Weekend Of Hauls Part III: Virginia Olsen Minerals Haul, First Impressions, Photos & Swatches

Hi everyone! Apologies for the late post, this was supposed to go up yesterday but I wasn’t feeling too peachy and it was also my bro’s birthday so if in any case you’re reading this (BELATED) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIKO!

Anyway, here’s the third and final installment of my Weekend of Hauls Series this week. (feel free to read my first and second haul featuring my prizes from My Lucid Interval’s Giveaway and my Collective Haul featuring the items I got from the Super Sale Bazaar) And this time, I’ll be featuring the eyeshadows that I got from the Virginia Olsen website.

Recently, they announced that they will now be accepting PayPal payments and as a frequent PayPal user, I got eggzoited and went directly to their website. I was actually overwhelmed by the selection of shades to choose from, lol. Anyway, without further babbling, here are a couple of the items I got… (along with the two samples they sent me. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!)

Weekend Of Hauls Part III: Virginia Olsen Minerals Haul, First Impressions, Photos & Swatches

Now that you saw some of the shades that I got, here are some of the shades that I already have…

Weekend Of Hauls Part III: Virginia Olsen Minerals Haul, First Impressions, Photos & Swatches

Here are some of my insights regarding the said product. Keep in mind though that this is not a formal review. More of my first impressions, since I’m kind of a newbie when it comes to mineral/loose eyeshadows. Hence the overwhelming interest. There wont be a pros and cons but you will see some swatches and you’ll be reading some of my views regarding some of the shades I’ve tried.

Weekend Of Hauls Part III: Virginia Olsen Minerals Haul, First Impressions, Photos & Swatches

PACKAGING Their full-sized products are housed in a small, square, plastic, transparent container, with a silver, metallic cap with their logo. Both are sturdy enough to contain the product. It doesn’t feel cheap nor does it feel like it’s about to give up. It has a sifter that prevents the loose pigments to spread all over the cap, and it’s also sealed with an adhesive plastic when it’s new (for your protection of course). The sample ones are housed with circular plastic containers, it’s simple and it’s not nearly as sturdy nor secure as the ones that you can purchase, but it’s a sample, and these are sometimes given free. However, both of them (full & sample sized packaging) have their shade names written clearly either at the top or at the bottom of the container (full size: bottom; sample size: top).

Weekend Of Hauls Part III: Virginia Olsen Minerals Haul, First Impressions, Photos & Swatches Weekend Of Hauls Part III: Virginia Olsen Minerals Haul, First Impressions, Photos & Swatches

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SHADE Not every shade that you can see from the packaging is as simple when you swatch it. Remember that the container is too small for all of these pigments to show you how whimsical they are. Yes, I find them whimsical. Except for the matte colors, perhaps. However the shades, such as ‘Midnight Glam’, ‘Jirbie’, ‘Winter Orchid’, ‘Lilac Lust’ and ‘Lodo’ are quite magical. They’re not as simple as they appear to be, I have this feeling that the more you use it the more you get to know it. (or maybe it’s just me, lol). All of the aforementioned shades have their own share of iridescence onto them but they’re still quite different from one another. Like ‘Jirbie’ for example, when you look at it, you’ll find the colors forest green, silver, gold, and turquoise. But then again, I might be the only one seeing that. you might be seeing a whole different batch of colors. All I know is ‘Jirbie’, among many others is a good example of a how ‘whimsical’ their eyeshadows are.

Weekend Of Hauls Part III: Virginia Olsen Minerals Haul, First Impressions, Photos & Swatches Weekend Of Hauls Part III: Virginia Olsen Minerals Haul, First Impressions, Photos & Swatches

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FORMULATION Each eyeshadows have different formulation/consistency depending on their shade. the matte ones are creamy and quite buttery. They’re also very pigmented. The satin and the shimmery ones are by par excellent, so are some of their glittery ones. There are however, some that perhaps needs a mixing solution in order to promote it’s longevity Of course not every VO products needs this. I find that this is only necessary (or perhaps recommended) to those which are a bit loose (glitters such as ‘Jirbie’, ‘Lodo’, and ‘Winter Orchid’) and to those which you would like to use as your eyeliner (in my case ‘Blue Eyeliner’ and ‘Festival’). Although in the end, the choice is really up to you. If it were me, I will always keep a mixing solution handy when using these eyeshadows because not only does it promote their staying power, but it also intensifies each shade.

So those are my thoughts regarding these babies. Like I said, it’s not a formal review, it’s more of a first impression. Stay tuned for an FOTD using some of these shades (I tried to do one but because I wasn’t feeling to well, I messed it up. Duh -_-). Have a nice week ahead everyone! Take care & God Bless!

