Thanksgiving Giveaway (1k+ Followers) Part I – CLOSED!

Hi everyone! You might be wondering why the sudden giveaway. Well, if you remember last May, my Facebook FB page reached 1K likes. It may not be a big deal for some but it is for me. I consider it another milestone not only for my FB page but also for my blog.

I was planning to do this giveaway that month but I was too lazy (Duh -_-) and I didn’t have the time as well. Then this month, God has blessed me so much that I decided to share with you these blessings. Therefore, I’m doing a three part giveaway.

These giveaways will have 2-3 week duration (per giveaway) which means that it will last for more or less 2 months. Each giveaway will have a certain criteria. Like this giveaway, will cater for your cheeks, the next for your eyes, then finally for your lips, something like that. Not sure yet, as I haven’t bought all of the prizes.

Benefit Gettin' Cheeky Set

Right now, what I have here is for your cheeks the Benefit Gettin’ Cheeky Set (Sephora Exclusive). Please be advised that these are sample bottles all in one set, so don’t expect huge bottles. Just saying. That being said, I think it’s still a great way of trying out these famous cheek tints.

Most (if not all) of the mechanics are already listed at the Rafflecopter widget. However, here are some things that I would like to take note of:

  2. This giveaway is not sponsored. I spent my own hard-earned money for this giveaway
  3. This is not to scare those who are newbies or lurkers, but I don’t like giveaway ‘crashers’ if that makes sense. I know that there are a lot of blog lurkers (I’m one of them in fact). However, I also know that there are a lot of people who just troll around blogs for the mere purpose of giveaways. Please be informed that I will always prioritize my lovely readers. That being said, always feel free to join.
  4. As previously mentioned, other mechanics are already listed at the rafflecopter widget below.

Benefit Gettin' Cheeky Set

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

Click here to find out how you can win the Benefit Gettin' Cheeky Set!
Click here to find out how you can be the JUNE Commenter Of The Month

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  • Krystel Jabonitalla

    Krystel Jabonitalla
    Fb: Krystel Jabonitalla

    My fave would be your make up looks and reviews. I’d love to see more reviews that are locally found products. More power!

  • Cj Escuadro

    Carlmel Joy Escuadro

    I don’t have specific favorite eh.Hirap pumili.Seriously.All are great posts!Tapos with eye catching mugshots pa.hehe..But I would love to see more “haul” posts.Ang saya kasi tingnan! ;D

    • Cj Escuadro

      and oh,congrats on gaining 1K followers ms. yette! you deserve it. sana nga push mo na yung blog sale mo.haha!kulet ko.

  • Jayne Marie Wu

    Jayne Marie Wu
    Facebook: Jayne Marie Wu

    Posie Tinted

    • Posie Tinted

      — Huh?

  • Quisma Yasin

    Quisma Yasin
    Facebook account name: Q’s Valdez
    email address:

    Tulad po ng karamihan gustong gusto ko po iyong mga make up reviews, before po kasi ako bumibili reviews po talaga ang nakakatulong sa akin (being practical lang hehehe).

    Congratz po.

  • FULL NAME: Juvy Ann Lazo
    Facebook account name: Juvy Ann Lazo
    E-mail address:

    I am a fan of everything you post, especially, product reviews, because you give detailed pros & cons, and the pictures are so superb!

    More power to your blog, and more posts to come!

    Take Care!

  • Jea Blancaflor

    FULL NAME: Jea Blancaflor

    Facebook account name: Jea Blancaflor

    email address:

    I love your product reviews, it helps me to choose what product to use. And your post about chapped lips, it is a great help.

  • Lydia Harpe

    Full name: Lydia Harpe
    Facebook: Lydia Harpe

    Thank you!

  • Ari

    Name: Arian Yupangco
    Facebook: Arian Yupangco
    Bloglovin: dolcellita
    Youtube: ArianCarmela

    As a lipstick fiend I’m always extra excited to read about a new lipstick or lipgloss product you’ve gotten! Definitely one of my favorite kinds of posts on your blog.

