Prestige My Biggest Lashes Big Lash Effect Mascara – Review & Photos

Hi guys! How’s your Holy Week so far? Enjoying your summer vacation? As for me, well, instead of resting, taking the time off, I got swamped with new tasks at work, so I was really busy the entire week. So to answer your question, no, I am not in a three, four or a five-star hotel/resort, drinking some sort of smoothie while doing this review. Instead, I just finished my eight-hour shift, about to do my mani-pedi, doing this long overdue review. Long overdue because I bought this mascara like a month ago, and I took these pictures last week. Duh… Anyway, on to the review.. sorry for the long intro.. It’s the babbling thing…

Okay, so I know that it’s been a while since I reviewed a mascara, so I decided to do another. Well, actually, as mentioned, I bought this mascara during the time I was doing weekly reviews of them, but I decided to take a break, and well, I don’t know what happened after. I first heard about Prestige My Biggest Lashes Big Lash Effect from EleventhGorgeous, when one of them (I can’t remember who) raved about this mascara. Then I remembered that Prestige cosmetics are being sold at the Beauty Bar so I grabbed one for myself.

Prestige My Biggest Lashes Big Lash Effect

First, let’s start with the packaging – Any pink-a-holics will surely love this mascara’s packaging. Come on? Pink & black combo is a sure win for me. I lah-ove the color combo, the presentation, everything. The product has a simple packaging, it’s housed in a pink, straight, cylindrical plastic tube, nothing fancy, but as I’ve said, gotta love the colors. It’s sturdy enough, it doesn’t look cheap, nor does it look expensive either. It contains .46 fl oz / 13.6 ml of product, I got it in the shade of MBG-01 Very Black. It costs PhP 450, not bad, considering that it’s a foreign makeup brand, and it’s available at Beauty Bar.

Prestige My Biggest Lashes Big Lash Effect - Product Info

Product Name     – Prestige My Biggest Lashes Big Lash Effect Mascara
Price     – PhP 450.00
Net Wt     – .46 fl oz / 13.6 ml
Availability     – Beauty Bar

Prestige My Biggest Lashes Big Lash Effect - Wand

Next up, the wand – Well, don’t get me wrong here, aside from product reviews, this is the first thing that I always look at when I buy my mascaras. The mascara has a thick brush, tapered at the end, which is also excellent for holding & distributing the formula evenly. I like it because I don’t have a lot of mascaras that have wands similar to this one. Also, having a wand in this size, signifies that the mascara offers your lashes more volume rather than length, which we will test later.

Now, as for the formula, I’m afraid this mascara confuses me.. You know those mascaras, where you feel the formula, you feel that it’s there even though you only applied a single coat? This one, I didn’t get to feel anything, until probably the third coat. I wasn’t as impressed with this mascara as others were, which really sucks, because try as I may, it seemed that my lashes just can’t work with this mascara. Further, despite its lightweight formula, it has a tendency to weigh down my eyelashes, even though I just had them curled prior to applying the said mascara.

Prestige My Biggest Lashes Big Lash Effect Mascara- Photos

As you can see, it didn’t offer much in terms of volume nor lengthening, but it did great in defining them. But as for the two major factors that the product claims to provide, I’m afraid it just didn’t work out for me. However, as for the longevity, it did last the entire day, and even though it’s waterproof, I can easily remove it with makeup cleansing wipes. Furthermore, what I like about this product is that it doesn’t clump, and it doesn’t flake either. And as I’ve mentioned, if I want to have just a simple, defined eyelashes, this is something that could come in handy.

Packaging/Presentation – Gotta love the color combo!
Affordable at only PhP450, considering that it’s a foreign brand
Available at Beauty Bar
Lightweight Formula
Does great in defining my lashes
The wand is excellent in distributing the formula evenly
Has a good staying power
Doesn’t clump nor fade
Lightweight formula – I find it weird.
Didn’t volumize nor lengthen my lashes
Weighs down my lashes
The V E R D I C T

All in all, I think I still consider this mascara a keeper. I know that it failed me in terms of volumizing/lengthening, but this is something that I could still use on a day-to-day basis. It’s not clumpy and it’s great if I just want to draw attention to my eyes without being over dramatic. Furthermore, considering the price range, it’s hard to find a non-clumping mascara that you can layer over and over again and still achieve the same result. Take note that the fourth picture (three or more coats) had five layers of the product already.

R E P U R C H A S E ?

Sadly, no.

So those are my thoughts about Prestige My Biggest Lashes Big Lash Effect Mascara, I hope you find it helpful if in case you’re contemplating about buying the said product. Again, please keep in mind, that just because it didn’t work out for me, it might not work for you. We have different preferences, we have different lashes, this formula might work wonders for your lashes, who knows? If you really want to give this mascara a try, go ahead, try it. Don’t let any reviews get in the way of you buying something you really want. At least you get to experience something first hand. If you like it, blog about it, and let me know, if you don’t, well, blog about it too. Lol.

