Product Empties 2013

Hi everyone! I’ve always wanted to share with you guys my product empties or the products that I’ve used up because for me, it basically includes the products that I love and the products that didn’t really enjoy that much. However, I find these things to be a little bit tedious, to be quite honest, and I still have a pile of reviews for you guys.

So therefore, I decided to film a video about it and tell you my thoughts about these items. I do apologize though because I wasn’t able to upload it in HD. I tried but it gave me an estimate of more than 3000 minutes and I’m like ‘NO WAAYY’. This video is approximately 20 minutes and I know that most of you are not fond of lengthy videos and for that I would like to apologize. However, as you may have already known, I featured a ton of items and I tried to give as much detail as I could without over-babbling (of course I did babble, that’s a part of me).

Anyway, here’s the video everyone.. enjoy!

Here are the prducts that I mentioned:

Product Empties - Hair Products
Hair Products
Left to Right:
Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, L’oreal Fall Repair 3X, Tresemme Anti Hair Fall Mask & Syoss Repair Therapy Conditioner

As said in the video, I don’t necessarily use the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo in my hair. I use it for my brushes, but since it’s a shampoo, it’ll go here. The two shampoos actually works wonders because they’re duos. I mean, if you don’t use them hand in hand with their shampoo (or perhaps vice versa, if you didn’t use the shampoo hand in hand with these bottles) it will not work as expected. Furthermore, with regards to these bottles, I didn’t notice a significant change with regards to my hair-fall dilemma. I still prefer my Lauat (although I did see some improvements in Syoss, but like I said you had to use them both, and it just works like Lauat, but I might change my routine so I might end up repurchasing this anyway, lol). With regard to the Tresemme, I love it. Not as an anti-hair fall mask since it doesn’t really work as such, but I love it because it makes my hair really soft and shiny for days.

Product Empties - Facial Products
Face Products
Left to Right:
Celeteque Hydration Exfoliating Facial Wash, Neutrogena Deep Clean Revitalizing Pink Grapefruit Ultra Foam Cleanser, Yves Rocher Hydrating Cleansing Milk & Snoe S Skin Stem Cell Sunblock Cream

I forgot to include my Bifesta Moist Cleansing Lotion. Anyway, everything that I needed to tell about all of items in the above picture were already said in the video. Therefore, there’s no need to reiterate. I love all these products, and I would repurchase them in a heartbeat

Product Empties - Bpdy Products
Body Products
Left to Right:
Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening Whitning & Even Tone Lotion, Sakura Foaming Hand Sanititizer & Hi & Dri Anti-Perspirant

I love these products. I know it’s weird having my hand sanitizer like that, but if you don’t believe me, you can see my first Saladbox unboxing right here. I must say, I hated the idea of having two sanitizers at first, but I ended up loving it. It doesn’t dry up my hands and it doesn’t leave them tacky afterwards.

Product Empties - Perfume/Scents
Left to Right:
Banana Republic W, Zen Zest Thistle EDT, Ralph By Ralph Lauren

Now I don’t really collect perfumes, therefore when I run out of perfumes I totally have nothing left, which means I have to go and buy me something new. Also, I’m not really that adventurous when it comes to my perfumes, and it’s not very often that I happen to like something new, so… yeah.

Product Empties - Makeup
Left to Right:
Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder, 4u2 Lovelight BB Powder, Benefit The Porefesional (Deluxe Sample Size), Tony Moly The Prestige & Maybelline The Magnum Volum’Express Mascaras, Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch & Angel Fit Concealer, ELF Eyelid Primer & KJI & Co Emergency Lash RX

I forgot to include the KJI & Co Emergency Lash RX in my video. I can’t find it in my bed. Lol. Anyway, those are the makeup products so far that I’ve emptied or hit pan on. So far, all of the stuff that I wanted to say about these items are already mentioned in the video except for the KJI & Co Emergency Lash RX. That product was DAMBOMB! It made my lashes fuller and thicker in just a week of using it. Too bad I wasn’t able to do a review (mainly because I deleted my before photos, lol). But seriously checkout the reviews about this thing. It’ll amaze you, guys. I got mine from one of my Glamourbox boxes. I’ll definitely repurchase one soon.

