MAC & Marilyn Monroe Satin Lipstick in Love Goddess – Review, Photos & Swatches

Why is it that whenever I plan something (i.e. lipstick week) I end up not doing it. Unfortunately lovelies, I still seem to be under the weather these days. Anyway, so for the lipstick week day two.. What we have here is my current favorite which is the new MAC & Marilyn Monroe Satin Lipstick in Love Goddess. As some of you guys may already know, I am not really a fan of red lip colors, and I only wear them during the Holidays. But this one is really just an exemption to the rule.

MAC & Marilyn Monroe Satin Lipstick in Love Goddess

If I’m not mistaken, the Marilyn Monroe Collection was already released sometime September/October last year, and was re-released this May. Not sure if it was via online or both though. But regardless, according to some of the articles I’ve read, this collection was sold out in minutes last year. Wouldn’t blame the masses though. This collection is gorg! Te lip colors, OMG. Like I said, I try to steer clear of red lipsticks but for this collection, I’ll definitely make an exemption.

MAC & Marilyn Monroe Satin Lipstick in Love Goddess

PACKAGING The packaging is pretty similar to all of MAC lip products only this one, since it’s a limited edition, is a bit different. Compared to the plain, bullet type packaging of MAC in their permanent line of lipsticks, this one has a black, glossy finish with Marilyn Monroe’s picture at the bottom of the tube, then the MAC logo & Marilyn Monroe’s signature at the cap. It’s sleek and sturdy just like most MAC lipsticks are like and it’s very elegant looking too. The box is also a bit different too. It has a glossy finish and another cover, with a larger photo of Marilyn Monroe, along with the MAC logo and Marilyn’s signature.

MAC & Marilyn Monroe Satin Lipstick in Love Goddess

SHADE Love Goddess is described to be a “mid-tone pink red” with a satin finish. Well, they couldn’t be more right. If you’re like me who is a bit uncomfortable wearing red lip colors then this is the perfect lip color for you. I’d like to think that it gives everyone the illusion that you’re wearing a red lip color while clearly, it’s not. (Okay, I hope I made sense right there). However, if you’re a bit tight on the budget, there’s one I can recommend. Revlon Cherries in the Snow is very similar to this lip color only it’s a bit darker, but they both have a pinkish tone into them. (Click here for reference. But please note that it I am under a different lightning so they really do look like a spot-on dupe).

MAC & Marilyn Monroe Satin Lipstick in Love Goddess

FORMULATION/CONSISTENCY Typical to most MAC lip products, this one is also very creamy. It did not however highlight any/all fine lines of my lips. The color is also very buildable, it may appear a tad sheer during the first layer but like I said, you can build it up to be more opaque and vibrant.

MAC & Marilyn Monroe Satin Lipstick in Love Goddess

APPLICATION I did not encounter any problems applying this lip color. It glided on smoothly even with out a lip balm. Honestly, when it comes to MAC lip products (except for matte finishes) I sometimes don’t bother applying a lip balm because they glide on so well just as if you applied a lip balm. Further, like I previously mentioned, it did not highlight any dry parts of my lips, or the fine lines.

MAC & Marilyn Monroe Satin Lipstick in Love Goddess

PERFORMANCE/LONGEVITY I had some ‘transferring’ issues with this one during the first 30-45 minutes while wearing it, but I didn’t blot so I guess that was my mistake/understandable. Therefore, I suggest when you wear this, you blot because it’ll definitely transfer during the first hour. However, after that, I didn’t see the lip color transferring any more. Also, despite it transferring, it was still as vibrant like before. It lasted on me for more than five hours and that was with no retouching, without eating oily foods, but with drinking of course. Afterwards, it did fade gracefully, but it was still pretty noticeable since it stained my lips for more than an hour or so. I also did not experience any bleeding or feathering, and I find it quite moisturizing as well.

Product Name | MAC & Marilyn Monroe
• Shade | Love Goddess (Satin)
• Price | 1,100 (Approx $25) • Net Wt | 3 g | 0.1 US oz
• Avalability | (Not sure if it’s available locally, but there was none at TriNoma); SassyFabShop

SCENT Typical to most MAC lip products, the scent of this one has a hint of vanilla. It’s definitely not overpowering and not in any way different to those which are already in their permanent line.

