FS Luscious Matte Lipstick in Fuchsia – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hi everyone! So I know that it’s been quite some time since I did a review, and I know that you’re probably tired of my lipstick reviews, but I promise that this is my second (or prolly third) to the last lipstick review before I go back reviewing other products. Anyway, I realized that I haven’t reviewed any Filipino drugstore product in my (so-called) “lipstick week” so I thought I should review FS’ newest lipstick line which is their FS Luscious Matte Lipsticks. They came up with two formulas, Creamy and Matte, but I chose to go with the Matte lipstick since I am interested to learn more of their product’s texture when it comes to the said formula. Anyway, like I said, the item that I’ll be reviewing for you guys today is the FS Luscious Matte Lipstick in Fuchsia

FS Luscious Matte Lipstick in Fuchsia - Packaging

PACKAGING The entire line of FS Luscious lipsticks are packaged the same way. They came with thin, black plastic tubes with gold accents. Then when opened, it reveals a pretty gold retractable tube with the FS Cosmetics logo embossed at the tip of the lipstick. In terms of presentation, it really looks classy and looked more mid-range to high end rather than a Filipino drugstore lip product. The gold accent tied everything together making it look really elegant and edgy at the same time. Quality-wise however, there you’ll see (or rather feel) the difference. One example I can give you is that the logo embossed on top can easily fade with just a few (or maybe two) swatches/uses.

FS Luscious Matte Lipstick in Fuchsia - Shade

SHADE True to it’s name, the lip product when applied really has a hint of fuchsia. It is a lot closer to ‘red’ with lesser ‘blue’ tones but it’s still very pretty. What you see from the tube is also what you get. However, it may come off a bit sheer during the first layer. To achieve the same vibrancy, a couple of layers/application is required.

FS Luscious Matte Lipstick in Fuchsia - Swatches

TEXTURE/FORMULATION/CONSISTENCY Though it’s pretty obvious that it’s a matte lip product, I still expected that it would be somehow creamy (for ease of application). Sadly it wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it is a straight on matte lipstick which performs great on that criteria. However, it wasn’t as creamy as most of my matte lipsticks to date, and it wasn’t as opaque either. Like I said, in order to get the same color pay off, a couple of layers/application is needed. What I liked about this lip product though is that, even though it’s a matte lipstick it didn’t highlight all of the fine lines of my lips (well it showed, but it wasn’t as horrible as I expected). I did exfoliate and primed my lips with a lip balm prior to application, however, I still have dry lips, but this did not emphasize all of those imperfections.

FS Luscious Matte Lipstick in Fuchsia - Lip Color
LEFT – Without Lip Balm; RIGHT – With;

APPLICATION I’m afraid I had a tough time applying this lip color. Even with a lip balm, perhaps due to its drier consistency, I had some tugging issues. I would suggest trying a thicker lip balm if you wish to avoid this issue or don’t let your lip balm to completely set (this would however, contradict the matte formula of the lip product). It also went on patchy on some areas. It didn’t went on evenly and smoothly as expected.

FS Luscious Matte Lipstick in Fuchsia - Basic Info

PERFORMANCE/LONGEVITY This lip product did not disappoint when it comes to longevity. It lasted on me for nearly 6 hours without retouching with minimal drinking (with drinking, without eating). I didn’t wait to find out if it will stain my lips because I had to remove it. In terms of performance, I didn’t notice any feathering or bleeding. I did experience some dryness, which is pretty ordinary when it comes to matte lipsticks but it wasn’t unbearable. Besides, I already have dry lips so I consider it as more of my personal CON rather than the lipstick’s. Further, if you really want it to be less drying and if you’re like me, then feel free to apply a lip gloss afterwards or apply a lip balm periodically.

Product Name | FS Cosmetics Luscious Lipsticks
• Shade | Matte Fuchsia
• Price | PhP 299 ea (Approx $6.90) • Net Wt | 4 g
• Avalability | SM Department Stores/Other Department Stores nationwide

SCENT With regards to the lip product’s smell/scent, it doesn’t smell anything which is actually a good thing. Some people prefer their makeup to be that way.

