Weekend of Hauls: My Lucid Intervals Giveaway Haul

Hi everyone! I’ve been so blessed this year that I was able to win not only one but three separate giveaways hosted by three separate (and awesome) bloggers as well. Like I’ve been telling you guys before, I’m not really fond of joining giveaways, because there’s only 1/1000 chance that I’ll be picked. However, things have changed.

Anyway, just recently, Ms. (or should I say Atty) Donnarence of My Lucid Intervals held her Anniversary Giveaway (Again, Congratulations Atty!), and I decided to join. I was so lucky because out of everyone, I was one of the five people that won her recent giveaway. Anyway, here are the prizes that I got:

Weekend of Hauls: My Lucid Intervals Giveaway Haul - Nanny Rose Products
Nanny Rose’s Tote Bag, Nanny Rose’s Queen Bee Mild Like Chamomile After Wax Salve, Nanny Rose’s Queen Bee Lemonest Lemony Lip Balm + Sunscreen & Nanny Rose’s Gugo Lawat Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

Weekend of Hauls: My Lucid Intervals Giveaway Haul - Jergens Products
Jergens Tote Bag, Jergens Sticky Notes, Jergens T-Shirt, Jergens Soothing Aloe Relief (50ml) Lotion, Jergens Skin Smoothing (100ml) Lotion & Jergens Anti-Bacterial (100ml) Lotion

Weekend of Hauls: My Lucid Intervals Giveaway Haul
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sun Block & 2pcs Inti-Mate Bra Converter

Weekend of Hauls: My Lucid Intervals Giveaway Haul - MeMeMe & Wet N' Wild Products
MeMeMe Softly Softly Hand & Nail Cream, MeMeMe Nail Collection Long Lasting Gloss, MeMeMe Light Me Up High Shine Lip Gloss & Wet N’ Wild Matte Lipstick in Red Velvet

Again, thanks for these awesome prizes! I’m really looking to use these products!
CONGRATULATIONS Ms. Donnarence may you have many more anniversaries to come!

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  • itsmefati

    Congratulations! You’re so lucky. I love winning on giveaways

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    I wonder where Nanny Rose Products are available… I’ve been reading good feedbacks about it. Congratulations to you!

    • I saw some at Watson’s

      • Rosalie B.Tangonan

        ohh… never been to Watson’s for quite sometime. Thanks for the info as always.

  • Wow, lucky you! I seldom win giveaways but I noticed a trend lately, I win a few only during my birthday month. Hahaha. Anyway, your winnings are so nice! Atty. Donnarence is so generous as to give away a lot of stuff and to 5 people too. Coolness.

    • Thanks! I don’t win during my birthday month, though I’d love to. There are a lot of cool prizes during December since it’s the Holidays & all that

  • Cj Escuadro

    fab prizes!i never win on giveaways!lol..but congrats again on winning ms. yette! do share your thoughts on nany rose products

  • Wow! You’re so lucky to win these goodies sis! I love all of them. I joined to but I wasn’t fortunate to win

  • Micah Dela Cruz

    i’m so dying of envy now i wonder what you do with all of the makeup and beauty products you already have plus these pa :))

    • I keep it for future reviews

  • Lean Diwa Buscaino

    wow congrats for winning I also wanted to win her giveaway but sadly I wasn’t lucky enough hahaha

  • ang lucky mo ate yette! congratz! super dami mo na cgurong make up and skin care products! please do a make up/skin care collection video sa youtube mo

    • Thanks! Someday.. lol

  • Monika De Veas

    Congrats Yette!

  • KeiFio Fave Closet

    Congrats sis, me too am not into joining giveaways kase the percentage of winning is so small but once a while am having fun joining so I indulge myself

  • Congrats! I love joining giveaways and giving giveaways. You may want to try entering my giveaways too.


  • YOur so lucky! THanks for sharing me some of the prizes; ihhihi :))))

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  • rhain

    congrats dear =)

  • Leilani Gamboa

    Wow may red velvet lipstick,, i really love it!!!! Congrats sis,you are so lucky

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  • Angel

    I joined this giveaway too but luck wasn’t on my side! HAHA! I’m intrested about the Nanny Rose products, I always see them at Watson’s