Flormar Supershine Lipstick in 523; Review, Photos & Swatches

Hey lovelies! Today we’ll resume our lipstick week, which was supposed to happen last week but because I’m such a slacker I didn’t realize that I ran out of days. Anyway, I’m going to start the week with one of my favorite shades, and that is Coral. Here’s my take on Flormar Supershine Lipstick in 523

Flormar Supershine Lipstick in 523; Review, Photos & Swatches

Product Claims/Description According to Flormar.com

It provides the lips with wet, full and ultra shiny look by its creamy structure. It moisturizes the lips with the Shea Butter it contains.

Flormar Supershine Lipstick in 523 - Packaging

PACKAGING I actually like the packaging of this one. It has a vintage feel, with a pearlescent finish. I also like the gold tube, logo and the rim that holds the entire packaging altogether. The cap fits onto the tube securely without any hassle as well. It has a unique shape, although despite this, people may find this quite bulky but I don’t really mind since I have a huge makeup kit.

Flormar Supershine Lipstick in 523 - Shade

SHADE Like I said before, this lip color leans more on the shade of ‘Coral’, only warmer. What you see is what you get with this lip product. You get the same opacity when swatched or when applied. It is a bit frosty though, but not as overwhelming as Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Peachy Scene (IMO).

Flormar Supershine Lipstick in 523 - Swatch
Oh, and I rummaged through all of my lipsticks and I found a couple of coral shades in my stash..
Revlon Coralberry is pretty close only it’s a bit warmer than 523, then Maybelline’s Color Sensational Lipstick in Coral Crush is a bit more pink and it’s a bit harder to apply since it does’t glide on smoothly onto my lips.

FORMULATION/CONSISTENCY This lip product is quite creamy and very moisturizing, perhaps due to the Shea Butter. It has a bit of a frosty finish which I believe contributes to the ‘SuperShine’ factor. I like how creamy and opaque it is. You get the true color of the lip product at just one layer. One thing I noticed though, is maybe due to its ingredients, or whatever, the lipstick itself is really soft. I feel like I’m going to break it anytime soon.

Flormar Supershine Lipstick in 523 - Lips

APPLICATION This lip product glided on my lips quite easily. It didn’t feel gritty considering that it’s a frosty/super shine lipstick. It did, however, emphasized most of the fine lines of my lips, despite the fact that I just applied a lip balm prior to applying this lip product (like always). On the other hand, I didn’t find it terribly annoying/overbearing, because I still believe that this lip product is still very wearable. With proper lip exfoliation, you can rock this lip color easily.

PERFORMANCE/LONGEVITY I had some transferring issues with this one. It did transfer, a lot. I didn’t feel as though it settled on to my lips completely. It was moisturizing but it also felt quite heavy. Or maybe perhaps it was because of the lip balm that I applied prior to applying this lipstick. Never the less, it still didn’t feel as comfortable despite how moisturizing it was. Maybe it’s just me. but regardless, it still looks FAB Oh and this one lasted on me for approximately three hours. It did not stain my lips, and it faded gradually as well. I did not experience any bleeding/feathering. It didn’t feel dry or tacky as time passes which was quite impressive.

Product Name | Flormar Supershine Lipstick
• Shade | 523 • Price | PhP 399 ea (Approx $9.43) • Net Wt | 15 oz / 4.2 g
• Avalability | Selected SM Department Stores

SCENT With regards to the scent, I’m afraid this lipstick is quite disappointing. It has a mixture of peppermint scent along with a vintage lippie scent. The smell wears off though as soon as you apply it onto your lips.

To Summarize..

The Flormar Supershine line comes in 21 shades
Creamy, opaque & color is true to the tube
Glides on smoothly on my lips
Really moisturizing
Doesn’t feather and/or bleed
No particular taste
Faded gracefully
Lasted for approximately 3 hours
Can serve as your lipstick & your lip gloss which (which is why it has some sort of a frosty finish but it’s not really as gritty, it still went on smoothly)
Available at selected SM Stores
No ingredients at the packaging
Because of it’s creamy formula, it can settle and emphasize all the fine lines of your lips.
Really soft (I feel like I’m either going to bend it or break it!)
Felt quite heavy on my lips despite how moisturizing it was
It can only last for up to three hours.
It can emphasize all of the fine lines of your lips
Has a vintage lipstick scent which can be pretty overpowering for some people
The V E R D I C T

All in all, I still think that this lip product is really a good purchase, I have nothing against it. It’s a gorgeous shade and anybody can pull it off easily just as long as they exfoliate. The shade is very wearable, especially during summer (which is why I bought it -_-) and it has three purposes too! It moisturizes and it serves as your lipstick & your lip gloss.

R E P U R C H A S E ? / W O R T H P U R C H A S I N G ?
Yes I think so. It gives a good pop of color to every look and it’s not too bright yet it’s not that toned toned down either.

So those are my thoughts about the said lip product. How about you? Do you like coral shades? Do you like shiny lip colors? Let me know!

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  • wow lipstick week ka ngayon yette. I will definitely read it.. sucker ako for lipstick.. bsta kahit di ko ginagamit tapos alam kong marami akong lipstick I’m happy hahaha I’m eyeing on the flormar neutral collection yung bronze yung packaging nakita mo ba yun?

    • Yeah, I’m a sucker for lipsticks too, lol.

      Nope, I haven’t. We don’t have a Flormar counter in our SM so di ako mashadong aware sa mga bago ng Flormar. Sayang nga e. But I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it.

  • rhain

    i see its frosted nga dear =) i would pass on this hihi =)

    • Haha.There are others naman e

  • Monika

    awwww… may frost. Sayang I am very curious pa naman about Flormar. I love lipsticks but I do not like lipsticks with frosts. I like mattes and cream finish. Frosty lipsticks highlight the lines and dry skin on my lips.

    • They do offer other lines & lip colors.

  • ugh, ganda pa naman ng finish ng color, di lang talaga ako mahilig sa frosty finish. but based on your pros&cons, parang ang perfect na niya for a lipstick. it’s pretty though. ganda ng pigmentation niya, tama lang. not strong and not so sheer. love the packaging!

  • Cj Escuadro

    i really love coral shade lippies! i could use them on everyday wear talaga than pink shades.hee..yay!lipstick week!

  • it looks melted. heavy vintage scent? amoy lola? pero the color suits you well and i love coral shade mapa lipsticks or blush, i hope you pick more ‘coral shade” products and do a review on them

    • Yes, amoy lola. Hehe.
      I’ll try, I don’t have a lot of coral lip colors. But I’ll rummage through my collection

  • uy minus sakin ang frosted, tapos vintage scent..parang naaamoy ko sis ah.. isa pa medyo namamahalan na ako sa ganito price.. KURIPOT! hehe..

  • Angel

    It looks like a bright shade from the tube, but on your lips it looks like a pretty neutral color. Lovely! Why is my Flormar lipstick frosty? I swear it has chunks of glitter on it. ://

  • Angel

    This also looks frosty but not weird as compared to the one I have. Ito mukhang sheen lang, mine very visible talaga yung glitters. Eeek

  • Leilani Gamboa

    love the shade of this, i like lippies with moisturizers..