  • sherry ann gole cruz

    FULL NAME:sherry ann gole cruz
    Facebook account name:sherry ann

    could you please do a review about mascara and curl lashes,it’s my number one favorite makeup that i dont leave the house without it :)congrats on your 1k followers!

  • Name / Facebook: Clarisse Anne Litiatco
    Favorite post: I really love all your reviews especially the MAC Candy YumYum review!! But what captured me most is your post about your uncle. I can feel the love you have for him though that post. What I want to see soon are tutorials about nails and makeup.

    Congrats on reaching 1k! Next goal, 1k blog followers and 1k YT subbies!! More powers.

  • belinda b. ibanez

    Full Name: Belinda B. Ibañez

    FB Name: Belinda Ibanez

    Email: ibanezbelinda

    I like your post/reviews on lipsticks. And I personally like your post on how to get rid of chapped lips, that’s my problem and very informative.

  • Desire Loreto

    Full name: Desire T. Loreto
    FB Name: Sai Chan
    First of all, I would like to congratulate you Yette for reaching 1k likes! That’s already a great achievement I really hope i could choose but I really can’t! Everything are worth reading — I love the way you take pictures of your products, the way you do reviews and all. I think I just want to see more DIY’s and hauls (and you know that) Do more FOTDs too! I love the way you apply eyeshadows. God bless Yette! ♥

    • Desire Loreto

      I forgot to mention that my YT name is 2263832 ♥ Thanks again for this giveaway Yette! Hope to meet you reaaaaal sooon

  • Full Name/Facebook account name: Riza Acebuche

    email address:

    your favorite (type or any specific) post here at Yettezkie’s Doodles: this Thanksgiving Giveaway
    More giveaways to come

  • Gina Dimar

    Fullname: Gina Dimarucut
    FB Name: Gina Dimar
    I really love your product reviews especially lipstick. More power!

  • Full Name: Siena Joy Y. Cajilig
    Facebook: Alice Owner
    Favorite type of posts: REVIEWS, hands down. =D
    Do DIYs and more skincare stuff dear.

  • katrina

    FULL NAME: Katrina C. Soriano
    Facebook: Katrina Soriano
    email address:

    Silent reader here, but what really interests me most are eyeshadows and lipsticks. so whenever you post product reviews about those items, i read them immediately. for future reviews, i hope you focus naman on foundations. yay. congrats!

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    FULL NAME: Rosalie Tangonan
    Facebook account name: Rosalie Tangonan

    favorite (type or any specific) post here at Yettezkie’s Doodles: I love the unboxing posts which inspires me to subscribe in some beauy boxes and feature it on my blog too.

    future topics: homemade or alternative beauty products

  • Andrea Mae Baltazar

    FULL NAME: Andrea Mae Baltazar
    Facebook account name: Drei Baltazar
    email address:

    I’m a newbie on your blog and by just reading some posts, I am impressed on how unique yours are. I like how you present the product’s review in an organized manner. I mean there are sections for each item like the product description, its ingredients, the pros and cons (which are amazing BTW because of its tabular comparison) and the whole blog is cute. So pink and girly, but has a spunk of attitude. You go girl! I know this is not about my favorite or what I want to see on your blog but I am sure how good you are by just some of the posts I was able to encounter. I wish you the best in life and pretty-ness, of course! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on things

  • jhessicaRecto

    name;jhessica recto

    fb;jhessica recto


    i love m0nthy unboxing and haul post especially ung march collective mo sis… dahil sa beauty blender mo.. honestly napaisip ako bakit ako bibili ng ganun kamahal na sponge.. and nagcomment din ako na im not a fan of sponge applicator ever since na natuto ako mag makeup… and guest what sis….NAKU!! ngaun super love ko na ung sponge meron kasi ako nung egg sponge. hala nasira na kakagamit ko.. ang ganda pala ng talaga..

