Hayan BB Cream – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hayan Korea is currently creating some huge buzz in the blogging community and who can blame them? Their skin products are amazing, their makeup looks promising and their price is surprisingly affordable. Honestly, I wasn’t too fond of Hayan Korea before, when I first saw it at SM San Lazaro. Sure their products were interesting, but not enough to push me to buy something. However, due to a lot of rave reviews from my friends and other co-bloggers, I tried some of their skincare products, and WOW! They’re a-maze-balls! Then I saw this BB cream, and I thought to myself, why not? So here’s my take regarding the Hayan BB Cream

Hayan Korea BB Cream - Review, Photos & Swatches

Product Description/Claims According to Hayan Korea Offcial Facebook Page:

Hayan BB Cream covers unwanted blemishes even without using face powder.

It promises three beautiful effects in your face: whitening, anti-wrinkle and sebum control. It can be use as a foundation or as a make-up base. No dark spots and it’s effective for those who want to stay beautiful all day!

Hayan Korea BB Cream - Review, Photos & Swatches

PACKAGING The packaging of this one is quite simple. It comes in a squeeze tube with a pearlescent finish, and a gold screw-on cap. Then inside, is a tiny, pink nozzle where the product can be easily dispensed. Personally I have no complaints regarding the packaging.. It’s chic, handy and it’s durable. Also, I like that it came in a box, with all of the information about the product is indicated. While most of it is also indicated at the tube, there were still some additional details that were printed at the box that might be useful to some people.

Hayan Korea BB Cream - Review, Photos & Swatches

APPLICATION & SHADE I prefer to apply this product using a Flat Top Kabuki brush. Usually I prefer to apply my BB Creams that way. I didn’t encounter any problems applying nor blending it. It was sticky at first but blending was never a problem. It wasn’t liquidy nor was it too thick in my opinion, unlike some Asian BB Creams. It offered a light coverage but it was still very buildable. The Hayan BB Cream is offered in 4 different shades, and I believe (I lost the sticker and I can’t find the shade name at the box or at the tube) that what I got was the second lightest which will be B5 (#22).

Hayan Korea BB Cream - Review, Photos & Swatches

CONSISTENCY, COVERAGE & FINISH As mentioned, compared to most of the Asian/Korean BB creams I have encountered so far, this somehow has a thinner consistency. It’s not liquidy as well, but for me, this is what I would refer to as ‘Tama lang’. It also provides a light coverage, but can be buildable. One layer is enough to even out your skin tone, cancelling out redness, discolorations, etc. Two layers could pretty much cover most of your blemishes, etc. As for me, I stop at two layers. I feel that putting on more makes my skin appear a bit too mudy/grayish. This BB cream gives me a dewy, healthy looking finish which is what I really like/aim for. It also doesn’t feel thick or sticky afterwards.

Hayan Korea BB Cream - Review, Photos & Swatches

PERFORMANCE & LONGEVITY I’ve been using this non-stop ever since I bought it, and despite the really humid weather (and me sweating like crazy) I still don’t see my makeup fade nor was able to detect any oilines in my T-zone area (As mentioned, I have a dry skin but my T-zone can be a bit shiny sometimes). Also, it didn’t ciing on to the dry parts of my face, it went on smoothly, without emphasizing those areas. I also didn’t experience any breakouts, etc.

Product Name | Hayan BB Cream
• Shade |
#22 • Price | PhP 390
• Avalability | Hayan Korea Counters; Selected SM Malls

SCENT As for the scent, it has a faint foundation-like smell which quickly disappears after a minute or two upon application.

To summarize..

♥ PROS ♥
♥ CONS ♥
Handy, travel friendly
Nozzle dispenses the right amount of product
Light coverage but can be buildable
Easy to apply & blend
Doesn’t cling on to the dry parts of my face
Gives you a dewy/luminous finish
Doesn’t feel sticky
Lasts the entire day
Available locally
May not be suitable for those with combination to oily skin
Can come off a bit too muddy/grayish especially when layered on multiple times
Creates a slight whitecast on photos

I really can’t say anything bad about this BB cream. I love it, it’s inexpensive, it’s perfect for my skin and it covered everything that I needed it to cover.
As for the sligt whitecast, I think we should just practice the usual: Don’t wear it in parties or gatherings that you know you’ll be photographed alot.
But other than that, this BB cream, in my opinion, is A-MAZE-BALLS!

If you have a dry skin like me. But if you still would like to use this and you have an oily-combination skin, then use a loose powder to set it.

So those are my thoughts regarding this product, I hope that you find it helpful in someways if in case you’re thinking about buying it or other BB creams. How about you? What’s your current favorite BB Cream? What’s your favorite product from Hayan Korea? Let me know

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  • rhain

    i agree =) it was pretty inexpensive nga =) wanna try din =)

  • KeiFio

    Good morning, since I have a very oily skin the dewy finish will not work for me so I will pass on this BB cream

    • It’s okay. Maybe CC creams are for you

      • KeiFio

        I think you’re right kaso Pre-order ulet unless you want to pay more but will definitely check online reseller for korean skincare TY

    • evie

      Try Revitol skin care product for yourself.. visitskin cream.

