June Commenter Of The Month Giveaway & May COM Winner

Hey everyone! It’s the first day of the month, so usually today’s the day where I announce the winner of our Monthly COM. However, before we go to that, I wanted to thank you first because just last month, my Facebook Page reached 1000 likes and I know that if not for you guys, that wont be possible (Don’t worry, I am preparing something for you guys, but it’ll be our little secret, okay?)

Also, just last month, I started to upload in my own Youtube channel and that, again, is a milestone for me. If not for your sweet and inspiring comments, I wouldn’t have the courage to even upload it. Again, thank you.

So, here we are, another month, and another chapter. I seriously wish I can give each and everyone of you something as a token of my appreciation (I know I’ve been saying that a lot, but it’s so true!). My mama’s like “Why do you keep on doing giveaways? E di ka naman mayaman?! (You’re not even rich)” I tell her it’s because of my readers. My sweet & loyal readers. (wushu) I value each and everyone of you and if only I could, I totally would.

However, I can only do it one at a time/per month (sometimes more, but COMs are only once per month, you get what I mean, right?) so the problem starts whenever I have to choose. All of you girls are deserving, and I really appreciate all of the support. (Virtual hugs & kisses for everyone! yay)

So, without further ado, here’s the winner for the May Commenter Of the Month:

Maica France Saldo
Pinay Beauty In A Budget


To recap, the prizes that you will be receiving for the May COM giveaway, are located right here

Thanks for being up to date with regard to my entries. I really appreciate that.
Also, thanks for being such a ‘loyal’ reader. I really appreciate it, and I hope that you’ll continue to support my website! Thanks again!

Please send me your shipping details within 7 days (Name, Address & Mobile #) via this contact form
If I didn’t receive any response within seven(7) days, another winner/reader will be chosen

To everyone else who joined, thank you very much for participating in this giveaway. But don’t be sad if you’re not chosen ’cause there’s still more to come! Like this! Here are the items that you’ll be getting for this month’s Commenter Of the Month Giveaway:

June Commenter Of The Month Giveaway - Prizes
Dollface 78 Color Palette
Maybelline Baby Lips Color Lip Balm in ‘Cherry Kiss’
Dual Ended Eyeshadow Brush
Tony Moly Nutra-Energy Mask Sheet
Avon Skin So Soft Glutathione (50ml)
L’oreal Revitalift Intensive Night Repair Essence (5ml)
Heynature Pearl Label BB Cream Sachet
Heynature Silver Crystal BB Cream Sachet
Regatta Leisure EDT For Woman
Regatta Leisure EDT For Men

So, how do you find them? Ya like’em? Here’s how to win ’em:
(Please pay attention since I decided to spice up the rules this time)

  1. MANDATORY: Like my Facebook Fanpage, follow me via Networked Blogs and via Bloglovin’.
  2. The COM giveaway started/will start on the first day of the month and will end at the very last day. The winner will be announced during the first week of the following month, at a separate entry.
  3. The COM winner must claim the prize within 7 days otherwise I’ll be choosing a different winner instead.
  4. Previous COM winners are no longer eligible to win, until after six(6) months. This is to give chance to others, so that others may win the said giveaway as well.
  5. Frequent visits and regular comments are lovely. But just like any other COM giveaways, at the end of it all, I still value quality & consistency over quantity. That’s just the way it is
  6. Though not mandatory, I would really appreciate it if you can subscribe to my new YouTube channel and follow me at my other social networking sites which is listed at the upper right part of my website (particularly through Twitter and Instagram) so you can also keep track of my latest posts.
  7. COM Giveaway is open to Philippine residents only
  8. These rules are subject to change without prior notice

Good luck everyone and I hope you’ll join this one as well!

This is not a sponsored giveaway. I bought all of this with my own money

Click here to find out how you can be the JUNE Commenter Of The Month

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  • Krystel Jabonitalla

    Oh my God! I so want the palette. I’ll definitely join. Hope to win.

  • leyanna

    wow. cool. i’ll be active in your blog starting now.

  • Erika Marie Cruz Bandong

    Hope to win!

  • Cj Escuadro

    congrats sis maica! i knew it was you girl! yey!

    • Maica France Saldo

      Hahaha! Thank you dear!

  • Congratulations girl!

    • Maica France Saldo


  • Congratulations

    • Maica France Saldo

      Thank you!

  • Maica France Saldo

    WOW! Thank you so much Yette! I haven’t checked anything this weekend and this is a great start for my week! Thank you thank you thank you. Finally I’ve won something!

  • rhain

    hi dear congrats on winning the com of the month! hihi =) hugs!!!

    • Maica France Saldo

      Thank you dear! So happy!

      • rhain

        hihi =) enjoy your goodies!