  • Iris Castillo

    Iris Castillo

    FB: Iris Castillo


    I love your product reviews!

  • FB: Katleya Ballada


    I love your haul post you always get the good one! I am so jelly!!

  • Mika Avila

    Mia Katrina M. Avila
    FB: Mika Avila

    I love the posts with makeup that isn’t available in local stores because I find new online stores to try out!

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  • Kristel Yap
    I like makeup reviews

  • Corina Mojar

    Corina Mojar

    FB: rina mojar

    i love your product reviews and hauls!!

  • cherry tan

    cherry tan
    fb: chertano

    i like your reviews on makeup

  • Gem

    Hey Yette, I decided to join

    Name: Gem Rare
    fb: Gem of RareVanity

    I always love your makeup hauls! So enabling!

  • Judith Solomon Albius

    Judith Albius
    FB : Judith Albius

    i love make -ups reviews

  • cee ★

    okay well. i’m not much into commenting bc i’m like blog lurker of the year or something. lol. but anyway. i’m sucha newbie when it comes to makeup and your reviews have been really helpful! :3 so no wonder you have a lot of wonderful followers. keep blogging osm stuff! heehee. :3 God bless.

    name: carla clarisa rafal
    facebook name: carla clarisa rafal

  • arra carrasco-odeza

    arra odeza
    ARra Odeza (FB)

    i love your post NOTDS/FOTDS about nail polishes and your unboxing post i never had any idea about bdj boxes before now i know kung anu anu laman nun more power po!

  • Mary Ann Cuer

    Mary Ann Cuer
    FB: Mary Ann Manalo Cuer
    i love your product reviews and hauls!! keep it up!

  • Name: Karla Marie P. Del Rosario
    FB: Karla Del Rosario

    I love reviews about products I have never have heard before. And I also love reading your replies to my comments, mas nakakaganang mag comment kasi I know na binabasa mo I would like to see/read “fashion finds” and ‘food reviews”

  • rhain

    Rhania Chang
    Ainahr Eyakel
    Fave type post: Your Collective Hauls Every month and the Unboxing Posts!!

    hugs dear!


  • Aya

    Hi, Yette! Joining your giveaway. Hihihi.

    Full name: Ayana Grace Sison
    Facebook name: Ayana Grace Sison
    Email address:

    My faves among your posts are your unboxing posts! For one, I like reading unboxing posts talaga because they help me decide which beauty box to get. And your BDJ Box unboxing posts have been really helpful, so thank you! Hope to see you soon!

  • magz_dc

    Agnes Dela Cruz
    Agnes Dc
    I would like to read more of the bargain clothing hauls and the OOTD

  • Cel Mendiola

    Maricel Fajardo
    FB: Maricel Cel Fajardo

    I like reading your reviews on make up and I really like food reviews… Keep it up!! More Power!!

  • magz_dc

    BTW, I watched your Vlog and you are fine. nervous but you did good. I wanted to vlog too but I always feel camera shy… I might stutter or even ended up using approp words for it and might end up LOLin’ … congrats!

  • Catherine Kjell Buama

    Catherine Kjell Buama
    FB: Catherine Kjell Buama
    i love reading your makeup reviews

  • henley

    Henley Tabal
    FB: henley tabal
    I enjoyed and get excited to see your collective haul of the month! Hope to read some DIY in your posts soon.

  • Jel Era

    Anjela Mae Era
    What I enjoy reading/ seeing the most in your blog would be your reviews, especially on makeup. It really helps a lot.

  • Crystal Cruz

    Crystal Cruz
    fb: Crystal Cruz
    i love reading your makeup reviews.kikay kasi ako!

  • Carmina Aguilar

    Carmina Aguilar
    FB: Carmina Aguilar
    I love all the reviews about make up in your blog.