To summarize…

Comes in 9 beautiful shades to choose from
Beautiful packaging
Straight on matte
Color is true to the tube
Ingredients indicated at the box
Doesn’t feather and/or bleed
No particular scent or taste
Didn’t highlight all of the imperfections of my lips (not as bad as I thought)
Lasted for nearly six hours
Available at all leading department stores where FS Cosmetics are sold
Packaging feels a bit cheap & box looks a bit tacky (but then it’s just a box)
Not as opaque & creamy as expected
Experienced some tugging
A bit drying
Went on patchy on some areas
The V E R D I C T

First off, let’s start with the packaging (presentation-wise). Can I just say, WOW? I am very impressed on FS Cosmetics’ way of presenting all of their products. Their very creative yet their price range is still quite affordable. Their quality is still superb and very recommendable. It’s a straight-on matte lipstick and stays longer than I expected and it’s color is really beautiful. If you’re looking for an affordable matte lipstick, with a beautiful color selection, then I suggest checking out the FS Luscious Matte Lipsticks.

R E P U R C H A S E ? / W O R T H P U R C H A S I N G ?
I consider this worth the money because it’s a really affordable matte lip product and they offer a lot of (gorgeous) colors to choose from.

Anyway, those are my thoughts regarding the FS Luscious Matte Lipstick in Fuchsia. How about you? Have you tried anything from this line? What’s your favorite local matte lip product? Or local lipstick on for that matter?

See you soon on another lipstick review. Promise, I only have two (or maybe three) left. Unless you want me to totally shut up. -__-

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  • I love the fact na ung logo nasa tip ng lipstick ang cute :3 I love the color, mga ganyan gusto ko very loud red pero in my experience sa ganyan pag naglagay ka ng lipbalm sa una lang maganda at hindi drying pero after a few hours juskooo -__-

  • wolfgirl0703

    I love lipsticks! This review helps a lot. I think I would skip this for now. I have a lot of lipsticks to use up! Geez!

  • Cj Escuadro

    ang ganda ng packaging!i’ve never tried FS products but I really like their packaging to think Filipino brand sila pero parang panghigh-end ang dating..yun nga lang the formula/quality of this said lipstick is a let down parang hindi na cya matte effect pagmarami ka ilalagay na lipbalm but if you don’t naman, you’ll have chapped lips.nakuuu!

    • True! It has some sort of a satin finish when applied with a lip balm but pag wala, it’s not really pretty.. Tsk

  • rhain

    the luscious red lippie on your lips suits your skintone hun.. ive never had tried FS before.. gonna check this out from SM Sta Rosa =)


    Please be consistent and straight forward when it comes to reviewing products.. You can just say that you like it or not.. and about the “CON”, that it transfers, most of the lip products that you have reviewed have this “CON” when in fact it doesn’t really say on the product description that it doesn’t transfer. It’s not a kiss-proof lipstick so why do you expect it to be?

    • I’m trying to be as thorough as possible. You can always skip to the PRO’s and CON’s of my product review and only read the things you’re interested in. And as for the ‘transfers’ being listed as a CON? I just started doing that recently because a few of my readers started asking if the lip products I’ve been reviewing ‘transfers’. Of course most of them transfers but I’ve always said that a little blotting will always solve the issue.

      These PROs and CONs depends on how you look at a product. Like I said, it’s just my point of view. Don’t take it too personal.

      Thanks for the suggestion and if you feel the need to say something again, please don’t hesitate to use at least your name.

      • Thanks for this fabulous review Yette, I’m still undecided as to which shade since I’m only planning to buy 1 hehe. But my picks are: Creamy Caramel, Matte Scarlet, Matte Fuchsia, and Matte Twig.

        Btw sis, meron talagang mga taong sobrang sama ng ugali nagtatago pa behind the alias of ‘Anonymous’, haters are such cowards really. That’s why I never allow anonymous comments hehe Anyway it was a very informative review so keep it up =)

    • Hi sorry can I just comment on this?
      Kasi may mga lipsticks na kahit hindi kiss-proof, hindi nag tatransfer. Siguro a bit, but not as much as the others. Tsaka PROS and CONS are really helpful pag nagpaproduct review kasi kaya nga siya tinawag na review para malaman natin in specific yung ups and downs ng isang product. Kung sasabihin lang na “I HATE THIS PRODUCT”, paano natin malalaman kung bakit?

