How I Spot Clean My Brushes – A J&C Super Clean Solutions for Make-Up Brushes Review

Hello everyone! How’s your week so far? Mine’s great. Super busy with work, barely have any time to blog but can’t wait to do it either. Lol. Anyway.. I know I’m late with regard to doing a review about this product, but I’m afraid I don’t really explore when it comes to this category. I’m not saying I’m satisfied with my previous brush cleaner, but because I deep clean my brushes every week, I kinda didn’t care. But then I found this, the J&C Super Clean Solutions for Make-Up Brushes. This came with my Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set (Sonia Limited Edition), if you remember my recent collective haul. I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews about this brush cleaner and it even made it to Shen’s Addictions The Best Brush Cleaner 2012. A lot of them also mentioned that they liked this better than Parian Spirit, a brush cleaner that I haven’t tried yet as well.

So, here’s my take on the J&C Super Clean Solutions for Make-Up Brushes

Made especially for extremely busy individuals, Super Clean features a quick-drying solution that is perfect for people who need clean brushes right away. This special feature allows professional make-up artists to do several make-up jobs in succession, as well as enthusiasts to experiment and try several make-up swatches in a row. The solution is also fortified with spearmint oil to keep brushes fresh and in prime condition.

The J&C Super Clean Solutions for Make-Up Brushes comes in a sturdy, plastic spray bottle/atomizer with 120 ml content. Though the packaging may seem so ordinary, for me, compared to the other brush cleaner that I’ve used, this product’s bottle is a lot harder which makes it travel-friendly. The spray pump also dispenses the right amount of solution to clean each and every brush.

J&C Super Clean Solutions for Make-Up Brushes - Packaging

As you can see from the product’s ingredients, the brush cleaner contains ‘Ethyl Alcohol’ which may be an issue for some people, especially those with sensitive skin. But as for me, I haven’t had issues with this product so far and I’ve been using this one for approximately two weeks now. I guess having an Ethyl Alcohol as one of its ingredients is not really an issue, so long as you don’t overuse the product. It also has ‘Mentha Spicata Oil’ aka Spearmint, which basically explains the product’s scent.

Product Name     – J&C Super Clean Solutions for Make-Up Brushes
Price     – PhP 400 Online
Weight     – 120 ml
Availability     – Online:
J&C Super Clean Solutions Facebook Page
Beauty & Minerals
Digital Traincase

As previously mentioned, I’ve read several reviews about this product, and not only was this product used to spot-clean brushes, this can also be used to deep-clean your brushes. I personally, haven’t done that yet, and I probably won’t do it either. But if you wish to use this product to deep-clean your brushes, there are several entries instructing you how to do it, including articles from Project Vanity, The Beauty Junkee and Askmewhats.

As for me, here’s how I prefer to do it. I spot-clean ’em

 ♥ How I Spot-Clean My Brushes 

How I Spot Clean My Brushes - A J&C Super Clean Solutions for Make-Up Brushes

I. Prep all the tools – What I Use : (1) Old, clean towel (I used to use kitchen towels for spot cleaning but I find it wasteful and expensive so I decided to use our old face towels instead and wash it after I’m done. In this case, I took one of the towels we don’t normally use anymore). (2) Dirty brushes (for cleaning, duh!) (c) Your preferred brush cleaner. Mine’s J&C Super Clean Solutions for Make-Up Brushes
*Decor stones/gems not necessarily included, hehe

How I Spot Clean My Brushes - A J&C Super Clean Solutions for Make-Up Brushes Review

II. Cleanse Away! – Spray the solution while your brushes are facing downwards then gently swipe them on the towel without applying too much pressure. What I love about this product is that, I get to clean and remove the powder stains (and sometimes liquid/cream stains) in my brushes without applying too much pressure while cleaning. You see, in my previous brush cleaner, I had to put some pressure in order to fully ‘spot-clean’ my brushes (especially the brushes that I use to apply liquid/cream foundations i.e. flat top kabuki brush). Don’t get me wrong by that statement though, I don’t apply too much pressure to the point that my brushes no longer have hair or something. I just find it very hard to remove even the powder stains of my brushes, which is also why I prefer to deep clean my brushes even though it’s very time consuming and tedious.