  • Mhisha Cuyson
    FB: Mhisha Cuyson

    I love all your post Yette! Especially the ones about Unboxing & Hauls! I suggest that you try to review more about skin care. Hehe ♥ Congratulations btw! More powers to your blog.

  • Gizzele Alfonso

    Name: Gizzele Alfonso
    FB account: Gizzele Alfonso

    I love your hauls!! I want to suggest more local make up product reviews…

  • KeiFio Fave Closet

    Cynthia Alejo

    I love the monthly favorites, the unboxing of BDJ, Glamour box and Salad box (before). Super love the hauls! More skin care reviews!

  • Polinda Usero

    Polinda Usero
    Polinda Usero

    I enjoyed reading your reviews, hope you can post more local makeups. I love the unboxing posts, i am into subscriptions boxes too, hope you can discover more beauty loot subscriptions.

  • Sheela Richen Daminar

    Full Name: Sheela Richen Daminar
    FB: Sheela Richen Demecillo Daminar
    email address:

    I love reading product reviews, especially on local brands.

  • Mary Ann Cuer

    Mary Ann Cuer
    fb:mary ann manalo cuer
    i love reading all your blogs and haul! keep up the good work!!

  • Maica France Saldo

    FULL NAME: Maica France Saldo
    Facebook account name: Maica Saldo
    Email address:
    Your favorite post here at Yettezkie’s Doodles: I love everything, specifically your haul and unboxing posts!
    Leave a suggestion of future topics that you would like to see/read here in this website: More tutorials please!

  • Kristine Barnedo

    FULL NAME: Kristine Barnedo
    Facebook account name: Tintin Barnedo

    email address:

    First of all your blog is pretty awesome, it has its own appeal, its pleasing in the eye, its not dull and very interesting. My favorite things on your blog (although almost all of it) is your make-up reviews, well let say I am a make-up enthusiast, your reviews are well made of , I got to know whats in so far on make-ups and its quality, even what shade of color of lipstick is pretty in. So I think your blog is helpful

  • Jo-an Victorio

    ♥Jo-An Victorio

    Facebook Account Name:
    ♥Jo An (Jo-An Reyes Victorio) |


    ♥ I would like to see more reviews related with beauty and your beauty secrets as well plus OOTD for inspiration.

  • Karla Motol

    Karla Motol
    FB: Kae Motol

    I would like to read more skin care product reviews and make up tutorials.

  • nia mendonza

    nia mendonza
    fb-glam gal
    rhnx for the giveaway,love ur blog

  • Nhalen Yow

    NAME: Annalyn Dela Cruz
    Facebook account name: nhalen yow
    email address:
    I would like to see more skincare and make ups reviews and giveaways (((:

  • Becoming Sleek

    Patricia Manasan
    Facebook: patmanasan
    Favorite posts: Product reviews
    Suggestion for future posts: Nail posts?

  • Louise Ito

    Name: Louise Ito
    Favorite posts: I love your blog, it’s pretty & very organized My favorite posts are the make up reviews because I’m a make up enthusiast
    Suggestion for future posts: More skin care reviews!

  • rica

    rica sicad
    love your products reviews and hope to see more giveaways and ootd

  • Cherry Ann Punzal

    Name: Cherry Ann Punzal



    First of all, Congratulations for reaching 1k followers!~

    Make up & product reviews are my favorite. Thank you for
    sharing this giveaway!

    Suggestion for future posts: More eyebrows & nail art

  • Name: Maxinne Marie Sentina

    I love your hauls and favorites!

  • Jessiemer Abing
    Jessie Abing
    I love the tutorials!

  • posh02

    Ma. Elaine Mariz Calabia
    Mariz Brion Calabia RN

    I wanna see some gift with purchase review from clinique, estee lauder, lancome. i love ur blog…

  • Micah Dela Cruz

    Micah Dela Cruz
    Micah Dela Cruz (

    i usually enjoy reading your monthly hauls..almost serves as my tab on what products to buy and try :)) continue to explore and make good reviews! happy 1k fb likes, more to come!!