    • Cj Escuadro

      oh my..hater alert!LOL ..(ngayun ko lang nabasa eto ah.hehe) tsk2.hello anonymous! It’s not a review AT ALL if a blogger will just jump into saying “i like this product!-i love this product!-this product is amazing! etc” After all, this is a blog. Might as well just create an FB page if you just want to write a brief 1 paragraph of product review right? Moreover, we the commercials (adverts) that can do that for us! But since we are also looking for honest & thorough reviews of others who have used the product firsthand, we are turning our option to reading blogs. Bloggers tend to elaborate ALL the possible details that readers would want to know. It’s the bloggers way of helping those that are undecided if they want to buy a certain product or not. That being said, reviews tend to be long and ‘not’ straight forward.

      Ms. Yette is right, you could’ve at least use your name. haha! peace!

      • Thanks CJ!

      • Agree with you sis CJ! Dear anonymous, in favor of Yette lang ha… it’s just appropriate if a blogger states what they experience with a product, because readers rely on this information as buying reference. It’s not supposed to be a straight out ‘I hate this I like that’ all the time. And maybe if you’d read between the lines, it’s very clear that she likes it. Meron talagang mga taong masyadong nagmamagaling it’s so hypocritical, pa-anonymous effect pa =)

        Ah ok so if it doesn’t say on the product description that it doesn’t transfer and yet it does transfer, it’s not supposed to be a con? EWAN! LECHE! Okay how about if I just say it straightforward that I don’t like cowards who hide behind aliases of ‘anonymous’ just to bash someone huh? Sorry if I have to sound so bitchy, but you are an embarassment. Back fighters are the lowest of the low. REVEAL YOURSELF! =)

    • Guest

      Dear Anonymous hater… REVEAL YOURSELF =)

  • Excluding the box, ang ganda ng appearance! It looks so classy at parang Chanel-ish hehe. And I love the embossed logo. PLUS the color is so nice. How I wish pwede nako mag try ulit ng lip products. Suffering from lip allergy kasi for 2 weeks na….

    • Yeah I love the packaging as well. Feel better, Clarisse.

  • katrina

    sayang, i thought this lippie would be like the creamy to matte types na tipong you apply it creamy on the lips then it will dry as matte. not too keen on buying the product though as i have ruby woo already and if i buy this,im afraid i wouldn’t use it as much as it will be a pain to apply also (judging on the swatch).

    • Yes I thought it would be like that as well. We had the same expectations.

  • ay sayang, kala ko meron na naman great local matte. if these are less than 200 id probably try it. quite pricey for me still.kuripot siguro talaga ko, sis ganda ng review mo, i love the details. ganito talaga mga itatanong ko e, sinagot mo na. Good job! till your next review. (ok lang sakin kahit puro lipsticks hahaha)

    • Thanks Belle! You’re so sweet

  • fati recede

    nice color!:))) but i don’t like the box of this lipstick. thanks for the review. very love the shade!!

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    oh… its a bit drying. I want to give it a try pa naman sana… but anyways, I hope lip balm will atleast make up on that CON of this product. Yeah its kinda cheap compared to other brand and the shades you feature here, indeed looks good!

  • Lei Diwa

    A very nice shade of red lipstick but I think this one won’t suit me cause almost all bright reds are not my color I think if there is a dark one I’ll get one. I think I also read about a review of this lipstick and it so cute the FS thingy on the top. But imagine it will also fade away as you used it. LOL! Atleast they did a presentation which is cute for me.

  • Angel

    Honestly, when I saw the thumbnail without reading the title, I wasn’t expecting it to be a Filipino brand. When I came across the line “Filipino drugstore product” I was surprised! Fanny Serrano pala It looks gorgeous, almost high-end The color is so pretty on your lips and I see that it helps pala talaga sa pigmentation ng lipsticks pag may lip balm


  • Arra J.

    galit na galit yung ANON? haha. anyway, I hope our local brands would come up with really matte lipsticks. e.g. EB matte lipsticks, medyo may sheen. Pero in fairness, parang Tom Ford yung bullet! bongga.