February & March Favorites 2013

Hello everyone! Sorry for not being able to post on a regular basis. I feel like my workload has been doubled since last week, but I’ve been telling you all about that since I don’t know when. Anyway, as you may have already noticed (or read), I will be introducing to you the products that I have been loving for the months of February and March. Yeah, I know, I skipped my Feb Faves, not because I forgot, I kinda didn’t feel like uploading one since I was just using the same products the entire month and the only thing that I wanna add was the Theodora palette, so I kinda didn’t feel the need to do it.

Anyway, on to the favorites

February & March Favorites 2013 - For the hair
Tresseme Anti Hair-Fall Hair Mask (app. PhP 168)

I love this hair mask because it kept my hair soft and bouncy even up to two days despite our humid weather. Now as for the ‘anti-hair fall’ aspect of this product, I’m afraid I don’t haven’t proven its effectivity yet since most of the hair products that I have been using recently are also anti-hair fall products. Also I used this almost the same time as my L’oreal Anti-Hair Fall shampoo which I got from my March BDJ Box.

February & March Favorites 2013 - For the Face
L-R: iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizing Cream (app. PhP 160-170), Celeteque Restorative Instant Wrinkle Smoothing Cream (FREE), Celeteque Acne Solutions Acne Spot Corrector Gel (app. PhP 160-170), KJI & Co Emergency Lash RX (app. PhP 1000+)

These are my holy grail items so far in terms of facial care (well, one is for my lashes). I first came across iWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream when my mama started using sachets, but for some reason she stopped. Then I saw a couple f beauty bloggers raving about it as well. That time, I was already having issues with my dry skin, then I decided to give it a try because my Celeteque moisturizer is just not anything for me. Anyway, I’ve been using this product for weeks now and I’ve never had issues with it.

I got my Celeteque Restorative Instant Wrinkle Smoothing Cream when I bougt my Mama her anti-aging cream. It came in free. I use it as my eye cream and I’m loving the results so far. I no longer have those weird fine lines all over my eyelids, as well as in the outer corner of my eyes.

After I finished my Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targetting Serum, I had to find another product that can somehow continue the job. Then I found this, Celeteque Acne Solutions Acne Spot Corrector Gel. It’s not as good, of course, but it’s a lot cheaper, but it doesn’t leave my skin patchy & dry after eliminating those pimples & redness, which is what I hate when I use my Garnier roll on.

Finally, with regard to my KJI & Co Emergency Lash RX, unfortunately, this one’s empty already. I loved this one. I’m not sure if this gave my lashes the oomph factor, but I felt that my eyelashes grew because I swear I can barely feel my eyelashes before, but now, whenever I hover at my eyelids, it’s there and they’re longer. Also, I no longer have those days when I curl my lashes and one of them will either fall off or be at the eyelash curler (trust me, that’s how weak my eyelashes were before).

February & March Favorites 2013 - Face Makeup
L-R: Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder (1.5 oz) (app. PhP 350), Artdeco Camoflouge Cream (#8) (app PhP 450), L’oreal Lucent Magique Concealer (app. PhP500+)

These are the products that I have been loving recently regardless of what I use under them, may it be a BB cream or a lightweight foundation. I have a review about the Ben Nye Banana Luxury powder, here if you’re interested.

With regard to the Artdeco concealer, I was looking for a really good concealer that can cover up my blemishes without giving my wallet a hard time, then I read Liz’s (Project Vanity) post regarding this one, that’s why I decided to drop by Beauty Bar and give this one a try. As for the last one, the L’oreal Lucent Magique Concealer, I was also looking for a good undereye concealer when I read Liz’s blog. I ended up loving these two concealers which also in turn, worked perfectly fine for hiding my blemishes.

February & March Favorites 2013 - Blush
Miners Cosmetics Bronzer & Blusher Duo (FREE)

I won this product from Kimpossibly Gorgeous’ Week 4 Giveaway, and I featured all of the products I gothere. I love this because it gave my cheeks a natural look, without going overboard. It’s pretty much accurate in describing itself, it’s a bronzer & blusher duo, it can contour & give your cheeks a natural glow. It has a bit of shimmer but not that much. I’ve been using this as my goto cheek product ever since I got it.

February & March Favorites 2013 - Eyes
Urban Decay Oz The Great And Powerful – Theodora Palette (PhP 3,500)

I love this because pretty much all the colors that I need for a day and night look are already here. This is also my favorite find during the first quarter of 2013. I did a review of this palette here in my website, you can check it out by clicking this here.

February & March Favorites 2013 - Eyes
L-R: Maybelline The Falsies Mascara (App PhP 450), Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in ‘Zero’ (Included in the Theodora Palette)

The mascara was more of a rediscover, and actually my second tube. I emptied my first one as if I drank the whole entire tube. I didn’t repurchase yet because I still have a couple to try on, besides I finally found my holy grail mascara (Benefit They’re Real), but I’m about to empty it as well. Therefore, I decided to buy this one and give my HG mascara a bit of rest and I am totally loving this one all over again.

Then I got my UD Zero from my Theodora palette, it’s totally smudge & waterproof, I love it. Then lastly, I got my Shu Uemura eyelash curler from StuffInStyle. Truth be told, it took me a while to get used to it because I got used to drugstore eyelash curlers that had wider curls, and this had a more sophisticated shape, which means that this will grip and curl your eyelashes more. Once I got the hang of it, I was able to curl all of my eyelashes and it stayed ‘up’ there the entire day, unless I use a really heavy mascara that makes my eyelashes drop straight again, lol.

