Pinkies Collection Blusher in Cinnamon – Photos, Swatches & Review

Hi everyone! Today’s my rest day (finally!) and I thought of doing another review, and since most of the products that I’ve been featuring lately are pretty inaccessible here in our country (unless you order it online), I thought of reviewing another drugstore product. So today, I’ll be reviewing the Pinkies Collection Blusher in the shade of B-01 Cinnamon.

Pinkies Collection Blusher in Cinnamon - Photos, Swatches & Review

From the photo above, it may look like a it’s more of a peach-colored blush, but really, it’s a vibrant neon orange blush (only a tad bit lighter). Did I confuse you? Sorry I didn’t mean to. It’s just that the camera doesn’t give much justice to the blusher’s color/shade.

Pinkies Collection Blusher in Cinnamon - Packaging

Anyway, as for the product’s packaging, just like most Jazzy/Pinkies Collections blushers, this one comes with a sleek, circular, black plastic container with a see-through lid, allowing you to take a peek at the shade without really opening it. It also has some resemblance to the packaging of MAC’s blushes, which I think most local brands here are trying to emulate, only most of the brands here contain a blush applicator. Speaking of blush applicator, the applicator is located at the bottom of the product. The product opens up revealing the blush/shade first, then it opens up once more revealing a decent-sized mirror and the slot where the blusher applicator is located. As for the applicator, this one has a soft, handy blush applicator, only, we all know that most of us don’t use the applicators that comes with our blushers, unless we travel. What I like about the product, however, is that despite its pretty “common” packaging, when the blusher is closed, it stays closed.

Product Name | Pinkies Collection Blusher • Shade | B-01 Cinnamon • Price | PhP 149.95
Contains |
5.8 g / 0.20 Oz • Avalability | Selected Watsons/Department Stores

Pinkies Collection Blusher in Cinnamon - Basic Info
HEADS UP! This blusher contains TALC & PARABENS!

If you look at it straight from the pan, it may look intimidating, and if you do a finger swatch, it will appear intimidating as well. However, when applied to your cheeks (& when used with a brush, of course) it will give you that ‘natural flush/blushing glow’ with a hint of orange. My mama calls it ‘tomato cheeks’ and she likes it when I wear it. Also, it will give you that dewy finish, perhaps due to its color, which is very timely since its summer. Since it has a dewy finish, I no longer feel the need to apply a highlighter. And since it has a bit of an orange tint, I also don’t apply a bronzer/contour any more. I actually tried once, and I ended up looking like an oompa loompa. Yeesh.

Pinkies Collection Blusher in Cinnamon - Swatches

The blusher has a good color pay off, but it can be a bit powdery as well, so I guess the ‘ol ‘dip and tap’ method is necessary when using this product. The blusher lasted on me for approximately 6 hours with and/or without primer. The primer did not help prolong the staying power of the blush. The blusher stayed in tact for approximately 6 hours, and afterwards, the color faded gradually starting from the apples of my cheeks. It also doesn’t have a scent, so those who are a bit cautious regarding scented makeup need not to stay away from this one.

Overall, I really have no complaints regarding this product, I like it. It’s the perfect Summer blush. Its something that you would want to use when you would like to just have a touch of color in your cheeks. So, here are my thoughts regarding this product..

Sturdy packaging, locks securly
Has a decent-sized mirror
Comes with a blush applicator
Has a good color pay-off
Does not have a scent
Gives you a natural glow/flush
Gives you a dewy finish
No need to apply a highlighter & contour/bronzer
Available locally
Contains Talc & Parabens
Bulky packaging (due to the applicator slot)
Pinkies Collections are only available at selected department stores
May be a bit powdery

The V E R D I C T

As previously mentioned, I don’t really have anything bad to say regarding this product. I love it, and I will continue to use it specially this summer. It’s also very ideal especially if you have a heavy eye makeup. It’s definitely a good shade to consider if you don’t want to use the usual pink, peach or coral blusher that you’ve been using for quite some time now

R E P U R C H A S E ? / W O R T H B U Y I N G ?

Other shades, of course

Pinkies Collection Blusher in Cinnamon

So those are my thoughts regarding the said blusher. I hope you find this helpful if in case you’re thinking about buying something new, and outside your comfort zone.

How about you guys? What current blushers are you currently using? What shares are you fond of? Do you like Pinkies collections? Let me know!

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  • Janna Joshelle Parel

    WOAH!~ the finger swatch totally threw me off. It really is like a bright orange but it does look well on you once blended out… I think that if the ELF HD blush in superstar where to be made in powder form, it would be sorta like this blush.

    • Haha. It kinda did threw me off at first but then when I blended it, I liked how it look like.

  • eyahnism

    teka yung eye makeup ang napansin ko summer na summer

    I love their blushers oh well kahit kasi chalky or not habit ko na ang dip and tap talaga.. ewan ko ba automatic na yung kamay.. ko.. I have their duo blusher and yung singles na nasa pink na lalagyan

    • Haha. Thanks!

      This is my first blusher from the brand.I dont have their duos yet & I haven’t seen them either. Yup mejo me pagka automatic din ako sa dip & tap e. Yun nga lng there are some products na talagang required mong gawin yun dahil mejo powdery

  • hi dear.. i love this review.. packaging reminds me of EB =) i love the shade, just my type =) i saw these from SM calamba last saturday.. for a price of 149.75php it was such a good blush for those who is new to makeup and having a tight budget =) (like me)

    hugs and kisses dear..

    • Yes it is! Thanks for dropping by Rhania!

      • dear what lippie gamit mo dito =)

        • EB Matte Lipstick in Skin

          • wow.. it was perfect on your lips =)

          • Aww, thanks