Oh, and before I forgot.. If you remember my instagram post regarding the Essence Counter that I just spotted recently at the SM Department store near us? Well, I did a major ‘haul-age’ a couple of days ago, and some of them will be included at the April COM giveaway.

I decided not to enumerate all of the products one by one, since I don’t want you to give out major spoilers on what the prices will be. Although the picture kinda does give out some clues. Oh, and hey, that’s a collective haul, I didn’t buy all of those items in one day. I may be a shopaholic, but I don’t have all that moolah, lol.

Oh, and I got my recent SampleRoom order. I soo want to be included in their Blogger Circle, but sadly, my blog, this blog is not even one year old yet. Don’t get me wrong. My domain is nearly three years old, I had it when I was still in Blogger, then I transferred to WordPress, then when my GoDaddy account turned a year old, something happened, then my entries were deleted. So I had a beauty blog. My BlueHost (the one I’m using now) is a year old, but I didn’t start blogging until May last year, so this blog is not a year old yet. Sorry if I confused you with my nonsense babbling.

Anyway, sorry for the long entry. Again, it’s the babbling thing. Besides, I missed you guys! Enjoy the rest of your week!

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  • I just really love your blog posts

    • Haha, thanks Raych

  • Aw sayang ang mahal pa naman niya. Same to sa Penshoppe mascara ko By the way great haul as always! Excited nadin ako matry Essence

    • Thanks! You should try it, there are some products that are really good

      • Give me heads-up sis. ano ung magaganda? Peg ko ung 169 na mascara.

        • Sure. I’ll let you know if I tried it. So far the ones that I like are their blushes, nail colors & the eyeshadow base.

  • Oo nga parang hindi nga kumapal ano! Ang mahal pa naman hehe pero okay lng dagdag na rin sa collection mo yan siguro, pink pa naman yung tube! At bet na bet ko ang product photos mo ang cute lang ng mga accessories hehe. At grabe ang Haul jaw-drop haha!

    • Thanks. Haha. Most of them are for April COM naman e. Although, ganyan lang talaga ako, whenever I need a retail therapy, lol

  • I’m still hunting for a mascara that defines, volumizes and lengthens without weighing down my lashes! For some reason mabigat ata sobra eyelashes ko kasi wala pa ako nahahanap that works (even if they do for others!). If you have any recos, I’ll check them out

    • Majolica Majorca Lash King/ Lash Enamel Glamour On seems to work fine for me. Maybelline The Falsies, Magnum & Benefit They’re Real.

      • I’ll give one of these a go Thanks Yette!

  • I dont think it lengthen and volumized nga your lashes sayang. But if ud really notice may onting difference compared sa naked lashes. Have u tried Maybelline mascaras? Bka magustuhan m. Super ok sya. Btw, really love your decorations!Ang cute. Match sa product.

    • Yup, I love their The Falsies & Magnum

  • i’ve been waiting for this Yette! hehehe
    Sayang hindi sya lengthening yun pa naman ang hanap ko sa mascara, tapos ang mahal pa >.< Hahaha! Kuripot here* Write a review of your essence mascara ah gusto ko rin sana yang black eh. At mukhang puro essence ang nasa haul mo teh?

    • Will do!

      Yup, I got excited so I grabbed some stuff, but as I’ve said, some of those products will be at the April COM giveaway

  • eyahnism

    Awww.. Php450 and you personally didn’t like it.. Im not going to try this anymore.. thanks for the review! I m loving your photos talaga.. I feel like I can get the products from my screen hihihi

    • Thanks, Eyah! I’m happy to know that my photos are improving

  • Desire Loreto

    Wow another unfamiliar brand yet I’m thankful you posted this! I really love your post and we, your avid readers appreciate your reviews which really helped us alot However, this product is such a dismay. Sa product name palang it seems promising. Sayang naman. With that price, nothing beats Maybelline mascaras! And its only 300+ I’m excited with your haulage!! wanna see it sooon. The pic’s vague and I can see familiar brands included, Will be waiting for that post, pretty! God bless ♥

    • Thanks! I wont be enumerating the items that I bought though, lol. It’s too spoiler-y already by the photos alone, and some of them will be at the April COM, so I don’t think it’s necessary to enumerate ’em, lol

      • Desire Loreto

        haha oo nga naman! Surely your April COM prizes would definitely be great as this month Missin’ your posts. Where have you beeeeeen? XD

  • thanks for this great mascara review! and nice haul

    • You’re welcome & thanks for dropping by!:)

  • isa sa mga mahirap ireview ang mascara and you did a good job here =) i think medyo pricey sya for 450php tapos it doesnt work the way you want it to, doesnt volumize nor lengthen them..sad… =( im looking for great mascaras too, luckily i tried 1.) cargo mascara =) 2.) theyre real benefit mascara and 3.) avon magnify mascara.. they’re the three mascara’s im quite satisfied with =)

  • karla del rosario

    for 450php tapos ganun lang ung effect not worth it! thank you for posting this. Very informative, I’m not gonna purchase this haha:)

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