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  • I can’t wait for the FOTDs soon. Can you do a tutorial ? I am afraid that I might messed up applying mineral make-up so I guess I need to practice and know more tips.

    Like you, there were also times that I messed up with my fotd, so I prefer simple look especially if there’s no occasion for that lazy day..
    I love the ‘blue eyeliner’ shade nice haul !!!

    • I’ll try to do one this week. I did one yesterday and because I wasn’t feeling well I had a ton of all outs. Sayang -__-


  • KeiFio Fave Closet

    I will be waiting for the reviews of these pigmented babies esp. the Lodo, Jirbie,festival and the Bronzer matte wood. I’m just a beginner in applying e/s so more tips from you sis will highly be appreciated have a blessed week

    • Aww, sorry, each of them cost PhP150 only

      • KeiFio Fave Closet

        tnx sis!

  • Monika De Veas

    That ‘blue eyeliner’ looks so gorgeous! I sometimes find pigments/loose eyeshadows difficult to work with but great review. Thanks Yette!


  • Casey

    I personally love loose shadows. Once you get used to using them, I think it’s actually easier to control the look you’re desiring than with powder compacts. Beautiful photos and a great post/review!


    • Thanks! I’ll get used to them soon enough

  • jhessicaRecto

    i love the blue eyeliner and lodo,! oh yeah super nahihirapan lang ako mag apply ng loose eyeshadow,hirap iblend at fallouts para sakin.. i got 2 sample of virginia olsen mineral eyeshadow from glaminar workshop.. first time ko gumamit ng mineral ewan ko pero medyo nangati ung tearduct ko… normal kaya un?=)

    • Haha, IDK but I’m sure we’ll get used to using them somehow. Siguro kelangan lang natin ng konting control

  • Aww ganda lahat ng colors! Never tried VO cosmetics, but I want to. Ganda ng colors sobra!

  • Becky

    So pretty! I love the LODO shade perfect for a night out

    Becky xo


  • wow..the swatches look great! lalo na yung festival! so nice!

  • That’s a lot of Virginia Olsen makeup. I envy you cos I only have a couple of eyeshadows from them!

    • I got a little bit too excited at their website, lol

  • Wow, that blue eyeliner looks really great. Super pigmented no?

  • mitchteryosa

    Share a pic with your new shades on please….

    • Will have an FOTD soon,I promise:)

  • Ayzee Casimiro

    I loves Festival! The swatch looks so pigmented and opaque. Chartreuse also looks good!

    • Yup, they’re both really pretty

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    yay! all of them looks pretty. I am not really into eyeshadows yet these look so stunning! I love the solar flare. I hope to see you wearing it in one of your posts soon… awesome haul!

  • Belated Happy Birthday Diko! (feeling close hahaha)

    I was waiting for the table of pros and cons akala ko ang bagal lang mag load ang net ko pero hindi pala formal review to duuuh -__- the donnarence? look so gorgeous and the puppy love too! please use that in your next FOTD kasi sometimes I mean most of the time iba ung itsura ng swatch with you actually using it! I have always been fooled by swatches -__-

  • wow! lovely colors! They look really pigmented and shades really pop out on skin. FOTD please!

  • I’ve seen this at SM Megamall. I havent tried it pa. Agree ako kay Gen. FOTD please.

  • Becoming Sleek

    Wow those are really pigmented colors! Amazing!

  • Leilani Gamboa

    I really havent got to try Virginia olsen kasi parang walang appeal sakin, but i guess after reading this, i like to purchase from their website.hihi… my personal picks are Lodo, puppy love and lilac lust, love the shades!

  • First I want to compliment the 1st photo teaser before the read more… Pretty profession I may say! Anyway, Since I’m a make up person. Pardon me, hindi ko alam yung brand. haha you introduce it to me now. haha I’m not into glitters din but i’g love to try the festival and lodo! Looks interesting!

  • itsmefati

    nice haul! i’m not into eyeshadows that much but this aught my eye. i’m starting also to love this product, virginia olsen. Specially their eyelash enhancer!

  • Lei Diwa

    I really want to buy VOM but not yet, I’m still saving cause I’m still a student I prevent myself from buying and buying make up. LOL! but I want the VO eyeshadow soon. Thanks for swatching it! I like how the blue eyeliner turns out very pigmented and I think the puppy love will be very nice as a highligher too since I think its a matte I’ll be waiting for your MOTD using this VO eyeshadows…

  • Angel

    I love mineral eyeshadow It can be messy but it’s super worth itconsidering the color pay-off


  • meganlev_13

    i love the shades and kung gaano sya kapigmented, pop out nga naman sa skin. kapansin pansin sya. PERF!!!!