June Collective Haul

Hi everyone! So I know that this post was supposed to be up earlier than expected but I fell asleep the entire day so uhm… Anyway, better late than never. I have a collective haul for you guys and just like always, these are the items I’ve picked up for the month of June and this is not to boast, brag or anything, I’m just posting this up to give you a heads up of what’s to come on Yettezkie’s Doodles for future reviews. Also, I asked you a couple of days ago whether you would like to see a haul or a product (lipstick) review first and you said that you wanted to see this one first, so I’m just following orders here. Hehe.

Anyway, here are the items that I got for myself for the past month…

Hayan Haul
Vitamins Line: Hayan Aesthetic Serum; Hayan Aesthetic Vitamin Intensive Cream; Hayan Vitamin Intensive Eye Cream; Hayan BB Cream & Hayan Auto Eyebrow Pencil in ‘Gray Brown’
You can check the prizes here – (Courtesy of Ms. Liz of Project Vanity);
I got them cheaper since they were in their introductory prices. According to a blogger friend, they will go back to their regular prices this coming August. (30% off)

OMG! I love this brand! I love their skin care line I love the BB Cream I love it! If you’ve been reading my blog post for quite some time now, you probably know that I do have a really dry skin. But this line cured that problem like CRAAAZZYY.. I’m probably a broken record right now, because I kept saying that in most of the moisturizers I’ve used before and trust me the ones that I said were moisturizing were indeed moisturizing. However, with just a few days of using this line, all of my rough patches disappeared (no more obvious dry areas especially during makeup) and for some reason, my skin appeared more flawless than ever.

I know I sound weird and I might’ve over praised these things but those who’ve used Hayan can attest to the fact that Hayan is really good when it comes to their skin care products. (Tip: According to the Hayan SA, if you have a dry skin then the Vitamins line is for you since it’s for moisturizing and it specializes in dry & dull skin. But if you have oily & acne prone skin then the ‘Snail’ (version) line is for you. I don’t doubt it because this one is really effective) Also, the eye cream is really effective in terms of moisturizing and cooling effect. I don’t have dark puffy eyes that much, but if you do have those and you’re in the search for an eye cream that specializes in such, then try the ‘Snail’ (green version) line since the SA told me that it’s helpful for those with dark & puffy under eye circles as well.

The BB Cream is also great and the eyebrow pencil is very blendable & stays all day. Like I said, all of the items I bought at Hayan are very impressive!

Make Up Hub Haul
Look Beauty Brow Perfect Pro Kit (PhP 900), Look Beauty Lip Smoothie (PhP 350), MeMeMe Beat The Blues in ‘Oyster Gold’ (PhP 380), Look Beauty Pout Butter in ‘Perfecting Peach’ (PhP 250), Look Beauty Fat Lips in ‘Smooch’ (PhP 400) and Look Beauty Loud Lips in ‘Tangerine Cream’ (Free)

I love Make Up Hub. Seriously. I love all of their products. I can’t stop shopping. I need an intervention. I’ve never bought anything from them that I never liked or never used. Nuff said.

Carefreeshopper & SassyFabShop Haul
Benefit Gettin’ Cheeky Set (Sephora Exclusive) (PhP 950), MAC Satin Lipstick in ‘Love Goddess’ (PhP 1,100) and MAC Lustre Lipstick in ‘Flamingo’ (PhP 950)

Read my review about the MAC Marilyn Monroe Satin lipstick in ‘Love Goddess’ here.
Join my Benefit Gettin’ Cheeky Thanksgiving Giveaway here.

I’ll do a review of that Flamingo lippie soon.

Makeovershop Haul
OCC Lip Tars Pro’s Picks Set V.2 (PhP 2,600)
Click here for the review about the said product.

Watsons Haul
Wish DIY Nail Art (PhP 69), Jocarste Nail Polishes in ‘601’, ‘B16’ and ‘651’ (PhP 40), Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel in ‘Passionate Pink’ (PhP 325), Essence Gel Look Top Coat , Revlon Lip Butters in ‘Tutti Frutti’ and ‘Lollipop’ (PhP 262.50 ea – 50% off). FS Cosmetics Luscious Matte Lipstick in ‘Fuchsia’ (PhP 299), FS Cosmetics Two Way Cake in ‘Organza’ (PhP 399), Essence Stay All Day Eyeshadow in ‘Coppy Right’, Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in ‘Bling Bling’ and ‘Cool Down’

Read about my review of the FS Cosmetics Luscious Matte Lipstick in ‘Fuchsia’ here.

Of course what’s a haul without a few nail polishes and lipsticks? Lol. I had to buy those lip butters since they were on 50% off (clearance sale). Also, I was looking for something to keep on my kikay kit so I bought the FS Organza.

