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Dry, chapped lips are never a pretty sight. Covering it up with your favorite lip color is only a temporary remedy. Dehydration and sun damage are usually the main culprits behind this common beauty problem. Fortunately, with a little help from amazing lip products and a few adjustments to your health and lifestyle habits can help you get rid of this ASAP. Choosing the right lip balm to soothe your chapped lips is easy — you just need to know what kind of remedy you need. Instead of using the usual Chapstick, do you need one that lasts for hours or a multipurpose healing salve? Whatever it is, here are some of the best products and tricks to rescue your pucker.

Drinking plenty of water can have significant results with regards to your complexion and the same thing goes for your lips. NYU Medical Center dermatologist Diana Bihova suggests that drinking water every few hours can make a huge difference. You can also ask for expert beauty advice from fellow beauty enthusiasts from your social networks, forums and communities like on Max Factor, David Lloyd or even FoxyBingo‘s website. With their fresh online communities, you can meet new friends and exchange beauty tips and tricks; you can even hold a beauty sampling party and try out the best lip balms on the market. At this party, convey tips such as; using a small amount of petroleum jelly can be a really effective lip treatment, but there are many lip balms that can add a surge of moisture to your lips and revitalize its appearance and texture to make them smooth and pillow-soft in no time.

For a truly effective lip treatment that can salvage even the most damaged of all pouts, you can try out First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Lip Therapy. Cult favorite Smith’s Rosebud Salve is a must have in any beauty kit because it can heal any dry area aside from your lips such as your elbows and cuticles. Lastly, if you’re looking for a tinted balm, Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm can do the job by leaving a nice sheen and a subtle hint of color; and not to mention a yummy minty flavor.

Guest post

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  • Cj Escuadro

    great tips ms. yettes! chapped lips is really a horrible thing to see especially when you’re out on school..petroleum jelly does wonders when i have super chapped lips.applied it on my lips overnight and the next day, i’m saved! i still haven’t see any “good” lip balms. I’m interested on that First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Lip Therapy kaya lang it’s not available here. mahal ng shipping fee pa

  • I have a really really dry lips that I can’t even re apply my lipstick
    or lip stain kasi nagbubuo buo siya ng sobra For me the best lip balm
    is eos and choco fudge by human nature but ung eos I still have to wait
    a couple of minutes before applying any lipstick. I heard reviews na
    about Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy pero I don’t think I wont be
    purchasing any lip balms for a while ang dami ko na kasing lipbalms, I
    actually have more lip balms than lipsticks dahil sa nakakainis kong dry
    lips huhu I wanted to try ung lip scrub ng LUSH pero ang mahal. I
    wanted to do a DIY lip scrub pero it needs olive oil I don’t want to buy
    a bottle of olive oil para lang dun waste of money huhu any suggestion
    ng other lip scrub or a recipe of lip scrub na gamit ai normally
    mahahanap sa kitchen ng isang pinay

    • I would suggest a toothbrush. Damp it with water and brush it gently onto your lips. It’s really effective. Sugar and petroleum jelly can be abrasive at times.

      • I actually tried it yesterday, parang kumapal ung lips ko (in a good way :D) thanks!

  • Angel

    I don’t really have problems with chapped lips, but this post is really informative Matagal ko na gusto yung Rosebud Salve, lagi ko nakikita sa mga beauty gurus like Michelle Phan. Haha