  • Maica France Saldo

    Oh I am excited to get one myself and review it. Pretty affordable, and it looks great on you Yette!

  • I love the dewy finish of this one. I am using too, super affordable.

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    Oh too bad… It may not be suitable for me because I have oily skin. That’s why even if I want to, I seldom try out BB creams. But how about CC creams? Have you tried it out?

    • Aww.. I haven’t tried CC creams yet but will give you an update once I have.

      • Rosalie B.Tangonan

        Im so excited to read about it from you.

  • Becoming Sleek

    Looks like this is going to be one of the Hayan products I’m going to try first! Can’t argue with that price and performance.

  • One reason for reading this post is your first photo really attracts me (because it’s pink!!!♥) Haha! Never heard of the brand before, hindi ako familiar. And I think hindi siya for me since I have combination skin. I’m currently using Celeteque from Sample Room hehe! Pro super cute ng bottle nito looks so classy and good to know na available siya locally kasi yung ibang product maganda nga kaso hindi available locally.

    • Haha. I haven’t used my Celeteque yet so I might road test it for a couple of days

  • I have this! Kaso you said baka di okay for combi to oily huhu that’s my skin type. I’ll be road testing mine soon pag di na swollen ang aking fes hehe. Nice layout by the way

  • Ayzee Casimiro

    Again.. another BB cream that’s not formulated for my skin type. >.< But it sure looks good on you! Sayang di match saken

  • tianna

    lovely finish! Hayan Skincare seems to be really popular lately…

    • It is! You should try them!

  • Nice packaging especially the pink nozzle (its bcoz i love pink~ like your blog’s layout)♥
    Its the first time I heard about HAYAN Korean. Though it creates a slight whitecast on your photos, I can still really say that it suits you well – sana matry ko din I love your photos with makeup where you face doesn’t look shiny unlike the other ones., opps btw your bare skin looks really healthy , thanks for giving a honest review about this product.

  • I love the packaging very simple at PINK! It does look grayish on you pati ang dewy ng finish hindi ito pwede saakin huhu sayang ang affordable pa naman! Did you use a setting powder ung with make up on na picture?

    And sabi mo saakin nung sa one of my comments ayaw mo po mag review ng skin care pero huhu please do a review on Hayan. nacucurious ako kasi sabi mo “I tried some of their skincare products, and WOW! They’re a-maze-balls! ” and your skin looks really good at mukang really affordable ang Hayan. :((

    • Yes, I did use the Ben Nye Banana Luxury powder

      Haha. I’ll try to do them someday.

  • Cj Escuadro

    i knew this bb cream would be good!i need to get my hands with this one!hehe

  • Anna Rose Abalos

    Hi. New subbie here. Actually i’m a newbie regarding makeup, I think ur blogs are very helpful for a girl like me. Any recommendations for my first foundation?

    • Hi! Thanks & you’re so sweet!

      It really depends on your skin type and the coverage you want. If you’re oily combination, I’ve heard that Revlon Colorstay is a good foundation. But if you have normal-dry skin, you can try BB creams instead. But if you’re really looking for fondies, you can try Revlon Nearly Naked (for light-medium coverage) & Mememe Flawless Cream foundation.

      Oh and Jazzy compact cream foundation works great too (for both skin types)

      • Anna Rose Abalos

        I do have oily skin. Thank you for replying Ms. Yette. I hope to discover more from your blogs. Tnx

  • Gem

    I love this BB Cream! I’m using the darkest shade though which is #24. And I think I found a solution for BB creams to not appear grayish!

    • Really? Good for you. Post a tutorial/video please, please pleaseeeee…

      • ay gusto ko din yang tutorial na yan.. woot woot!

  • I’ll try this next month I feel like Im getting acidic lately :| urgh asar! I haven’t tried any Hayan cosmetics except for the eyeshadow

    • I haven’t tried their eyeshadows yet but I’ve heard that they’re quite pigmented

  • ehh sis.. parang gusto ko din tuloy to.. can you list your top 5 favorite bb creams? pag may time ka lang ha.. Thanks in advance..

  • Angel

    Your skin looks flawless but I see the BB cream, doesn’t have a matte finish..


  • Faye Solis

    is this better than celeteque bb cream?

    • Uhm, this has a more dewy finish compared to Celeteque. In terms of coverage, I prefer Celeteque because I only need a single layer of that & it doesn’t give me an obvious graycast especially on photos. But aside from that, they’re basically the same.

  • This seems like a good product from Hayan. I’m still searching for BB Creams that would really suit me. I don’t want to take the risk of buying something that I’d be using once lang since I didn’t like it. I have tried other Hayan products and so far, I have no problem with them. I would really love to try this out. It really looks great on your photos plus I can’t seem to get rid of my blemishes. The only down part is I have combination to oily skin.

  • aiko borja

    nice coverage.. and ang mura nga niya.. plus available pa locally.. ive been looking for a affordable bb creams lately.. thanks sa post na ito Ms.Yette

  • meganlev_13

    as of now, my fave bb cream is Maybelline dream fresh 8 in 1 bb cream sobrang parang wala kng make up kpg naglagay ka nun, hindi sya heavy or anything , hindi sya greasy and ntatakpan yung imperfections sa face. but i’ll definitely try this one. and i’ll try if it fits for me