Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder; Brunettes (02) Sunny – Review, Photos & Swatches

I’ve always been into bronzers/contouring powders and when I saw this I didn’t even think twice about buying it. It’s huge and it’s matte! Two things that I always consider when buying a product. Oh, and it’s quite affordable as well! Anyway, I bought this last summer, but because I’m such a slacker and because I had tons of products to review, I failed to include this one. But still, I don’t see the reason why you can’t warm up your cheeks even during the rainy days.

Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder; Brunettes (02) Sunny - Review, Photos & Swatches

Product Claims According to the Website:

the bronzing powder for brunettes offers a touch of wonderfully fresh and natural-looking colour for darker skin types. the matt powder has a somewhat stronger shade to give already tanned skin the perfect finish.

Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder; Brunettes (02) Sunny - Review, Photos & Swatches

PACKAGING I like the packaging of this one, it’s plastic but it doesn’t look cheap or it doesn’t feel as though it will give out any time soon (unless you intend to break it, of course). It may not include a mirror but you get to see the shade immediately. Personally, I don’t mind it not having a mirror, however, it would also be great if it does because the compact is huge, so you’ll be able to see your entire face. It also has these cute ladies which are embossed at the main bronzer itself, and it will take you a ton of swipes before these ladies disappear. Also, the powder contains all of the information you’re going to need at the back, so I believe that’s quite refreshing.

Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder; Brunettes (02) Sunny - Review, Photos & Swatches

SHADE & APPLICATION This bronzer is very simple, and true to the pan. It has a decent color payoff and it’s creamy which makes it easier to blend. It’s matte, of course which makes it ideal for every day wear, and also for those who has blemishes and doesn’t want to highlight them too much. It’s more on the warmer side, so I wouldn’t use it for contouring. It wont look muddy/ashy but it wont look natural either. Just remember that when contouring we want it to look more natural, so we want to use taupe or cooler shades. I also don’t use this for contouring my nose either. Therefore, as mentioned, I only use this for bronzing to warm up my complexion.

Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder; Brunettes (02) Sunny - Review, Photos & Swatches
My mouth looks weird in the first picture, lol

PERFORMANCE As mentioned earlier, the powder is creamy and easily blendable. It has a nice color pay off. It may come off light, but can be buildable to make it look more darker than usual. I didn’t experience any fall-outs using this product at all.

Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder; Brunettes (02) Sunny - Review, Photos & Swatches
My mouth looks weird in the first picture, lol

LONGEVITY & SCENT The bronzer lasted on me the entire day (approximately 6 hours), and it didn’t fade. I liked how it look like on me. As for the scent it smelled like coconuts, a bit strong for my taste actually but the smell quickly fades when you apply it onto your face.

Product Name | Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder
• Shade |
Brunettes; (02) Sunny • Price | PhP 259 • Contains | 0.52oz / 15g
• Avalability | Essence (SM Dept Stores)

To summarize..

♥ PROS ♥
♥ CONS ♥
Secure packaging w/ all of the info at the back
Decent color pay off
Decent color payoff
Creamy & easy to blend
No fallouts
Lasts all day (approx. 6 hours)
Smells like coconut!
Contains a good amount of product
Available locally
Not suitable for contouring
Has a strong (IMO) coconut scent
Only offers two shades
Doesn’t show up much on skin; needs to be layered

Overall, I like this bronzer mainly because it’s matte. I really don’t like shimmery bronzers because even though they can give me that sunkissed look, I find myself looking like a disco ball at the end of the day. I guess my only concern for this product is that I wish it comes in a smaller packaging so I can have it in my makeup kit for on-the-go touch ups. It’s huge! Oh, and I also wish that I can see it more in my skin. I had to build it up in order for me to see it, which is something that I don’t mind really, but I just wish that they have a darker shade (they only have two: blondes & brunettes). Lastly, I wish that the scent wasn’t that strong. Don’t get me wrong, I usually don’t mind it because it quickly disappears once you apply it onto your face, but it’s a bit overwhelming (in my taste) once you open the pan.
It’s worth it if you want just a simple MATTE bronzer. But if you want something that you can use for contouring and bronzing at the same time, then this is not for you.

So those are my thoughts regarding this bronzing powder. How about you? Have you tried anything from Essence yet? Do you like using bronzing powders? What’s your favorite bronzer? Let me know

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  • I was thinking to get this one before siguro mga 2ox na.. so maybe I’ll just get nalang yung the balm na pang contour.. gusto ko kasi mga rating na 4 ang 5 up yun yung binibili since 3.5 lang binigay mo I’m not goanna buy it na hihi

    • Yea the Balm Bahama Mama is good. I was supposed to get that kaso palaging OOS that’s why I got Hoola instead.

