MAC All About Orange Collection Lustre Lipstick in Flamingo – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hi everyone! So I told you that I’ll be reviewing a few more lip colors and this would be one of them. I only have this and two (or maybe one, I don’t know, depends on my mood) more so I hope that you can bear with that, and then we can resume on reviewing different items. As for now, I’ll be reviewing, one of the seven lippies from MAC’s All About Orange Collection (LE), named ‘Flamingo’ (lustre). I chose this shade even though it has a lustre finish because I really loved the color, especially how it looked like in Karen’s lips.

MAC All About Orange’s Product Description/Tagline, etc. according to Mac Cosmetics:

Orange. Its vibrant energy and modern edge ignites fashion and beauty big time in Korea, the rest of Asia and the world. It’s one of the new global super shades that pops with sizzle and cool sophistication. M∙A∙C translates the trend with international impact into a colour collection for face, lips and nails.

MAC All About Orange Collection Lustre Lipstick in Flamingo - Review, Photos & Swatches

PACKAGING Though this is a limited edition, the packaging of this lipstick is just like the ones that are from MAC’s permanent line. Sleek, sturdy, and elegant. Nothing much to talk about here.

MAC All About Orange Collection Lustre Lipstick in Flamingo - Review, Photos & Swatches

SHADE Mac’s Flamingo is described as a “bright milky coral with a Lustre finish”. If you’re not fond of wearing bright, bold, or vampy lip colors, then this is for you. The shade is very subtle but noticeable at the same time. It gives you such a fresh and young look without overdoing it. I like pairing it with coral blush and a neutral eye look.

MAC All About Orange Collection Lustre Lipstick in Flamingo - Review, Photos & Swatches

FORMULATION/CONSISTENCY As always, this lip color is really creamy and very easy to apply. Though it has a lustre finish, it still has a bit of a sheen into it, which I honestly don’t mind. Further, despite it’s creamy formulation, it’s still not as opaque (like Plumful perhaps). It has a sheer to medium coverage, yet it’s also very buildable, allowing you to achieve the color that you can see straight from the tube. As for me, I like layering this one up to three to four layers and then blotting it afterwards.

MAC All About Orange Collection Lustre Lipstick in Flamingo - Review, Photos & Swatches
(Swatches above were applied without a lipbalm prior)

APPLICATION I did not encounter any problems applying this lip color. Further, since it has a lustre finish, it glided on smoothly, even without the assistance of a lip balm. However, since it’s a bit sheer, I had to layer it twice for me to see something on my lips. Don’t get me wrong though. It’ has an excellent color pay off, but it’s just not as opaque. And because my lips are highly pigmented, it will take multiple layers for the real color to show. That being said, i still prefer three to four layers, even though it’s not as ‘bright’. It gives my lips a subtle coral shade that is just perfect for day to day wear.

MAC All About Orange Collection Lustre Lipstick in Flamingo - Review, Photos & Swatches

PERFORMANCE/LONGEVITY This lip product did transfer, but once you do some blotting it’s not that bad anymore. I know it’s not a kiss proof product, but just saying. Moving on, despite it’s creamy formula, I didn’t notice it emphasizing all of the fine lines of my lips. Also, since it has a lustre finish, the formula is quite moisturizing. Sometimes, I find myself not applying a lip balm prior to applying this one. However, because I still have extremely dry lips, I still prefer to apply my lip balm. I also did not experience any feathering or bleeding, nor did I feel any dryness as time progresses. Sadly, it only lasted on my lips for approximately two and a half hours (without eating nor drinking).

Product Name | MAC & Marilyn Monroe
• Shade | Love Goddess (Satin)
• Price | 950 (Approx $22) • Net Wt | 3 g | 0.1 US oz
• Avalability | Not sure if it’s available locally; CareFreeShopper

SCENT As always, MAC lippies has a hint of vanilla. Definitely not overbearing but can be bothersome to those who are not so fond of scented makeup products.

To summarize…

Sleek, unique & sturdy packaging
Comes in seven shades (from the All About Orange Collection line – LE)
Glides on smoothly on my lips
No need to apply a lip balm before application
Really moisturizing
Doesn’t feather and/or bleed
No longer need a lip balm when applying
Has a sweet vanilla-ish scent but definitely not overpowering
No particular taste
Lasted for approximately 2 and a half hours
Limited Edition
Not as opaque
Not sure if it’s locally available but I’ll check.
The V E R D I C T

I really love this. It’s definitely different from all of my bright, loud and vampy lip colors. It’s very subtle and something that I can wear on a daily basis, should I wish to tone down my look.

R E P U R C H A S E ? / W O R T H P U R C H A S I N G ?
IF, you are fond of Mac Lipsticks

Because despite the fact that I love lipsticks, it’s still a lustre finish which means that it fades quickly, and it’s not as opaque. I’ve always thought before that I wont be buying any more lustre lipsticks, but this one is just oh so pretty (and I have a silly addiction towards MAC lippies. Duh -__-). Nevertheless, I’m sure that there are a lot of good dupes & alternatives out there, but if you’re onto limited edition and lustre lippies, then sure. Give this one a go.