Bench Haul
Paint Box Lip Gloss in ‘Pink Cocktail’, ‘Hot Fuchsia’ and ‘Peach Mod’ (PhP 148); Capture Body Spray (PhP 128) & Paint Box Soft Shine Lipstick in ‘Barbie Pink’ (PhP 188) & PrettyWhenPinched Light (PhP 120)

Bench’s makeup remind me of College and High School. It’s pretty nostalgic actually. Especially that ‘PrettyWhenPinched’ lip & cheek tint. I used to empty tons of those when I was in college. But that’s not for me. That’s for my niece. Although I’m pretty tempted to go back and get my own. The lip glosses have a pretty decent packaging, and their swatches are pretty decent as well. But when worn, the quality is so-so. I love that Capture Body Spray, it’s was my signature scent when I was in high school and college (along with Atlantis, lol). I love Bench’s lipsticks and they’re quality hasn’t changed that much. Only the price, lol.

So those are all of the things that I bough last June. Like I said, it’s a collective haul, and this is not to brag or anything. What about you? Did you do some splurging this month? Let me know!

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  • Cj Escuadro

    ..ang ganda talga tingnan!sarap bumasa ng haul post kasi nakakamotivate.hehe

  • jhessicaRecto

    meron din ako nun marionnaund face brush (nakita ko lng sa video ni ms.sabshernandez) partner with my st.ives uggghh sarap lang sa muka after gamitin..

    • Yeah I bought it because of her video as well. I haven’t used it yet because I took a pic of it. I’ll definitely use it for my St. Ives. Thanks for the idea Jhessica!

  • KeiFio

    I really like the collective haul part in your blog, I am getting lots of ideas what to buy next hahaha.. I got the pretty when pinched from Bench too before akala ko phased out na ito meron pa pla. I am going to check Bench Megamall this coming Monday, thank you for the info sis

    • Yea I went there before as well & they didn’t have it so I thought wala na. But a couple of days ago when I went back it was there.

      • KeiFio

        Hope instock sya, it is so cheap but the lasting power is suppperrb :), I will try some of the Hayan’s skincare too sana me line for oily skin.

        • Yeah it is. I might go back and buy the bigger version

          You should try Hayan. It’s really a good buy. As far as I know Hayan caters to all skin types. I know bloggers who have oily skin and they praise Hayan as well

          • KeiFio

            Got the Hayan auto eyebrow pencil in brown yesterday from SM Sta. Rosa am on my way to buy supplies for my kids lang sana at National Bookstore since am in a hurry, I did not have the chance to check the skin care line so probably next time.. Impressive nga ang Hayan sis kse yung eyebrow for P98.00 ang lupit ng staying power, I am planning to buy 2 more hahaha before it goes back to its original price

          • Yeah.. I love that eyebrow pencil. That’s the one that I use when I’m in a hurry.U don’t have to set it with a fixing gel or whatever.

            I’m glad you liked it!

  • Uyy! Nakita ko yung Makeup Hub haul mo before sa IG. Super curious tlga ako sa Pout Butter! Review na yan! Hihi!! My fave about this haul is yung Watsons haul, dahil alam ko pag Watsons, affordable, at andaming nail polish!. How about a tutorial / notd??

    • I’ll try to do a review but so far it’s really good. It’s very moisturizing and the flavor is very nostalgic as well. Reminds me of melon juice. Haha.

      I don’t do nail art, lol. Trying hard lang ako. Lol

      • Once you do a review, tignan ko kung maganda bibili ako considering na P250 lang siya and oh, yung brow perfect din please? Haha super gusto ko dn siya bili eh kaso medyo out of budget na

  • Waaaaah ang bongga ng haul! I love everything lalo na yung sa lookbeauty. I super want to try yung brow perfect saka yung OCC liptars! my gulay!

    • Haha. You’ll love the brow kit. Sobra. Pero di mo na kelangan yun maganda na kilay mo. Lol

  • Quisma Yasin

    whoah! You bought a lot for this month. I envy you.

  • Wow! Huge haul! I wish I could do the same. TAT

    • Haha, I wish I had more control.. haha xD

  • Becoming Sleek

    Impressive haul! Looking forward to your reviews of Hayan and Look Beauty.

  • Jannie

    Wow! That’s a ton of stuff!!!

  • I’m jealous huhuhu I love it all, I want it all >.<

    Oh my. I still remember prettywhenpinched, this was my first lip/cheek product my best friend gave it to my when we were in 6th grade or 1st year HS i think

  • Lean Diwa Buscaino

    So many beauty products… how I really wish I could buy them all now, but it’s too expensive. For now I will be happy waiting for the review of this products

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  • Angel

    See I’m right, your hauls are TDF! Those lip tars look so fun, I’ve never tried one!