Weekend Of Hauls Part II: Collective Haul (feat. SuperSale Bazaar, Drugstore, Sample Room, etc)

Didn’t I tell you that there’s another one coming? Yeah, I wasn’t supposed to show you these, but I wanted something to go with the ones that I got at the recently held SuperSale Bazaar. We first watched Despicable Me 2 (it was soo cute the minions were adorable) and then we went directly to the Bazaar. It wasn’t as fun as before. The stalls weren’t as fully stocked like it was back then but nevertheless, we still got a few stuff.

Here’s a few pics. I’m sill waiting for a friend of mine to upload her batch of pics but as of the moment, here’s what I have (some are borrowed from Eyah of Eyahnism

With Aya of Codename Aya, Gina & Eyah of Eyahnism
L-R With Aya of Codename Aya (wearing gray polo shirt); Gina (wearing yellow shirt); Eyah of Eyahnism

Anyway, on to the haul

SuperSale Bazaar Haul
Sandals/Black Flip Flops; Revlon Nearly Naked in ‘Nude’; Sleek Makeup Blus By 3 in ‘Lace’

That flip flops has a funny story attached to it. Eyah has the same one only in orange. Try asking her about it. lol. Oh and if you’re wondering why I bought another Revlon Nearly Naked foundation despite having one already, that is because my ‘Beige Natural’ no longer matches my face. I guess it was I was a bit tan when I bought it. (Click here for a review about the said foundation). I also bought the blush because I’ve been longing for that blush ever since I saw it

Drugstore Haul
ELF Angled Blush Brush; Fashion 21 Perfect Stick in ‘Milk Tea’; ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Cream in ‘St. Lucia’; Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in ‘Mauvey’ Fashion 21 Aqualicious Lipstick in ‘Little Mermaid’

These are for future product reviews, but the lipsticks are repurchases because I lost mine. IDK where they went.

Sample Room Haul
Celeteque Brigtening Multi-Benefit BB Cream & Nivea Antiperspirant

I’m so far loving these two products, and I rarely enjoy antiperspirants other than my Hi & Dri. The BB cream is a good one as well. I’ll do a review soon.

Eauthentic Haul
Omnia Amethyste

I love this perfume. The owner of Eauthentic is actually a friend of mine, and she sells AUTHENTIC perfumes in her instagram account. You should check it out!

So those are all of the items that I got. I hope you liked it. I’ll be doing reviews to most of the items that I got, especially now that most of the products that I’ll be reviewing this week are from the drugstore. So, stay tuned!

Oh, and stay tune for the final part of the Weekend of Hauls tomorrow where I’ll be featuring all of the eyeshadows I got from Virginia Olsen (along with swatches & first impressions). In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak of all of the eyeshadows that I got from the said brand:

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  • Yung gusto ko ng magcollapse at magpaa sa supersale bazaar sa sobrang sakit ng paa :| hahah! yung sleek inggit ako.. but I’m proud kasi kahit ang dami ko nakitang makeup hindi ako napabili.. hihih Yung naturactor babalikan mo? bet na bet ko sya.. pati yang sleek na binili mo

    Next time more bonding!

    • Hahah.. natatawa ako sau sa Bazaar eh. Kulang nalang ibato mo sa malayo ung sandals mo e. Saka na ung Naturactor siguro bilin ko nalang online. Pero ung Sleek intention ko na talagang bilin un along with the foundation

      • hahahah! next time ulit

  • I’m so jelly of this haul, especially the Sample Room haul as I was actually gunning for those two items! I got the mask, but not the bb cream

    • Aww.. who knows they might bring the BB cream back.Not sure about the deo though

  • awesome haul as always huhu im so jealous of you. I was not able to get my hands on the celeteque bb cream, im so jelly review please! i have the fashion 21 perfest stick i did not like the smell it was too strong for me so i gave it to a friend and i also have the aqualicious lipstick i have the sunset bay and pacific autumn they are so moisturizing BUT they transfer and they don’t last long -_______-

  • KeiFio Fave Closet

    I got the Bvlgari amethyste and let me say that I supperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr love it kaso what I got is the 65ML only, sad to say I emptied the bottle. I am using the DKNY be delicious I love paris at the moment but still my HG perfume is the Bvlgari Amethyste. I will be waiting for your reviews on the products that you bought esp. with the Sleek blush which is one of my lemming hahaha :), I have doubts in buying this one because am thinking that I should get the Pumpkin and not the lace because am quite negra not like you with fair skin. I also saw the Elf Sta. Lucia as one of Emily Eddington’s of Beauty Broadcast yt gurus favorite blush@bronzer so am excited to see your reviews on this one as well

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    So nice to see my favorite bloggers on this post. All of you are adorable… Im so jealous because I missed the SuperSaleBazaar… arrgggghhh… Well, anyway, I love the Bvlgari amethyste. It is one of my favorite perfume aside from the ones from BurBerry… Nice Haul!

  • Wooow! So sayang I wasn’t able to come with you guys I bet you really enjoyed your moments together. Love the hauls. Curious tlga ako jan sa Revlon and ELF cream

  • wow wow wow! those are a lot and i’m drooling at the moment! hihi I really really wanna try VO’s eye shadows.. they look pretty and very pigmented can’t wait for your reviews!

  • wooohoo! lotsa haul love it!

  • Got my bb cream from sampleroom too and I’m loving it .♥
    I really love HAULs, even if I am just reading about it — I feel happy like I am the one who owns your haul. (haha , seriously feeling ko talaga akin kahit nababasa ko lang )
    I love your hauls though.

  • I actually had a bonding with those 3 girls a day or two before the supersale bazaar! Haha! Woah nice haul love the sandals!!

  • Hala good to see nagbobond kayo mga co-bloggers! Anyway you have interesting haul. Ako kaya anong haul ko this July? Love the sandals!

  • Jilly

    ooh do post a review for the revlon foundation..:D #GIGlove

  • Leilani Gamboa

    My Golly i love your Haul sis..Youve got a wonderful site and i am really enjoying browsing your previous posts. parang i wanna try Sleek Makeup Blus By 3, ingget ako

  • itsmefati

    How cute is your flip flops! Love the details on it. And lipsticks and blush caught my eye too! Nice haul!

  • Angel

    Your goodies make me drool I wonder how the Fashion 21 Perfect Stick works?


  • meganlev_13

    the contouring blush/ cream bronzer is good to use if youre in a hurry. kse you dont have time to find pa and its small na kasya sa pouch. for me mas madali kse gamitin ang cream para mas madaling iblend sa face kesa sa powder.