Italia Deluxe 3D Stay On Eyeshadow – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hello everyone! How was your weekend?! So today I have another eyeshadow palette review for you guys and this was featured in my May Collective Haul entry. I’m so excited to finally do a review regarding these affordable palettes. The Italia Deluxe Eyeshadow Palettes originally offers 4 different selections. I got the last three (2, 3 & 4) because the first palette was just filled with really neutral colors and my stash is just filled with mostly neutral palettes.

Italia Deluxe Palettes - Review, Photos & Swatches

These lovely palettes are indeed very affordable, but can provide you with a great color pay off. I never really paid much attention to them at the Dept store but when Ms. Sabs of Makeup Maven Videos used one of these palettes in one of her tutorials, it got me really curious.

Italia Deluxe Palettes - Packaging
This is the #2 Palette or what I’d like to call the ‘Neons’ Palette

PACKAGING The packaging of this palette is pretty simple. Nothing special, actually. To be specific, each of these palettes comes with a concave, plastic, transparent top with a black part in the middle, pretty much where the logo goes. When opened, that black part is also where the mirror goes inside. It comes with two thin sponge applicators per palette, which I haven’t used yet. In all honesty, this palette looks and feels cheap. It looks like it’ll potentially break when dropped. (I haven’t and I’m afraid to test this particular theory, though). The mirror is also a bit to small to do your entire eye look. You can do it but you’ll only get to squeeze one eye and if you’d like to do more complex looks, I’m afraid you’re going to have to look for a much bigger mirror.

Italia Deluxe Palettes - Palettes 1, 2 & 3

COLOR PAY-OFF/PIGMENTATION With regard to this criteria, I have nothing against the palette. Even for the matte shades, considering that it’s a drugstore palette/eyeshadow, the performance is superb. Of course the matte shade needs a bit more work/swipes, but as I’ve mentioned, considering that it’s a drugstore palette, for me, I can live with it. I’ve definitely seen a lot of ‘drugstore matte eyeshadows’ with lesser pigmentation. With just a single tap on my brush, I can pick up a really good amount of eyeshadow, so in order to eliminate the excess, a little ‘dip and tap’ motion is necessary.

Italia Deluxe Palettes - Palettes 1, 2 & 3 Swatches

FORMULATION/TEXTURE With regard to this palette’s formulation, this is the part where I am a bit torn apart with. Though I love that it has a buttery smooth consistency and it can glide on to your eyelids with ease. I feel like it’s too soft and without taking care of your palette, once you drop it, it’ll shatter. Of course that’s bound to happen to any other eyeshadow palettes, but this one is different. This one is really soft. Moreover, some shades are a bit powdery, particularly the matte ones. Therefore you really need to do the ‘dip and tap’ motion, as I’ve said. However the shimmery ones are just to die for.

Product Name | Italia Deluxe 3D Stay On Eyeshadow Palettes 1, 2 & 3
• Price | PhP 150 ea (Approx $3.57) • Net Wt| 12g / 0.5oz
• Avalability | SM Department Stores/Other Department Stores nationwide

Italia Deluxe 3D Stayon Eyeshadow - Basic Info

PERFORMANCE/LONGEVITY As for the mentioned criteria, the eyeshadow glides on to my eyelids smoothly. I don’t have any problems picking it up with any of my eyeshdaow brushes. It also blends easily. There were some fall outs but nothing really major or upsetting. Like what I’ve been saying, you can always avoid this so long as you tap off the excess prior to applying them onto your eyelids. Now with regards to the staying power, it’s always been a habit of mine to apply a primer before applying my eyeshadows. It’s just something that I’ve gotten used to. This one lasted on me (with an eyeshadow primer of course) for more than 5 hours without retouching, with minimal fading.

So, let’s sum this up, shall we?

Comes with four different eyeshadow palettes
Comes in eight eyeshdow colors per palette
Comes with two sponge applicators
Includes (2 or 3) matte shades per palette to balance out your eye look
Comes with a mirror
Has an amazing pigmentation & color pay off considering that it’s a drugstore palette
Buttery smooth consistency & very easy to blend
Lasts for more than 5 hours WITH a primer
Available at all leading department stores where Beauty Treats are sold
The packaging looks cheap
The applicator is pretty useless
The texture/formulation is a bit soft
Some shades are a bit powdery (particularly the matte ones)
The matte shades are not as pigmented as the shimmery shades
The V E R D I C T

Overall, I am in love with these palettes. I can’t get enough of them. Considering that they’re only PhP 150 each, they can give you a stunning look from day till night. I love it.

