ELF HD Blush in Encore & Headliner – Photos, Swatches & Review

I’m not really a cream/liquid blush kind of girl. I prefer using powder blushes because it’s more convenient and easier to use. However, this blush has been around for quite a long time now and it’s been garnering a lot of raves recently. I first saw this product from ItsJudyTime and I saw how she used it. I was amazed by the pigmentation and how affordable it was compared to the MUFE HD Blush. Sadly, we don’t have it here and at that time, I can’t find an online seller that carries one. Thankfully, I bumped into one that carries a lot of ELF products that aren’t available here (The Vanity Zone).

ELF HD Blush in Encore & Headliner

Product Description/Claims According to EyesLipsFace.com

Rich and creamy HD Blush naturally sculpts and highlights the cheekbones for a soft-focus effect that is great for everyday use. The Vitamin E enriched formula conditions and hydrates the skin for a healthy, radiant glow. Velvety soft, lightweight and highly pigmented color creates a long-lasting result for all day wear

ELF HD Blush in Encore & Headliner

PACKAGING The blush comes in a 0.034 fl oz plastic container with a pump pretty much similar to the MUFE HD Blush only I believe this one comes with more product. I like it because it’s pretty convenient and sanitary. The cap fits securely onto the container and I have no problems about it spilling or whatever (since I keep it horizontally because it’s too tall & it wont fit in my makeup drawer). The only problem I think I have with the packaging I think is that it dispenses way too much product. You’ll see why later.

I believe that this blush is offered in five different shade selections, I already have two. The other tree are: Superstar, Diva and Diva.

ELF HD Blush in Encore
ENCORE Encore is a very beautiful blush that gives you a natural ‘flushed’ look. Something I believe that you achieve when you’re teased, or gushing about someone. That’s what comes into mind when I look at Encore.

FORMULA What I noticed when I first swatched the product on my hands, especially Encore. (they’re quite different in terms of consistency) Headliner went on smoothly while, Encore went on a bit separated and all over the place. However, I found out this issue can be resolved when you shake the product, so I did and voila, problem solved.

PIGMENTATION As you can see, each shade is very pigmented and a little of this product can go a long way. This is why you only need a tiny dot of it, and I’m telling you guys, there’s a lot of them wasted when I created those swatches because the pump dispenses way too much product. I guess that’s the only thing I have against the packaging. The pump squirts more than what you necessarily need and it’s not something that you can remedy (as far as I’m concern).

ELF HD Blush in Headliner
HEADLINER Headliner is a very natural blush. It’s something that your cheeks will look like when you’re out in the sun. Nothing fancy but definitely pretty. Perfect for everyday wear.

APPLICATION When using this product, I prefer to use the Elf Small Stippling brush. I know that we can always use our fingers but I find that I more control when i use this brush. However, even though when I use this brush, sometimes I still apply way too much product. When I end up doing that, I use my beauty blender to tone it down. Also, I find that holding the very end of the brush helps in applying as little blush as possible.

BLENDABILITY With regards to this criteria, I find that it sets quickly that’s why I use a stippling brush. It’s very easy to blend and whether you use a brush or your hands but as I’ve mentioned, I prefer to use a stippling brush and if I make a mistake, I use my beauty blender to buff it.

Product Name | Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
• Price | PhP 200 (Approx $31) • Contains | 0.034 fl oz / 10 ml
• Avalability | Online shops; Bought mine from The Vanity Zone

ELF HD Blush in Encore & Headliner - Basic Info

LONGEVITY The product lasted on me for approximately eight hours, despite the humid weather which is pretty impressive. Of course I was wearing a primer underneath my foundation but I don’ think that’s the point. I’ve had powder/cream blushes that faded on me during the middle of the day despite the fact that I’m wearing a primer. At the end of the day though, what I noticed was that it was no longer that vibrant as it was when I first applied it but the color was still there. I didn’t feel any stickiness or I didn’t feel as though my skin couldn’t breathe (sadly some cream blushes give me that feeling). If I didn’t have to remove it, I believe that this would’ve lasted for more than eight hours.

Convenient, container w/ pump
Cap fits securely
Travel friendly
Comes with five shade selections
Very pigmented
A little goes a long way
Easy to blend
Lasts approximately 8 hours
No breakouts
Not sticky
Available at The Vanity Zone
The product dispenses way too much product (more than what you need)
It comes of separated unless you shake it
Sets quickly
Can be a bit tricky to use especially for newbies
Not available locally
The V E R D I C T

All in all, I love this palette. It’s very sleek & compact, I have no regrets buying it even though it’s like my nth neutral palette. But anyhow, it’s a really good palette, if you love mattes & neutral shades, then this is for you.

R E P U R C H A S E ? / W O R T H P U R C H A S I N G ?

As mentioned, it’s a nice addition to the two previous palettes. I can easily see myself coming up with a look combining this and one of the UD Naked palettes. That being said, it’s also a good stand alone palette especially if you love matte shades.

Lippies – Fashion 21 Pink Obsession Lip Color in ‘Sexy Lady’ & Jazzy Collections Kiss Proof Lip Gloss in ‘LKP-01’

So those are all of my thoughts regarding the two blushes and the ELF HD Blush in general. Like I said, I love it and it’s definitely worth it. Too bad we don’t have it here yet. But there’s always our trusty online sellers, right? I do believe that Jazzy Collections have their own version though (not sure if it’s Pinkies or Jazzy, will check). I’m not sure of the price range and I’m not sure of the shade selection but I’ll update you on that if I ever see one.

How about you guys? Do you own one of these blushes? Do you like ’em? Do you fancy these blushes? Which do you prefer? Powder, cream or liquid? Let me know!

