pretty now. Sana ako din. Haha