On Making Videos

Hi everyone! So I’ve been receiving a couple of requests to do videos regarding makeup tutorials, skin care routines, reviews, etc. ever since I started beauty blogging and I’ve always been dismissive abut the idea. Honestly I don’t think that video blogging or being a ‘YouTube Guru’ is for me (and quite honestly guru is something really ‘aspirational’ for me, lol)

I’ve always admired people who can sit in front of their camera and do their thing and at the end of the day upload their stuff in YouTube. Seriously, that took some guts. And I don’t have that. However, recent events taught me that I have to take chances. Not that I now believe that being a ‘YouTube Guru’ is for me but I just think it’s time to finally come out of my shell and finally do something I’ve always wanted to do as well. But like I said, I just lack the confidence.

Here’s my video, explaining why I finally did it. (Click it & it will take you to the video itself)

I hope it explains it somehow and I hope you like it. I’d love it too if you’d subscribe. I also wanted to thank you guys for your requests and also for your never-ending support. Also, if you want me to do videos about anything beauty related, feel free to make some requests and I’ll try to do it ASAP. I’ll have the collective haul video uploaded asap (tomorrow, if possible.)

Special shoutout to Gen of GenzelKisses for giving me the courage to finally publish this vlog out in the open. I was hiding this actually, lol.

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  • karla del rosario

    push it girl! i already subscribed excited for your upcoming videos

  • Welcome to youtube, just always have fun. love the girls you mentioned, especially Bing, Gotta check out the rest, i think i dont know one girl there. 4th subbie. will be looking forward to your future uploads.

    • Thanks hun! I really do appreciate your comments

  • Subscribed! Go for it! You are an inspiration!

    • Thanks, you’re so sweet

  • Cj Escuadro

    I subscribed! yey! more vids pa ms. yettes!

    • Thanks! You’re so sweet!

  • Ida


  • SUBSCRIBED!! excited to see more videos from you! It’s so fun to watch beauty videos especially from Filipinos because it’s easier to relate into

  • Maica France Saldo

    Subscribed! Congratulations and hope to see more videos Yette!

  • I love how natural you speak and those caption you put on your video…so funny! I subscribed to your channel and looking forward to your videos! I have a request Miss yette, please do a nail art tutorial vlog

    • Haha, thanks!

      You should ask Eyah about the nail art thing. I know nothing about that. lol. I only TRY to do it, but I’m not good at it. Lol

  • I subscribed!! Love your accent hehe. And love the fact that you’re so fluent! Hindi ko yata keri yun hehe pero may plan din ako mag-join ng YT.. I need more motivation hehe!

  • Jo-an Victorio

    I also wanted to be one of the youtube gurus but I am really afraid to do so. I really love tons of youtube gurus like bubzbeauty, michelle phan, promise phan and many many more. Like you, I also admire those people who can sit infront of the camera and show the world everything they wanted to share. How I wish that I also have the courage that you have now. But as long as your happy with what you are doing — I think you’ll able to achieve what you dream of. Who know’s you’ll be on top later on? I’ll be grateful for you as a subbie :p Keep it up.

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    This is what I actually need. Some of my readers are requesting for a vlog too… and I don’t know where to start because I lack confidence to do so… but seeing you did it, inspired me to give it a try soon *fingers crossed*

  • Helen gatbonton

    maganda ung video kc naipapakita ng mahusay ang lahat.please do a nail art review,thanks