FOTD #2 | “Try Something Cooler”

I should’ve just named this ‘Going somewhere?’ instead of ‘Try Something Cooler’ because whenever I do my makeup or experiment with my makeup my mama’s like ‘Saan ka pupunta?’ (Where are you going?) lol. Anyway, I was a bit bored yesterday and decided to fix some stuff, and I realized that I haven’t really een using my Naked 2 much, so I decided to experiment some looks and this is what I came up with.

Anyway, in case you’re wondering about this FOTD’s title (‘Try Something Cooler’), Naked 2, unlike the original Naked palette is comprised mostly of cooler shades – taupes, grays, silvers, etc. Unlike the original one that has a lot of browns, golds – more suitable for those with yellow-based skin tone, due to most of it’s warmer shades.

I know, I know. Not another neutral look! is what you’re gonna say. And I’m pretty aware of the fact that you’re tired seeing this FOTD/look/etc. But at the moment, this is what I’m comfortable of doing. Of course, I’ve been experimenting with colors, but I’m just not really confident with my techniques yet when it comes to that criteria. If you want, you can always check out Eyahnism and/or Project Awesome‘s blog. I’m sure they’ve got loads of stuff to show/teach you when it comes to popping all of those radiant colors. But before you check ’em out, here’s the look that I came up with while I was ‘experimenting’.

So basically, this is just a neural, wearable look with a bit of drama added into it. You can always lessen the darker shades in order for you to wear them around the office, school, etc. But feel free to wear them whenver, wherever, lol.

Anyway, here are the products that I’ve used in this FOTD:

Products Used


1) L’oreal Lucent Magique BB Cream
2) Revlon Photoready Stick Concealer in Light Medium
3) Garnier Skin Naturals Light BB Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll On
4) Snoe Poudre Extraordinaire in Perfect Beige – Medium


1) Pinkie’s Collection Eyebrow Cake in EBC 03
2) Urban Decay Mini Eyeshadow Primer Potion
3) Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
(Lid & Browbone Highlight – Foxy; Crease – Tease; Middle – Suspect; Outer Crease – YDK; Outer V – Busted; Inner tear duct – Bootycall)
4) Nichido Kohl Eyeliner in Onyx
5) KPalette Liquid Eyeliner
6) Maybelline The Falsies Mascara


1) Sleek Contour Kit in Medium
2) Elf Studio Blush in Candid Coral (I broke it! waaaahh…)
3) Elf Healthy Glow Bronzer in Luminance


1) Maybelline Baby Lips in Anti-Oxidant Berry
2) LA Colors Autolipliner in 565 Pinky
3) Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips in PPK003

Sorry if some of the photos are a bit “glare-y”, I’m still figuring out some things with regards to lighting & stuff.
Will do better next time, promise

I promise to do more FOTDs & NOTDs as well. I realize that among all of the categories here in my website, those two are my most neglected part. I guess that’s also the reason why I decided to experiment (& take pics, lol) as well. Oh, and by the way, if you recognize the new photos in my website, YES, I changed them to this one. I was getting tired of the older ones, and I decided to switch things up a bit.

Anyway, I’m really sleepy now and I haven’t slept since yesterday and I still have work later at midnight. Duh. See you everyone! Hope you like this look somehow and comment below if you want to see more

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  • Ooh.. I also love using my Naked 2 palette for neutral/everyday look. Kaso Yette bakit parang and dark ata ng shade ng etoinette? or is it just because of the lipliner? O.o? Anyway, na-try mo na yung PBE001 na etoinette? perfect sya for this kind of look. I used that on my previous post on my IG. So pretty & natural. Try mo~

    • Yup, I used the lip liner to blend. It barely shows up on my lips kase e. My lips are highly pigmented. IDK ren naman kung bakit yun yung shade na binili ko. But when I mixed ’em together, I liked it so pinabayaan ko nalang.

      No, I haven’t. Permanent ba ang Etoinette?

      • I don’t think so.. Prolly here in PH limited edition but I think sa Korea permanent line sya.
        Uhm.. Feeling ko mas pretty and baby face tignan kung medjo pinkish yung lips sa ganitong look (well, that’s my preference) Anyway, it looks good on you naman eh.

        • Thanks! Will consider that next time

  • Love it! Fave ko yun falsies! Ganyan pala effect niya ang ganda parang naka false lashes!

    • Yup & the lash serum did work. Unfortunately the pics I took for the review were deleted

  • Desire Loreto

    No babe I’m not tired of your neutral looks. I even love it kase im more of a neutral girl when it comes to eyeshadows. I love bold lip colors kase and it go great with neutral eye makeup Your blending skills are great and improving everytime. Overall, you look gorgeous! Plus the products used.. *envy girl here* LOL!