Product Empties - Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes
Left to Right:
China Glaze Ridge Filler Base Coat; China Glaze No Chip Top Coat & Revlon Color Stay Top Coat

Now these are the items that I wasn’t able to include if you’ve seen the video, the camera suddenly ran out of battery so I wasn’t able to film this part. Anyway, I love the China Glaze base & top coat, however, in terms of longevity, they don’t really offer much. The base coat is really good in terms of perfecting your nail polish application, they create a perfect canvas for your nails prior to applying your main nail color. The Revlon top coat however, is my favorite. If you’re wondering what’s the color all about, I wore it on top of my Revlon nail polish in ‘Fearless’ so it got tinted but it didn’t really affect it’s performance or anything. I love it but unfortunately the brush doesn’t really get to reach the bottom part and it turns to goop by the time you’re about to finish it.

Anyway, those are the products that I’ve used up. I hope you’ve picked up something and somehow get to know me through what I’ve been using (does that even make sense? lol). Anyway, I also hope that you enjoyed the video (if you’ve watched it).

How about you? Do you use these items? Do you like ’em so far? Let me know!

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  • rhain

    dear sa polishes pic same ng pic sa makeup emty po =) hugs!!!

    • Oh, thanks for telling me! Fixed it already

      • rhain

        i got tresseme hair mask too =)

  • Cj Escuadro

    the L’oreal hair fall repair didnot worked on me as well but I’m glad you did mention Lauat ms. yettes…will try it out.. hope it works on me! hehe..nakakaenjoy panoorin ang empties noh? .prang ako minsan I hoard the plastic bottles lang.haha!

    • Haha, true.

      Try Lauat. It works amazing

  • for me I saw a big difference kasi when I stopped using L’oreal and switched to Tresemme grabe ung hair fall ko im planning to but the neutrogena pink grapefruit. daming good reviews about it wow naka empty ka ng nail polish! i have never done that nagdrydry lang ung the rest of the nail polish ko kaya i end up throwing it out.

    • Have you used Lauat already? I think I might try the L’oreal shampoo again ’cause my scalp’s a bit itchy with Lauat, I think I need to switch up my routine. My hair/scalp’s usually like that. When it’s itchy you know you have to change something. And it hasn’t done that for a while (when I was using Lauat).

      • No I haven’t, hindi ko nga alam ung brand e pero igoogle it wow i’ll try to buy one for me and my mom! thanks ate yette pero honestly the best shampoo for me as in soft and MANAGEABLE hair tapos sobrang gusto ng boyfriend ko ung amoy (and the smells sticks sa hair kahit mag commute ako) Sunsilk smooth and manageable

  • Erika Marie Cruz Bandong

    From here I can tell that you are an absolute concealer and mascara junkie! hehe .. Love your lip color in the vid BTW!..

    • Concealer not so much. Just happened to have those two tubes w/ me because I was saving it for my empties. But I just emptied my Lumi weeks ago, and I emptied my Angel Fit months ago, haha. But mascara, hell yea. Lol

      • Erika Marie Cruz Bandong

        Hey I’ve just recently watched this video and I realized that this might be helpful to you since you are starting out in the vlogging community.. You might have already watched this but here’s the link

        • I’ve already seen this. Thanks.. I don’t really want my relatives to know about my YT channel unless they read my blog (which I don’t think they do) because they’re not exactly that into my blog/thing. But which part of this video are you referring to? Lol

          • Erika Marie Cruz Bandong

            Aww.. it’s ok this video kasi is like a guide to all aspiring youtube gurus out there cause it talks about the world inside YT.. anyway, have a great day!

  • Bet ko din yung Johnson’s for cleaning my brushes, pero not makeup brushes, painting brush hehe kasi sobrang hirap maglinis. Gusto ko nga dn itry yung sa ELF, yung makeup brush shampoo kaso parang hindi worth it kung sa painting brush ko lang gagamitin. gusto ko din itry yung 4u2 na face powder.. Pag naubos ko siguro yung sa San San na mejo hindi ko gsto hehe. This gave me an idea to do an “empties” post dn:)

  • grabe si ELF ubos na ubos talaga hehe Lov eyour product empties

  • leyanna

    how about the TRESSEME instead of syoss miss yette? what do u prefer?

    • I haven’t tried Tresseme’s shampoo/conditioner yet, sorry

  • Theabelle

    Could you please do the same format as before? Where you include the price and where to buy it.. .. Love the video!

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    such a handful of beauty items… I love your video swettie…

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  • Angel

    Omg you finished 3 bottles of perfume?? I have never ever finished a single bottle of perfume in my life. Haha! Mine has been collecting dust in my dresser for years, lol. I usually reach for my body spray during regular days, and only spritz on perfume during dressy occasions. This is a nice reminder that I have to start paying attention to my perfumes too hehe!