Virginia Olsen New 5 pc Brush Set – Photos & Review

Almost a week ago, I decided to finally purchase my first ever Virginia Olsen Brush Set. I bought their Limited Edition 5 pc Brush Set along with the famous Blue Eyeliner. To tell you the truth, I’m more of a ‘silent-fan’ of Virginia Olsen. I got most of my VO eyeshadows through Saladbox and one from a recent giveaway, but I haven’t bought a single one for myself. I’ve been on their website countless of times staring at all of their brushes and all of their eyeshadows, deciding on whether or not buy anything, but I always end up not getting any. Why? I have no idea. But ever since they released these beauties, I finally decided that I need those brushes. Funny that I used the words ‘decided’ and ‘need’ in one sentence. Nevertheless, I was right. Here’s my take on these brushes.

Virginia Olsen New 5 pc Brush Set

PACKAGING These brushes are packaged individually within a plastic envelope with a paper that contains all the information you need. In terms of the brushes it self, at first, I thought that they are quite similar to the Ecotools brush set, but they’re not. They’re WAAAAYYY softer, and they’re made from 100% cruelty free synthetic bristles with natural bamboo handles. Their handles are long enough enabling you to place/blend your makeup products without any hassle.

Virginia Olsen New 5 pc Brush Set

Here’s a little somethin’-something from the Virginia Olsen website:

Virginia Olsen Beauty Tools are made from premium-grade materials, which can be used with wet or dry products. These professional length beauty tools allow you to shade or blend mineral cosmetics with ease. The synthetic bristles are hypo-allergenic and safe for delicate complexions. The sleek ferrules are made from recycled aluminum. The natural bamboo handle has a low impact on the Earth’s resources as it is a highly sustainable plant. Each brush has been designed with the right density to create flawless, natural finish in every makeup application.

  Flat Top Brush 

Virginia Olsen New 5 pc Brush Set - Flat Top Brush

I’ve encountered a number of flat top brushes since last year and trust me, none of them were as soft as this one. It may not be as dense as the Sigma F80 but one thing I noticed was that it doesn’t shed. My main problem with my Sigma F80 (which is why I no longer have it) is that it sheds like crazy. From initial cleaning, to my weekly routine (to think that I spot & deep clean my brushes weekly), it sheds! It’s disappointing, I hated it. So far, I never encountered such problem with this one. This one gives me a soft, airbrush look. I also love it using it with my Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder. It works efficiently with both liquid and powder foundations. (Individual Price – PhP 500)

  Sculpting Brush 

Virginia Olsen New 5 pc Brush Set - Sculpting Brush

This is very similar to the MAC’s limited edition 163 Flat Top Contour Brush. Sonia Kashuk also has something similar, only it’s a bit more expensive as well. Thank God for VO brushes, right? This is one of the reasons why I decided to buy this brush set. I knew I just had to get my hands on this brush. I’ve seen sculpting brushes in action in a lot of video tutorials and they all do the same thing. If you would like a precise, contoured features, then look no further. This is your goto brush. You can also use this brush for bronzing or however you prefer but I bought it for one purpose only, and that, again, is for contouring. Like the Flat Top brush, this one is oh so soft, that’s why it’s quite addictive to use. (Individual Price – PhP 450)

Tiny Tidbits/Tips Since I have a round face, a well-contoured face is something that I aim for. However, in this brush, blending is key, since it can leave nasty streak marks. Just be careful not to take too much contouring product with this brush and tap off the excess. You can always build it up. It’s a lot easier to add more than to start all over again.