  • Lean Diwa Buscaino

    Lean Diwa
    FB name:Lean Diwa Buscaino
    Email add:

    I love reading blog specially all about make up. Please continue to blog different products that you will have in the future and please also review those affordable make up brands.

    Thank you so much for this chance!

  • anneleia

    FULL NAME: anne lei talaro
    Facebook account name: anne lei talaro
    email address:

    more giveaways or blog hopping

  • Cates Dajao

    name: Darylynn Cates Dajao
    FB name: Cates Dajao

    More makeup reviews

  • Nikita Palomar

    Name *and* FB Name: Nikita Eufe Usal
    E-mail address:

    I like all your unboxing reviews, especially Belle de Jour’s. I hope you’ll make more reviews about famous korean cosmetic brands

  • FULL NAME: Gen-zel D. Habab
    Facebook account name: Gen-zel D. Habab
    Email address:
    Please please share your makeup collection! I’ve been requesting for it ever since

  • Paula Sepulveda

    Name: Paula Sepulveda
    Facebook :

    I adore your blog layout! Please do more hauls! Thanks! =)

  • erika

    Erika Fukuda
    Please review the make up collections of direct selling companies, AVON, Colour Collection (Tupperware), Natasha, etc. Thank you!

  • abnkkbsnplakono

    Maria Fe Manlapaz

    fb: Maria Fe Manlapaz


    I love your hauls reviews they’re a mix of high end and drugstore finds that are worth the penny… more posts on local and korean brands…

  • Anna Rose Abalos

    Anna Rose Abalos

    Fb: Anna Rose Abalos


    I love your reviews, they are very helpful and quite informative.
    Please review more local products and affordable ones. Tnx

  • Jessamer Abing

    Name/fb: Jessamer Abing

    love your hauls with review since we readers want to know more about those products. Instead of buying those beauty products reading it first is very helpful.

  • Riyalyn Gatdula

    Riyalyn Gatdula
    FB: Rain Gatdula

    Beauty products reviews!

  • Janice Que

    Janice Que
    FB: jaja que
    love reading your beauty products reviews and hauls..

  • Richelle Gamurot Torres

    Richelle G. Torres

    I would love to read about skin care products and tips stay young and beauty

  • mitchteryosa

    Mitch Carvalho
    FB : Mitch Cortez Carvalho

    I would love to see nail art designs in your future posts.

  • Mary Ann Cuer

    Mary ann Cuer
    FB: Mary ann Cuer
    i want to more make up make up make up haul! love ur blog!! keep it up!

  • marsha torres

    Marsha Torres
    FB: Marsha Torres
    First congatulations on your 1k milestone..
    Since it is my first day visiting your blog i cant read and see it all.I read about the Hayan BB cream anf i found it interesting.
    I’d love to see reviews about travel because that my dreams travel around the world.More power..

  • Liberty Floro

    FULL NAME : Liberty Floro
    Facebook account name : Liberty Floro

    email address :

    I want to see more of your Blog! and more giveaways!

  • Elie Udasco

    Emilie P. Udasco
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    Shermaine Balbedina
    FB Name: Shermaine Sherfriends
    I want to see topic for makeup thats safe for nursing mom..or quickie make-up for on the go mom

  • Ning Mumbing ❤

    Ning Mumbing
    Ning Mumbing
    Fave topics would be, reviews on products.
    I wanna see vlogs of your day to day activities, how it helps you to be better blogger/person. ☺

    xoxo, Ning

  • Farrah Leah Boone- Draculan

    Farrah Leah B. Draculan


    I’m a full time mom and i love your blogs about make ups ima freelancer make up artist too and it helps.hope to see more on your blogs and thanks for this opportunity.hope to win