I hope I made sense there, lol

So those are my thoughts regarding this particular lipstick, I hope that you liked it and if you have any thoughts regarding this lipstick then please let me know. I would love to hear more from you. You guys are awesome!

How about you? What’s your favorite coral/orange lip color?

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  • Grabe naiinggit ako! Sana I can afford MAC din.. First look palang sa shade ang ganda na. Ganda ng pagka-coral nya. Kaso I don’t think I can bring it. Medyo light pa siya for me.. One of my favorite collection ng MAC yung All About Orange kasi parang orange is a nice color for cosmetics. Ang fresh tignan.

    • I like Sushi Kiss as well. It has a satin finish and it’s not as light as this one as far as I know. If you want something similar to this one you can try ‘Sunny Seoul’. It’s in their permanent shade, but it’s on the pinker side.

      • Exactly!! One of my MAC wishlist yung Sushi Kiss!! Pati yung coral bliss at morange!! Haha. More on corals / orange ako tlga. thanks for the suggestion! Still thinking kung ano uunahin ko since mahal tlga siya.

        • Sushi Kiss since it’s a limited Edition. But that’s just me

  • Jannie

    I really like this shade and have been thinking about getting it as well! It looks really fresh on you and compliments your skin tone well sis! Thanks for the awesome swatches.

  • Mandee

    I love the color I will go see what it looks like on me in the MAC store

  • Cj Escuadro

    freshness! i love the color though i don’t know if it looks just as good on me.i’m not as “puti” as you kasi ms. yette..hehe..i don’t own any mac din but i think the first lippie i would buy is ruby woo..i love red lippies kasi. pero i have to saaavvveeee up for it kasi nga costly

    • Hehe, thanks.

      I like Ruby Woo too. But I already reserved for Riri Woo so I might not get it muna

      • Cj Escuadro

        oh yeah!Riri Woo too is gorge! limited edition ba yun ms. yette?kainis ba’t ba kasi mahal ang mac tpos di pa locally available yung ibang shades nila

        • Yes it’s a limited edition. That’s the sad thing about MAC but we can always buy ’em online or via IG

          • Cj Escuadro

            and that’s why many of us go gaga over mac lippies because they have the most gorgeous ‘limited’ edition lippies.hehe..actually di naman ganun kamahal sa US ang mac kaya lng bcoz of shipping fees narin pgdating sa pinas 1k+ na yung price.

          • And the tax, of course

  • Ai

    lovin’ the shades… kaso parang d nmn okay kng 3 layers un llagay para lng maemphasize un shades..

    • True. But it’s pretty, still

  • KeiFio Fave Closet

    The color is nice it suits you sis though your lips is really pigmented, it quite pricey nga lang talaga. Anyways am planning to buy the Riri boy kaso puro pre-order which is annoying hahaha some have it instock kaso overpriced naman kaya tiis na lang muna

    • Thanks. Yea I’m waiting for my Riri Woo to. I don’t want to buy those which are already in stock

      • KeiFio Fave Closet

        Patience is a virtueee sis hahaha

  • kainggit how I wish I can afford mac Ang sheer ng color, I have dark lips so I don’t think I would like this pag sa lipstick I want a full coverage. Buuut I love the third layer. Naguluhan ako ng unti sa “orange collection” I was expecting the line to be like maybe neon orange, or light orange. this one looks pink, i don’t see the coraliness hahaha

    • Yeah it has a touch of pink. They also have a lot of orange shades which I didn’t like before but now that I have this I’m kinda wishiing I got Sushi kiss too, lol

      • ang ganda ng sushi kiss!!! pero i don’t think ung color for everyone. pag saakin un mag mumuka akong “maputla”. Last week sa Trinoma I went to their stall kasi I was interested about this collection pero I saw another color it was nude something super ganda when I asked for how much the sales lady told me ” I’m sorry mam all of the lipstick in this collection is sold out” -___-

        • Yeah don’t tempt me

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    I’ve been reading alot about this shade of MAC Lippies. Orange/ Tangerine is now the trend, I guess. I recently bought a coral lippies from Body Shop and it looks like this and also not so opaque. Thanks for this review. I am loving your posts… I also love MAC and it is the best lipstick brand for me, so far… Looking forward for more posts from you. Anyways, I love navigating your site. It looks very pleasant.

  • itsmefati

    Love how girly the color of this lipstick is!

  • Angel

    It looks too sheer. I like the flamingo shade from in2it better! or baka bitter lang ako kasi i’ve never had a single mac lippie? LOL:)

    • I don’t know about that, lol. But I’ll check that lippie from In2it, thanks, haha ;D

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  • aiko borja

    the shade of this really looks good on you po.. i want this kind of shade kaya lang feeling ko is di siya bagay saken.. nice post BTW