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  • karla del rosario

    I super love elf products :> pero I dont think I wont be purchasing this blush anytime soon. im a beginner in make up’s, sooo for sure pag inapply ko yan saakin masyadong makapal

    • You just need a teeny, tiny amount and that’s it. It just takes practice, though

  • Aya

    Super pigmented!! Like ko yung Headliner shade! I've heard about these from Judy too and got really interested though I like my blushes less pigmented but buildable.

    • Yup me too. But this got me really interesting. Oh, btw I saw your poster at an HBC near us (meron pala malapit samin, stupid) sikat ka na talaga, lol >.<

  • yay! reminds me of my previous fave blush – NYX Rouge in Natural =)

    • We now have Nyx in SM Aura!

      • wow talaga? sana meron kahit ATC or sa Festival Mall man lang para malapit lapit =)

  • I like the headliner shade, I really want to have this and keep on asking the ELF people in megamall so I might check The Vanity Zone too.

  • Cj Escuadro

    i like the headliner shade. i first heard of it from shebby (shebbychic) and it’s pretty nice in giving a pink glowing cheek but i don’t think i’m going to purchase this anytime soon..i’m newbie in wearing makeup..still practicing so the powder blush works okay on me.hehe..

  • Liquid blush seems like a scary concept! But you seem to have mastered it pretty well. I like the Headliner shade, hopefully it’ll be more widely accessible here in the PH.

    • No, I haven’t mastered it at all! That’s why I love my beauty blender so much because I can always tone it down using it. Haha .

      I love headliner too & yeah I hope they sell it here in the Phils too. I don’t think it’ll go over PhP 250 since most of their items range from PhP 129 – 250.

  • I have the encore one and I am obsessed with it! I also use it as my lip color whenever I use it in my cheeks.. It’s just the perfect combination of color in my face.. I love pairing my blush with my lipstick but I can’t always find a blush that would match with my lippie so this one is my holy grail because I can use it both on my lips and my cheeks and it looks natural.. I put the excess product that I get on my lips and in that way I get the most out of it! I also love that it’s not sticky compared to my other cream blushes and it also doesn’t have any shimmer to it.. Great find indeed!

    • I use it in my lips sometimes but I wont recommend it to some people with dry lips like me because it can be quite drying. But I like your advice: using the excess on your lips. Right on!

      • Erika Marie Cruz Bandong

        See, I told ya! No more product wastage! You can get the most out of your product in some way..

  • katrina

    I really envy girls who are able to use cream blushes and rock it. i’ve tried cream and liquid blushes to no avail because of this massive oil mine that is my face. grabe, makeup meltdown after 2-3 hours lang. although i use powder blushes/translucent powders (name it ive tested it) just to set my blush, somehow with all the makeup goo it becomes too heavy for my face. for now i just settle with slightly pigmented highlighters just to add color to my cheeks. anyhow, that encore is love!

    • Aww, I’m sorry to hear that. I’m not into cream/liquid blushes too but this one is just worth it.

      • katrina

        i know. super sad situation on my cheeks lols.

  • Aww sis! Lalo ako naexcite sa oorderin ko. I got the Superstar shade. kasi I’m a peachy-coral girl when it comes to lipsticks and blushers. Hehe! Yung headliner bagay na bagay sayo! Hmm medyo knakabahan lang ako kasi nabasa ko sa cons mo na tricky siya iapply at medyo mabilis magdry pero mukhang ok naman siya

    • Thanks! You just have to work fast in blending them, lol

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  • Maica France Saldo

    Is it nice to use as a lipcolor? I’ve been wanting to try these out pero I am not sure where to purchase it, the only seller I know is Vanity Zone and most of the shades are OOS all the time. Good review Yette, learned a lot about the proper application.

    P.S. Saw in your vid that you broke Encore, hope it’s fixed now.

    • Yes you can use it as your lip color but I recommend you to prime your lips w/ a lip balm first because it an really be drying on your mouth.

      Yes I did, haha. But actually I’m not sure if I broke that nun mismo or because I dropped it prior to filming (klutz -__-). But to answer your question no, I haven’t fixed it yet. In fact I’m afraid to touch it. Baka lumala. Hehe >.<

      • Maica France Saldo

        Aw that’s sad to hear. While I was watching your video I can’t help but laugh because I’m a klutz like you, I always tend to drop things. Good thing they are still intact or I was able to take a photo of them before they broke.

  • For my daily use, I use ever bilena lip and cheek tint since it’s cheap and long lasting pero I wanted to try this too kasi pwede rin daw syang lip tint! Have you seen the elf’s new products? yung matte lip color and eyebrow treat and tame they’re available locally

    • Yup, you can use it as a lip tint. But I don’t do it kase mashadong dry lips ko e. Lol. Nope. I haven’t! Thanks for letting me know! About time na nagdagdag sila ng new products. Nauunahan na sila ng Essence, Flormar & BYS, lol

  • I want to collect all the shade it looks so sgood!!! addict ak osa blushers.. eversince laging naeempty ko ang blushers!

    • Yup. They’re pretty

  • eto pa isa.. super like ko matry ang elf hd blushes.. sobrang plus points ang not sticky review mo sis.. sobrang humid dito satin. di ko keri ang malagkit sa face

  • Lei Diwa

    I have one of this sis, mukhang ok din ung encore.Yun ung bibilin ko dapat kaso out of stock na. This is really a good cream blush kc khit isang pump lng for me ok na both cheeks. Kaylangan lang talaga magalng ka mag blend cause this is really hard to blend with just ur fingers! I can’t use this blush on everyday kasi natatagalan ako mag pantay sa pag lagay ko.