R E P U R C H A S E ? / W O R T H P U R C H A S I N G ?

It’s definitely worth your money. Though I gotta warn you, some palettes are often out of stock.

Wearing the #2 / Blues palette
Sorry, I was feeling lazy to get creative or whatever

So those are my thoughts regarding these palettes. Like I mentioned, they’re really pigmented and they have an amazing color pay off. They might be a bit chalky and their matte shades might need a bit of work, but considering that they a drugstore product and you only pay PhP 150? What more can you ask for? These palettes can sure give you a bang for your buck

How about you guys? What’s your favorite drugstore eyeshadow palette? What’s your favorite among these palettes? Do you like the sweet and sexy one like the #2 palette? Or do you want one that has the party, summer-y vibe like the #3? Or perhaps, the more versatile one, the one that you can wear from day till night, like the #3 palette? Let me know! Would love to hear from you loves!

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  • Cj Escuadro

    this is definitely a worth it product/palettes given the affordable price..nice review ms. yettes! will checks this out!

  • Maica France Saldo

    Nice review! I love how pigmented the white color is (5th swatch). I have never heard of these brand/palette and it is super affordable. I am not sure though where can I find it here in QC. Do they have these in Trinoma/SM North?

    • I’m not really sure. But I don’t think they are available at TriNoma though. Basta may Beauty Treats siguro.

    • Just checked yesterday. They do have this brand at SM North but they don’t have the other palettes any more

  • rhain

    hi dear =) i was amazed with this palette! for only 150php! this is such steal!

    • It is!

      • rhain

        dear naemail kana ba ni ms m?

        • Di pa. Kaw?

          • rhain

            wala p din dear

  • I am always hesitant on buying drugstore palettes madalas kasi they’re not pretty pigmented and not long lasting but I tried the 4U2 dream girl eyeshadow trio and it was amazing! Very pigmented and affordable din. I suggest it for you to try very handy and tranvel friendly sya Miss Yette Btw 01 and 02 eye shadow palettes looks really nice

    • I’ll be checking them out soon

      Thanks ^^;

  • Istiarina Putri

    the colors are amazingly pweeety!!

    • They are! Thanks for dropping by!

  • honestly if the department stores display their make up like that (the first picture) I would just buy it without even testing it. it looks so appealing, colorful and girlish :3 hindi ko gusto ung neutrals nila pero I LOVE their neons ang BAM. and for only 150 wow. thanks sa review! i really enjoy reading reviews pero mas nag eenjoy ako looking at your product shoots

  • Erika Marie Cruz Bandong

    This reminds me of the ELF eye shadows because of the chalkiness.. However there are a lot of drugstore eye shadows out there that can really work other than this in my opinion.. like my favorite drugstore eye shadow palette, the Ever Bilena 12-shade eye shadow because I can make simple to creative eye makeup just by using it.. If I were to choose from these palettes I’d go for #2, the neons.. I love the fun colors and I think they have the most pigmentation out of the bunch.. But honestly, no matter how cheap it is as long as you can make it work, that way you get the most out of it without looking cheap or anything ..

    • I haven’t tried any EB eyeshadows yet. Thanks for letting me know about them.

      Oh and I love your last statement. So true!

  • Gellie Abogado

    Interesting. I actually just re-organized everything in my room even my makeup stash and realized that I have tons of makeup I haven’t been using and has expired. Hahaha! And some of them are for eye makeup so I’m thinking of buying new ones and this could be part of the list I’m making. Thanks for the review!


  • Wow ang ganda ng neons! I’m actually starting to love neons na, kaso medyo hindi ata pigmented yung ibang colors niya ano and mukhang chalky yung iba.

    • The matte ones are chalky and they’re prone to fall outs so you just have to dip & tap

  • is this the one from LA girls? The colors are good.. I love the neon.. though the packaging looks cheap parang masisira agad. medyo clumsy pa naman ako.. Will try to swatch this one one time!

    • Yup
      Uu ung packaging lang talaga. Ako ren e, sobrang clumsy, hehe.

  • Krystel Jabonitalla

    Never heard of the brand before. Very good review. kahit ang mura niya, mas dapat pa rin piliin ang quality. Ganda pa naman sana ng colors. Sayang.