March 2013 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions

Hello everyone! So I just got my March BDJ box yesterday and I was supposed to blog about it but unfortunately, (just like every time that I’m about to do a BDJ unboxing entry) I fell asleep. Duh. Anyway, for this month’s BDJ box, just like last month, they only featured products from one brand. Last month, it was Shiseido, this month, it’s L’oreal. From the box’s outer cover, you’ll already see what product/brand awaits you inside. Upon opening my ‘Fastrack’ package, I literally can’t wait to rip open my BDJ box because L’oreal has been releasing a lot of good stuff lately.

Anyway, without further babbling, here’s what I got for the month of March.

March BDJ Box
March BDJ Box March BDJ Box March BDJ Box March BDJ Box

L'oreal Fall Repair Hair Shampoo & Conditioner
L’oreal Fall Repair Hair Shampoo & Conditioner (Full Size | 180 ml each)
Shampoo – PhP 110 | Conditioner – PhP 119
Diminish Your Mane! Detangle Stubborn Locks!

I saw these babies from AskmewhatsFacebook page yesterday and just when I was about to consider buying it my BDJ box arrives and I got two full sizes of L’oreal’s new hair products. I haven’t tested them yet so I don’t know how they’ll affect my weak, damaged hair, but we’ll see..

L'oreal Youth Code Pre-Essence
L’oreal Youth Code Pre-Essence (5ml | Sample Size)
Full Size – PhP 1,495
Boost younger looking skin!

I haven’t tried any anti-aging products from L’oreal really, most of the anti-aging products I use are from Celeteque. I’m gonna have to give this one a try.

L'oreal UV PERFECT Longlasting UV Protector
L’oreal UV PERFECT Longlasting UV Protector (30 ml | Full Size)
Full Size (30ml) – PhP 545
A new era of UV Protection!

This is actually interesting because aside from it being a sunscreen, it can also work as your moisturizer/facebase. Just to clarify, I haven’t used this product yet, I was just reading all of the labels in the product’s packaging and my mama and I can’t wait to use this so I’ll let you know how it goes, ayt?

L’oreal UV PERFECT BB Max (5ml | Sample Size)
Full Size (30ml)- PhP 595
Fight skin discoloration!

I’m also interested with this BB Cream, aside from the fact that this is L’oreal’s latest, it has this thing called ‘Color Equalizer Technology’. I also got my first L’oreal BB Cream from my first BDJ Box. I actually liked it, I wonder if I’ll like this one. Let’s see.

L'oreal Shine Caresse in Juliette
L’oreal Shine Caresse in ‘Juliette’ (6ml | Full Size)
Full Size – PhP 595
Chic Rouge!

I already have one of these lip products, if you saw my review here, and I loved it. I think I’m about to empty it, lol. I’m glad I got a new one, but it’s RED! I don’t wear red lippies often, but I think I really have to start wearing them now since I’m beginning to have more red lipsticks than other colors.

L'oreal Color Riche Les Nail Art in 016 Shocking Strass
L’oreal Color Riche Les Nail Art in ‘016 Shocking Strass’ (18 stickers| Full Size)
Full Size – PhP 395
Fashion at your fingertips

I first saw these L’oreal nail art stickers from ItsJudysLife, when she got a huge box from L’oreal. She wore this for a couple of days and I really liked how it look like in her nails. I think she got Shocking Strass as well. As for me, being that I have tiny nails/ nail beds (trust me, they’re already bigger compared to what I had before), I think I’m going to have to reserve this and use this for a special occasion maybe. Cause usually, I barely have time to do nailart, I just paint my nails and BAM, I’m good to go. Anyway, I’ll just update you about these babies when I finally get around into using them.

So those are all of the items that I got from my March BDJ box. Overall, I’m happy with all of the products that I received, and I swear, BDJ’s getting better and better! My PhP 480 is soo definitely worth it! All of these items wont go to waste, because I’ll end up using them eventually. They’re not just throwing away stuff that you ‘might’ like or use. All of the items that I’ve been getting from them are basically beauty essentials. I love this box and I’ll definitely hate myself if I miss a single month, lol.

March BDJ Box featuring L'oreal Products

How about you guys? Did you subscribe? What beauty box/es are you currently into right now? Do you like them? Let me know! Would love to hear your thoughts. Happy weekend!

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  • Wow! Sulit itey ah. 4 full sized products in one box. Hm nga ulit subscription ng BDJ? Mas ok ba to kesa glamourbox?

    • Yup. It’s definitely worth it! PhP 480/month

      I wouldn’t say mas ok, kase BDJ is more of beauty products (skin/hair) with one or two makeup products included. Unlike Glamourbox, they focus more on makeup, then include one or two skincare products. Oh and Glamourbox introduces brands that you’re not really familiar of, like Eye Of Horus, KJI & Co, etc.

