April 2013 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impressions

Hi everyone! Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t done my usual Glamourbox unboxing entry yet for the month of April. I just received my April box last Tuesday (April 30) and I know that that is later than the usual schedule. However, according to the Glamourbox team, since they opened their subscription during the first week of April (and I believe they also opened for additional slots during the second week) in honor of the Holy Week, they decided to ship the April boxes a little later than the usual date. Well, the question is.. “Is it worth the wait?” Let’s see..

April 2013 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impressions

Pixi Tinted Brilliance Palm Magic Tink Tint - Happy Thoughts Pink
PIXI Tinted Brilliance Palm Magic Tink Tint – Happy Thoughts Pink
Full Size (10 oz) PhP 735

I never really noticed that this lip product was based from a Disney character, I just noticed it when I saw Tinkerbell at the box and of course the Disney logo. I don’t really read info cards while unboxing my monthly boxes. I read the cards after. Anyway, when I first saw what it looks like, straight from the tube, I was a bit worried because I know for sure that this wont show up on my lips. Still, I tried it, then after a couple of minutes, my lips turned into a subtle pink. It gave me an MLBB look. I’ll do a review about this soon.

MOX BOTANICALS Lip Buter in Coconut Almondine
MOX BOTANICALS Lip Buter in Coconut Almondine
Full Size (0.2 oz) PhP 740 (Sample Size – 0.1 oz)

Two lip products in one box! Yay! That’s what ran in my mind when I saw this right after the Pixi lip tint. Anyway, I’m currently testing this out and here’s my quick first impression – it doesn’t feel as greasy like most lip balms/butters out there. It’s not as moisturizing compared to my favorite lip balm. I don’t like the idea of putting my finger in and out of the jar just to apply the product onto my lips. But that’s just me. I still like it, it’s very handy. I’ll definitely keep it for travelling or kikay pouch purposes. Also, I’ll keep using it to see how it turns out…

MIR & RYVI Banana Spot Lightening Beauty Bar
MIR & RYVI Banana Spot Lightening Beauty Bar
Full Size (140 g) PhP 250

It’s only my first day trying this product. First Day Impressions: I loved how smooth my face was after washing it with the soap, and even after applying my daily rituals (toner, moisturizer, etc). My face is so soft & smooth right after using. I know I don’t have fairly noticeable spots, but when touched, you can feel some post-blemishes & dry patches in some areas, and with this soap I didn’t get to feel that. Visually, however, I haven’t seen any noticeable differences yet. I definitely find this product interesting and will wait it out and see what happens after continuously using it.

DROPLETS OF NATURE Beauty and Bright Anti-Aging Serum Bar
DROPLETS OF NATURE Beauty and Bright Anti-Aging Serum Bar
Full Size (130 g) PhP 94

Haven’t used it yet so I can’t give you guys a quick first impressions. However, I’m happy to see this product included since I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about it. I can’t wait to use it and once I have something to say about it, I’ll let you guys know through an update

HOLLYWOOD STYLE Light Summer Lotion
HOLLYWOOD STYLE Light Summer Lotion
Full Size (275 ml) PhP 195

I’m in love with the smell of this one and I tried it on yesterday and it doesn’t feel oily at all. Proof that it’s 100% oil free, lol. But seriously, it doesn’t feel greasy an it smells oh so good and my skin just feels crazy smooth after application. (well most lotion gives me that effect after applying it, but we’ll see what’s so special about this one, k?)

REGATTA Leisure For Men & Women
REGATTA Leisure For Men & Women
Full Size (50 ml) PhP 395

Again, not really a fan of perfume samples. But we’ll see

So those are all of the items that I got for my April Box. April’s Glamourbox theme is “Going Green” or “Green Beauty” rather is what they call it. I think it’s quite fitting because Earth Day falls on the month of April. Also, most if not all of the beauty products that were included in this box have natural ingredients so I think that makes all of the products worth checking out.