  • Monika De Veas

    I tried their foundations and gel liner and I loved them. Hindi lang ako naging happy dun sa eyebrow pencil nila and lipliner. Parang melted kasi. Hirap gamitin. I’ve been wanting to try this bronzer for contouring but I might just go for something else since I’m not very fond of bronzing.

    • Haven’t tried their eyebrow & lip pencils yet. Thanks for dropping by!

  • rhain

    i love the mascara youve sent me dear =)

  • Aya

    Ahh, I agree. It’s too warm to be used for contouring. I bought a few Essence stuff a few months back, and I’m loving most of the items I got will check out their other items soon!

    • I love Essence too. I find myself going to their counter kahit na wala naman ako bibilin dapat -__-

  • ayzee

    I’m such a nood when it coms to bronzer/contouring. This post is really informative! Now I know what I should get for contouring

  • genejosh

    it’s nice to have this chance to visit your blog because I’m still a beginner when it comes to make up…I’ve heard about bronzer and contouring but I haven’t tried one for myself…Now I’m interested to include bronzer on my beauty loot..thanks to you:) BTW, you’re beautiful:)

    • Aww, thanks Gene!

  • KeiFio

    I am actually looking to get the WNW color icon matte bronzer since I read alot of good reviews about it. I’m not aware that Essence has come up with a matter bronzer too until I checked one of your post here am not sure of the date I think it is one of your haul. Anyways, I would love to try this bronzer hoping it will not be muddy on me since am acidic. Again, great reviews and keep the informative blogs pouring

    • They only have two from WNW & they’re also on the warmer side but I also use that for contouring as well (before ma-arbor). It’s good kase it’s really pigmented & it shows up quickly on your skin. You just have to blend it right away. A little of that bronzer will go a long way otherwise it will look a bit too muddy

      Thanks, Thea!

      • KeiFio

        Nako sis I have to practice blending pa pala maybe one of the reason why some of the bronzer I tried is looking muddy on me is because heavy handed ako. Thanks for the tips, I’ll keep that in mind

  • RebelSweetHrt

    Haven’t tried anything from Essence, and I’m not a big fan of bronzers either. But I do have a few of them in my makeup stash – all of them were gifts from cousins, haha.

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    I always wish to try bronzers but I am not that educated on how to use those. This one looks good but I need to know more on how to apply it properly on my face to make it worth to buy for me Also, I haven’t tried any Essence make up. This is what I love about this blog, it gives me information about other makeup brands that I am not familiar with. Great review as always!

    • Thanks, hun!

      • Rosalie B.Tangonan

        You’re most welcome sweetie… I’m browsing your blog on its previous posts and I must say it’s really awesome…

  • feeling ko hindi ko need kasi maitim ako hahaha pero i love the fact na ang laki niya at affordable siya. ate yette since sabi mo you like bronzers what bronzer can you suggest for me? and please do a tutorial on how to apply hihi.

  • Wow, it’s interesting! It’s affordable and the packaging is nice too. I just hope it comes with a mirror. By the way, why is not applicable for contouring? Sorry, I’m really a bit noob with contour thingy

    • The color leans on the warmer side which means that it’s more for bronzing rather than for contouring. It’s too light and if you layer it on it will look too orange & unnatural.

  • Anna Rose Abalos

    Yay! Another informative review.

  • Leilani Gamboa

    okay sana sya kaso parang naturn off ako sakanya dun sa sinabi mo sis na amoy coconut, hehe

  • Lei Diwa

    Hi I’m just wondering if it is really necessary to put a bronzing powder on your everyday make up? but as I saw on your make up look , it turns out that you didn’t use a blush on na cause it already gives a very nice color on your cheeks… Am I right that you didn’t use a blush on or just for the sake of reviewing the product?

    • Im wearing NYX blush in peach

  • Angel

    Love how Essence products are so affordable, almost like ELF? Such a great deal considering it’s a foreign brand


  • meganlev_13

    im into contouring powder too. i love this product and yet sooo available. have you tried the contouring cream of mac? yung sister ko meron sya nun and i’ve tried it, sobrang ganda gamitin kse creamy and easy to blend. you should try it. btw nice review, ive learned a new product again