      • Oh I see~ Maybe I will subscribe by April Ang ganda ng box ng BDJ this month and last nakaka attract !

        • Yup. Just be sure to subscribe before the 10th of the month

  • I guess I will subscribe again to BDJ. Grabe! 2 months in a row na ang gaganda ng items.

    • Haha. Makes me wonder what brand they’ll feature next

  • theabelles

    Just for the lipgloss alone, it’s worth way more than what you paid for the entire box. Love you blogs my dear! I always make sure to check your site o check out what’s new. Keep it up!

    • True! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  • Everything on the box are worth trying! Nakaka.entice mag.subscribe. Sulit!

    • True. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Tina

    What camera do you use? The photos are very clear

    • Thanks! Sony Cybershot HX30v

  • Desire Loreto

    Gosh I’ve been waiting for your BDJ unboxing when I read your fb status na you received na your package last Friday ata yun. Too bad I wasn’t able to check yesterday! Well anyways, this post makes me want to subscribe to BDJ! They shipped nationwide right? Hmm you get more with what you pay. P480 lang but you girl got 4 full-sized product. What I noticed with BDJ is that they are more focused on skin/hair care than cosmetics unlike Glamourbox. Don’t have anything to say about Saladbox. LOL!

    I love the box cover! Look so classy and elegant. I hope you can do reviews with those products Yette. Stay beautiful and have a great day! ♥

    • Haha. I fell asleep eh. Lol. There’s something about BDJ that whenever I finish taking their pics, pag nahiga ako tulog ako kagad, jk.

      Yes, they ship nationwide. Yup. Glamourbox is more on makeup, while BDJ is like what you’ve said, skin/hair/body care, etc. Saladbox? Ewan.. You can look at my previous Saladbox entries if you want. Lol

      I did a review of the lip product, ibang shade nga lang, I’m still thinking whether I’ll do one for “Juliette”. For the other items, yup, I’ll do a review about ’em

  • Yes it is. But they said that there’s a ‘right way’ of applying it, & I haven’t tried it yet. Chaka nakakalito, lol. But I’ll be trying the ‘right way’ and I might do a review about it using this lippie.

    • Desire Loreto

      Ah really? Hmmm maybe by just only dabbing the product on the lip of the tissue method. ewan, can’t really think of ways kase I don’t have such lippie that has the same consistency as this. So i’ll be waiting nalang for the reviews.

      • Nope, I’ll try to do it first, then if it works, I’ll do a review

        • Desire Loreto

          If that’s more convenient then go Thanks in advance, Yette

  • Iba iba rin pala ang shades ng lipstick every box =) pati yung nail design iba iba rin =) so you wont expect na same kayo talaga ang galing =) talgang lalong gumaganda yung products inside ha =) pansin ko kapag nagbabasa na ako ng monthly subscription outside the country hindi na nila nagugustuhan after 5months na or so.. i think BDJ and Glamourbox were such a good boxes to invest! kaya lang im on makeup ban pati pagsubscribe at the moment.. im saving something para item na gusto ko talaga =) hay.. nga popala.. available na kaya yang variant ng shampoo na yan sa market? hehehe sana meron na sa sachets =) so i could try din hehe

    • Yup, it’s different for every box.

      & I think the shampoo is now available. Idk about sachets though

      • hihi excited ako if ever na magkaron na din in sachets form =)

      • dear i saw sachets! sa puregold biñan =) kaya lang nagdalawang isip ako after ko mabasa review ni ms gem.. kaw ba? nagamit mo na sya? mabango ba sya?

  • eyahnism

    Oh my gosh BDJ box is really something !!! Im just really waiting to end my ipsy subscription then I’ll go for BDJ! Can’t wait! grabeh last time shisheido now Loreal naman, what kaya next? nakakaexcite! this is the only box where I feel so excited..

    Though hindi nga lang ako hiyang sa loreal na shampoo :|

    • Yup, sana nga iisang brand lang ulet eh, lol. Like Benefit? haha. They offer benefit ren kase e. Kidding

      Although now that I think about it, it kinda sounds impossible, lol ;D

  • Great box! I love the feb box, and I’m really sorry to have missed the march box. I hear the april box is already sold out too.

  • WOAH!! Everything was worth it!! I can’t wait to subscribe na tuloy sa mga ganito but still deciding kung anong box ang kukunin ko since more on makeup products ang gusto ko. What do you suggest sis?

    I literally want to go inside my laptop and get the nail art stickers!! Ang ganda sobra. Mej di nga lang afford.. : sana may ganitong design ang Bobbie.

    • If you’re into skin/hair care then go for BDJ, since BDJ is more on that (with bits & pieces of makeup included). If you want more on makeup, then go for Glamourbox, although GB is kinda confusing because they’re now diving in to skincare. Unlike before na puro talaga makeup lang (then konting skin/haircare)

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