For me, I love this box, I love all of the items that came from this month’s box. I think it’s well thought-off and this month’s box is a good combo of skin and beauty products so I’m really loving that. Plus I got a lip product (PIXI Tinted Brilliance Palm Magic Tink Tint – Happy Thoughts Pink) which is well over the PhP595 that I pay monthly. Also, the sample sizes that came with it contains a good amount of product, which means that you’ll be able to try it out without feeling like it’s ‘bitin’. This box is definitely worth the PhP595/mo and I can’t wait to receive their future boxes.

If you are not a subscriber and would like to subscribe, you can do so by clicking here.

How about you guys? Have you subscribed to Glamourbox yet? Do you like the items you got so far? Let me know!

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  • wah! i havent received mine yet huhu =(

    • Eh malayo ka e. Nagholiday pa. Baka natrapik Kidding. Corny. Gutom lang.. ;P

      • hehe.. si gina (classmate/seatmate ko sa shiseido workshop ni ms ro ng Animetric’s World) taga muntinlupa ako laguna.. kaya nung nareceived nya yung sa kanya expect ko mareceive ko wah! until now wala pa huhu i saw unboxing pics and posts =) parang nasabi ko dapat sa bdj na lang ako nag subscribe though nagtaas na din sila ng price..

  • I always see to it that I view your unboxing posts. Every time I do, I always end up saying ‘sayang, di ako nagpurchase’. Ang cute nung Magic Tink Tint. Will wait for your review.

  • Cj Escuadro

    aww i didn’t get the mox botanicals lip butter..hope you can review that one soon? still i’m happy with april’s glamourbox!

    • Why? What did you get instead?

      • Cj Escuadro

        I actually got everything..the same as yours (well some variants are different) except the mox lip butter..hehe.

        • Aw, no fair! >.<

          • Cj Escuadro

            i got it pla sis..it’s hidden on the shredded papers.LOL :)) but i saw on another blogger, she got soap flakes which smells nice..aw for us:( haha!

          • Aww, sayang naman. But I like the Banana soap naman so ok lang din haha

  • Sorry for my ignorance, what’s MLBB?

    • My Lips But Better
      It’s okay ^^;

  • Can’t wait to read your review of the PIXI tint. It looks so cute


  • Maica France Saldo

    I didn’t get the Beauty and Bright Soap, got soap flakes instead. I already gave away my Banana Soap, dapat pala ginamit ko na. Anyway, thanks to you I also subscribed sa Glamourbox, though they will not have a May box daw, subscriptions wills resume sa June pa. More details on my blogpost: http://pinaybeautyinabudget.blogspot.com/2013/05/april-glamourbox-unboxing.html

    • Awwh.. but they said that the Soap flakes smell really good.

      Bat walang May box? No fair. Kidding. Will read your blog entry asap ^^;

  • Sayang! I didn’t purchase the april box sa glamourbox.. Will wait till June pa pala for their next box subscription. Bakit kaya wala May box ano? The Pixi lip tint looked cute though, I’ll wait for your review on that one..

    • Awh, will do a review, don’t worry

  • got my box last friday and im sad that when i opened the box.. the mox lip butter was opened.. pumasok yung ibang papel sa loob =(

  • oh my!! i think that PIXI lip tint is good! revieewhin mo na! I love the packaging and the color looks like crayon to me well in subscription box this GB comes next after BDJ to me. maybe if I have xtra I would subscribe to this one too

  • karla del rosario

    Glamour Box is not for me .more on skin care talaga sila, e ayoko ng ganun kasi natatakot ako magbreak out sa soap (I tend to break out a lot in my facial soap(s), while pag cosmetics naman never ko pa na experience mag break out ) Pero super love their theme for this month “Green Beauty” eco-products are loove :3

  • Love everything! From the lip products to the soap. Sobrang lip product and soap junkie ako e! I try every product I see! Pero I doubt about this ang mahal nung magic tint!! Haha! Yung MYR & RYVI madami variants soaps nila gusto ko itry lahat!

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  • Jo-an Victorio

    Nakakaenganyo talaga yung glamour box, its like unwrapping gifts I would love to do subscription, pinag isipan ko talaga since marami ka din naman tlagang makukuhang samples Thanks for sharing

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