  Short Shader Brush 

Virginia Olsen New 5 pc Brush Set - Short Shader Brush

This is one of my fave brushes in the set. Why? It packs the right amount of product without the eyeshadow going all over the eyelid area. It’s also the right eyeshadow brush that I’ve been looking for in terms of size. And as always, it doesn’t shed, and it’s uber soft. (Individual Price – PhP 300)

  Angled Eye Contour Brush 

Virginia Olsen New 5 pc Brush Set - Angled Eye Contour Brush

This is something that I will use when I want to emphasize that ‘outer V shape’. But recently, it’s the brush that I often turn to when I contour my nose. It has the perfect ‘angle’ and the right amount of bristles to blend the contouring product onto my nose minus the streaky marks. (Individual Price – PhP 350)

  Precision Pencil Brush 

Virginia Olsen New 5 pc Brush Set - Precision Pencil Brush

I love this brush, I love using it in my inner tear duct area and also if I want to emphasize that V-shape I was referring to earlier. This is unlike all of the pencil brushes that I own. It is indeed a precision pencil brush because it creates a finer line should you wish to do that ‘cut-crease’ look. I am really in love with this brush, and like always, it’s oh so soft. (Individual Price – PhP 300)

Virginia Olsen New 5 pc Brush Set

Product Name | New Limited Edition Virginia Olsen 5 Pc Brush Set
Contains |
Flat Top, Sculpting, Short Shader, Angled Eye Contour & Precision Pencil
• Price | PhP 1,500 • Avalability | Online at Virginia Olsen Website and at

Again, these brushes are just heaven to touch. They’re so crazy soft to the point that I can’t stop feeling all of them. They’re soft but not flimsy so none of your makeup looks will appear foggy or overly blended. I’ve spot cleaned & deep cleaned them and as mentioned, I did not encounter any shedding, nor did I see a lot of stray hairs or anything. These are indeed quality brushes for a lesser price. You get what you pay for and they’re worth your moolah. I recommend getting them while they’re still available and also while they’re still only PhP 1,500.

So, to summarize…

100% cruelty free
Long handles enabling you to put and blend your makeup products without any hassle
Doesn’t shed
No stray hairs
Available online
Available only online
Costs more than the ordinary bruses that you can find at the mall (but they’re worth it!)

The V E R D I C T

Honestly, I have no complaints regarding these brushes. I even plan on getting more. Sure they cost more than the common brushes that you can find at Landmark, SM, ELF but they’re definitely worth it. I recommend you get it while you can.

R E P U R C H A S E ? / W O R T H B U Y I N G ?

Oh yes! They’re definitely worth my moolah and I’ll definitely buy more!

How about you guys? Have you tried any VO products so far? Have you tried their brushes? What’s your favorite brush/brush set? Let me know!

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  • Wow! These brushes look promising kaso wala pa budget but I really want to have this set!

    • It does and it’s soo worth the moolah

      • I have na kasi yung para eyes na tatlo yung sigma set na binili ni bf. Parang lugi naman pag isa isa ko buy ung flat top and contour brush 950 :|

        • Yeah, true. I get your point

  • handles reminds me of ecotools =)

    • It is pretty similar but the bristles differ from one another in terms of softness, etc.

      • My first set is charm brushes! And im lovin it!

  • Haven’t tried the brushes from Virginia Olsen yet but have read reallty good reviews about it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these brushes!


    • You’re welcome!

  • I so love the sculpting brush, I use it to set my concealer under the eyes and syempre contour, its so soft no! I would collect them, Im eyeing on the angled eyeshadow and flat top

    • It is! I haven’t tried it for my under eye concealer yet but now that you mentioned it, I will!
      I want their kabuki brush.. I’ll buy one real soon, haha

  • I love your new design! <3<3<3

  • Finally, a more detailed review of these brushes.

  • karla del rosario

    approve saakin to dahil synthetic brushes! guys please don’t use animal-hair brushes maawa naman kayo sa animal na pinatay para lang sa brushes!

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  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    such a good deal! I don’t have yet a good set of brush, I hope they will be on sale again soon. I want to have their brushes too. I’ve been reading a lot of good things about it.

  • Lei Diwa

    This is also one of my dream brushes I also visit VOM site every now and then, but umtil now I don’t own any VOM yet. can’t buy any make up yet I have many things to prioritize. Thanks for the review you make me want this even more! waaaaah…

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  • been looking for a make-up brush set for sometime now and up until now I can’t find really cheap brushes but at the same time has good quality, (the one that doesn’t shed) this is pretty good and it’s even cruelty free but still out of my budget