    Anyways, we all girls love UD Naked 2 palette so I’m glad you used it for this look. Kaya lang I still can’t afford to buy that and thank God there are already dupes for that one in the market – except for its quality and pigmentation. It’s unbeatable! That’s how I love naked 2 palette. HAHA

    I was shocked to know that you used a L’oreal Lucent Magique BB Cream for this look. Kase the pictures don’t show! It didn’t give you that ‘horrible’ white cast despite the SPF Content. Amazing! I might get this

    Thanks for posting, Yette ♥

    PS: Seriously, I envy that fact na you don’t have eyebags

    • Aww, thanks With regard to the lip color, it wasn’t supposed to look that way, even when blended with the lip liner, it was still a bit lighter than what’s pictured up there, lol. Idk what’s up with that, lol

      Yup, I used the L’oreal BB cream, but I think the reason why walang whitecast was because of the Poudre extraordinaire. But I’ve worn this naman without the poudre before e, & I didn’t see any whitecast in my old photos. Di kase sha makapal.

      Oh, and I do have huge, dark eyebags. Salamat sa concealer (Garnier, – w/c is what I use when I use that BB cream, lol)

      • Desire Loreto

        Really? it isn’t obvious! Siguro dark circles? o.o that garnier bb eye roll-on really work wonders. I read a lot of review about that too and I might include that in my to-buy list this summer, including the newest sunblock mist pray from Nivea and Snoe Poudre extraordinaire How much did that bb cream cost you?

        • I often have dark circles too. But at that time, eyebags talaga, lol
          The BB cream is worth PhP 595

          • Desire Loreto

            Wow affordable lang pala. I might get this coz you have this too. LOL Thanks, Yette! ♥

          • Np!

  • im not into foundies pero whenever i look at a bloggers fotd iam really amazed how it makes the face so fresh.. flawless and fresh.. siguro im afraid lang dahil hindi ako ganun kagaling pagdating sa pagpantay ng foundation sa mukha..

    i havent tried revlon stick concealer pero yung liquid ive already tried and it works wonder on my dark circles..

    above all pinakagusto ko yung lipstick na ginamit mo.. from the cute packaging pa lang i have the idea na EH sya.. ive never tried anything from EH pa.. promise.. i really want to have kahit isang lipstick lang hehehehe… okay okay i may have added this sa wishlist ko and i would buy this after ng makeup ban ko =)

    • I used a BB cream in this FOTD. I haven’t tried any liquid concealers from Revlon but I like this one. It as a cream to powder finish. Oh & the one I’m using under my eyes in that FOTD is Garnier. With regard to the lipstick, I blended it with the lip pencil, that’s why it looked a bit darker.

      • ah.. i thought lip liners were just used for lining the lips.. pwede rin palang i blend sa lipstick?

  • eyahnism

    I seriously want the etude lipstick! grabeh no for a simple looks ang dami pa ding dapat gamitin.. kung alam lang ng mga boys how we try to prepare ourselves IMBA talga.. Im trying to minimize the things I used for my face kaso di ko magawa talaga Love your look..

    Good photooooosss I super lov ethe quality yet!

    • True! Been trying to minimize the products I use myself kaso di talaga pwedeng walang concealer/setting powder, lol

      Thanks, thanks!

  • I will never get tired of neutrals. My go-to look, as always. I love the look that you came up with. My favorite is the lip makeup. Ang healthy-looking lang ng lips.

    Micmic’s Corner

  • Omygad super kinis ng face mo! Ako mukha ng zombie ‘coz of school works! Hopefully mkagawa ako ng FOTD as soon as possible at ma-hide na ang dark eyes ko lol! BTW, nice products!! Never got my hands on the Naked palette kasi walang budget! Pero luckily natry ko na siya (when sis Eyah did my makeup). Super nice yung colors grabe. Really want to try EH lipsticks ever since!! Sana makabili ako on my birthday (crossed fingers!! LOL!!) AND btw, is the Garnier BB eye roll on good?. Parang gusto ko din kasi mag-afford but still don’t know if it’ll work for me.

    • Lol, thanks
      Will wait for your FOTD

      • is the Garnier BB eye roll on good?. Parang gusto ko din kasi mag-afford but still don’t know if it’ll work for me.

        • So long as your undereye circles are not that dark, and if you have eyebags, hindi ganu kalaki, it’s good. It can conceal eyebags/undereye circles, but it doesn’t provide a lot of coverage, if that’s what you’re aiming for.