February & March Favorites 2013 - Eyes
L-R: Snoe Beso Balm (From December – January BDJ Box), MAC Candy Yum Yum (PhP 995 from Carefreeshopper)

Snoe Beso Balm was actually just in my stash then all of a sudden, I wanted to try a new lip balm because all of my other lip balms weren’t really moisturizing my dry chappy lips. I didn’t really like this before because of the plumping effect but it’s kinda not doing it now, I wonder why, but whatever, I’m all for it. Meanwhile, the the other two never left my makeup kit, or my vanity. I love these two, they are my goto lipsticks along with my Max Factor lipstick in Dusky Rose (review to follow). Here’s a review of the Mac Candy Yum Yum, if you haven’t seen it yet, and my review of the Shiseido Perfect Rouge in RD142 (Sublime).

February & March Favorites 2013 - Beauty Tools
L-R: Bent Eyeliner Brush (from the Charm Brush Set (Sonia Travel Edition) – PhP 2,500), MAC 217 Brush (PhP 1,400), J&C Super Clean Solutions Brush Cleaner (From the Sonia Brush Set), Beauty Blender

I love all of these products. I haven’t touched most of my foundation/flat top kabuki brushes ever since I got my beauty blender. Also, I never really stopped using my Mac 217 brush, it’s definitely worth the price. The bent eyeliner brush makes gel eyeliner application a lot easier (all I need is a good gel eyeliner). I love the brush cleaner because it’s so economical yet it cleanses effectively. I have a review of the J&C brush cleaner here.

February & March Favorites 2013 - Nail Products
L-R: Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Hardening Base Coat (Approx PhP450), Revlon Colorstay Gel Shine Top Coat (PhP 325), Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Caribean Coral Approximately PhP200 – PhP300, Cutex Nail Color in VIP Approximately PhP100, Zoya Nail Lacquer Allegra Approximately PhP370

Being such a nail polish addict, of course, I bought a lot of them these past few months, but these three stood out the most. However, with regard to the base and top coat, I liked the base coat, because it helped strengthen my nails. I don’t really use it alone, although I’m betting that if you use it alone, it will become a lot more effective. The top coat, however, is something I’ve been hearing a lot of lately at the YT community, regardless, I didn’t buy it because of that. I ran out my Revlon Colorstay top coat (the ordinary one) and when I went to SM North to buy one this is what the Revlon SA gave me. I didn’t really expect that I would be able to find one here that soon, considering that it was just released in the US not too long ago (thinking that Nearly Naked is not even here yet, but I believe they’ll be having it here by May). Anyway, this top coat provides way more ‘shine’ than the ordinary one does. Kinda like the Seche Vite top coat, however, in terms of longevity, it does last longer than the Seche Vite, but the ordinary one still lasts longer than this one. Hope I made sense, lol.

Anyway, if you made it this far, I applaud you. Bonus points for the April COM! Kidding! Lol. Now, you know why I don’t really favor updating you about my faves. It’s kinda tedious, lol. I’d rather do reviews. And I can’t really narrow then down, otherwise, I feel like I’d just be lying to you. Anyway, watch out for an upcoming review & a collective haul. Whichever comes first, you just have to guess, lol.

How about you? What are the products that you’re currently loving for the past Feb-March? Share your thoughts!

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  • Desire Loreto

    Wooot hi yette! i love your faves! I’m currently loving my Bobbi Brown lippie in Red, Jordana eyebrow pencil in Brown, missha BB cream, maybelline shine-free foundation, sophie paris magic creme blush, MAC amplified in Girl about town, maybelline the colossal mascara

  • Love this detailed post! I am thinking of trying that Tresemme anti-hair fall product, or the new Loreal one. Both aren’t expensive anyway. Thanks also for the Revlon top coat recommendation!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked it!

  • eyahnism

    I watched the OZ then bigla kitang naalala bigla akong nainggit sa OZ Urban decay mo hihih… I was about to buy the tresemme kaso medyo nagkuripot ako but since sabi mo maganda sya I would try this one… I already bought the art deco too thanks for reminding me,, naalala ko nasa list ko pala yun for the concealer when I read it at martha’s blog naman

    Mac brush? 1,400? man! that should really perform really good for the price

    I love your favorites

    • Haha, the Mac brush is really worth it. It’s worth the hype & the price, lol
      I wanted to try a hair mask then I read Martha’s blog about Tresseme that’s why yun ang binili ko.


  • karla del rosario

    Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder huhu. I’m excited to have my own and daming maganda reviews sa product na to. I was trying to buy last Feb but laging out of stock nagpabili ako sa tita ko sa states nasa waiting list ba daw >.< I love Revlon products but overprice sila dito sa Philippines mas maganda kumuha sa online stores

    I love your post! And your blog soo girlie hihi :3

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  • i want to try that TResseme hair mask! im loving their shampoos and conditioner =) my hair became smooth and soft after a month of using them..

    im a fan of iwhite products too.. loving their facial cream, facial wash and their moisturizer!

  • wow naman ms.yette! UD Oz! inggit much talaga! lol! I would love to have one balang araw! i have the KJI&Co. lash rx & i’m so loving it! my lashes were fuller & longer now..

  • dear bumili ako kahapon nung tresseme hair mask! gonna road test it tomorrow! =)

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    I love Maybelline Falsies and Sally Hansen nail polishes. Do you but the nail polishes online? Where? Thanks. These are great items