To summarize…

Sleek, unique & sturdy packaging
Comes in five shades (from the Marilyn Monroe limited edition line)
Really opaque
Color is true to the tube
Glides on smoothly on my lips
Really moisturizing
Doesn’t feather and/or bleed
No longer need a lip balm when applying
Has a sweet vanilla-ish scent but definitely not overpowering
No particular taste
Faded gracefully but stained my lips for more than an hour or so
Lasted for approximately 5 hours
Limited Edition
Not sure if it’s locally available but I’ll check.
The V E R D I C T

Overall, I love, LOVE, love this lip color and I find that it can really be a good transition color if you really want to wear red lippies but just a bit hesitant to try. It’s very smooth and creamy but it doesn’t highlight your lip’s imperfections. It’s almost perfect if only it’s not limited edition and it’s not that pricey.

Nevertheless, I still love it, and I’ll definitely wear it often. At least I can now give my MAC CYY a rest.

R E P U R C H A S E ? / W O R T H P U R C H A S I N G ?
For me, it is definitely worth the moolah, and I’ll definitely repurchase it again.
Infact, I’m thinking about buying Charmd, I’m sure. Aah! Somebody stop me now! (lol)

Left - Under natural Lighting

So those are my thoughts regarding the said lip product. I hope that you find it helpful. How about you? Do you like wearing red lip colors? What’s your favorite? Let me know!

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  • Cj Escuadro

    agree!this red lipstick is just gorgeous!..i don’t own any mac lipstick right now..pinag-iiponan ko pa but i want it to be worth it..anung maisa-suggest mo ms.yettes?besides this one

    • Uhm, IDK. Lol. My first one was Rebel.

      Sorry if that wasn’t as helpful. lol.

  • Cj Escuadro

    and oh, baha daw jan sa manila..affected ba kayo ms. yettes?i hope you’re okay.. lakas din ulan dito..

    • Yup baha nga d2 sa street namin e.

  • i so so sooo love the packaging and the color is so beautiful!! eto ang bibilhin kong bday gift for my self! thank you for showing/reviewing this lippies!

    • Np! Advance Happy Birthday!

  • the color is really vibrant!

    • It is, and thanks for dropping by!

  • ganda ng pagkared parang may pinkish something or sa mata ko lang un bagay sau

    • Yup, may pagka pink talaga sha

  • rhain

    yun pala yung lippie mo nung last sat =) ganda!

  • Gellie Abogado

    Love that red shade on you and the packaging looks really nice. I love Marilyn Monroe pa naman.


  • Love the shade.. Pero I love riri woo better.. hihihi Konting push pa I’ll try Mac lipstick na talaga.

    • Yup, I’d love to have Riri Woo.

      BILI NA.. >.<

  • The packaging caught my attention. Parang magkaiba yung shade niya dun sa full face swatches mo. Hehe, pero both pretty. Sana I can sport red lips din without looking so bold

    • I’m using my CP when I took a pic of my entire face. Oh and the final 2 pics were under a different lighting.

      • Still looks pretty though. And ganda ng pagka-red niya. Medyo turn off sakin yung wild red na medyo kakulay nung “Rogue” na nail polish ng Caronia eh haha. If you know what I mean..

        • I get what you mean.

  • Ai Salvatierra

    i love the shade and it looks good to you.. but its a pricey..

  • Gem

    I’ve been waiting for this Collection to be released and when it was released, I was disappointed. I ended up not buying anything. I realised it was just just the design that I was after

    • Lol. I like this one & Charmed I’m Sure, but Charmed I’m sure, according to Temptalia is similar to Ruby Woo only RW is brighter, so I ended up with this one instead. Their shades were not as unique as expected nga lang. -__-

  • Maica France Saldo

    It looks nice on you. I love red lipsticks, I have quite a few but I an still don’t have enough courage to wear it in public.

    • You should wear ’em! I totally overcame that ‘fear’ when I started wearing this.

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  • Lei Diwa

    MAC lippies not my thing.. it’s so expensive for a student but I’m really hoping that I could have one someday. Whenever I see review on MAC I envy bloggers LOL! and also those who collect the lipstick of MAC. Anyways, I still love reading and looking for the swatches of this lipstick.

    • Thanks, Lei. Sorry for the delayed reply.^_^

  • Angel

    Is it just me, or the finish is slighty sheer? Nice color though, very bombshell Marilyn

    • 2 layers actually does the trick but it’s not as sheer as those lustre lipsticks from MAC