For brushes that I use for liquid/cream makeup such as Flat Top Kabuki, Tapered Kabuki & Angled Kabuki Brushes, I normally spray 3-5 times and swipe it at least 5-10 times before the stain is completely gone. However, just to remind you, I really don’t get to the point wherein my brushes are heavily stained (yung tipong nagdidikit-dikit na sa dami ng products sa loob ng bristles/hairs). For powder blushes, I spray the solution 2-4 times and swipe them at least six times, then for eyeshadow brushes, I spray it 2-3, depending on how much pigmented the eyeshadows are on the brushes, then I swipe it at least 3-5 times until I see no traces of makeup. There are however times wherein even if I’ve already sprayed 5-8 times at my flat top kabuki brush, and I still can’t get rid of the foundation stain (usually happens when I use my Revlon Colorstay foundation). When this happens, I just let it be and either I reuse it until I deep clean my brush or use a different brush until I finally deep clean all of my brushes.

How I Spot Clean My Brushes - A J&C Super Clean Solutions for Make-Up Brushes Review

III. Air Dry! – I actually don’t need to air dry my brushes whenever I use this one because the amount of time it takes me to get all my spot-cleaning done is the amount of time (or maybe less) that this product needs in order to ‘air dry’. However, if you only need to spot-clean a few brushes, then I suggest you air dry them by laying them flat on a tissue paper, or a cloth, for a couple of minutes. Once it dries, you’ll notice that your brushes are back to it’s semi-pristine form. What I also love about this brush cleaner is that it doesn’t make the hairs of my brushes stiff, or sticky. I’ve encountered that problem with my previous brush cleaner, and it pissed the hell out of me. It also leaves a minty-fresh scent, which for me is not that strong compared to what you smell straight from the bottle.

 ♥ To Summarize 

Sturdy, travel-friendly packaging
Spray pump dispenses the right amount of solution
Scent isn’t too strong
Only need a couple of spritz in order to fully clean my brushes
None of my brushes shed while cleaning
No need to apply pressure in spot cleaning
Dries up fast
Doesn’t make brush hairs/bristles stiff or sticky
Can also be used for deep cleaning (although I don’t personally use it for that, it’s too pricey and I kinda do not recommend it)
Available in multiple online shops
Contains ethyl alcohol
Scent may be too strong for some who have sensitive nostrils
May take a lot of spritz in order to clean some heavily stained brushes (i.e. foundation brushes, flat-top kabuki brushes)
The V E R D I C T

I love this brush cleaner. I wish I discovered this a lot sooner, it would’ve saved me at least PhP 500 and the trouble of repurchasing the same brand that didn’t work half as much as this one did. This brush cleaner is very economical, a little of this product goes a very long way and none of my brushes shed while I was cleaning them which was such a huge plus. It dried up pretty quickly and my brushes remained soft and despite the (ethyl) alcohol content, it didn’t have any adverse effects on my skin/face. I also love the scent, because it made them smell fresh, I know that some people may have an issue about it because it may smell a bit strong, but for me, the scent made the brushes a lot more cleaner in the sense that it was able to take a way the ‘amoy alikabok’ smell (I know, I know, weird, but try to smell your used & exposed brushes, you’ll know what I mean)

R E P U R C H A S E ?

YES. Definitely!

Overall, I really love this brush cleaner, I think it’s a good buy and you won’t regret purchasing it. I know that there are a lot of brush cleaners being sold out there, whether online or at the stores, and it may be confusing, but trust me when I say to you guys, the review’s for real. They’re telling the truth! This one’s the best I’ve tried so far. Though I’ve only tried two, but spot-cleaning my brushes never became such a breeze until I found this product. My brushes were a lot cleaner, close to having them deep-cleaned. Truth be told, I haven’t deep-cleaned my brushes for more than a week now. I know, bad. But I see no makeup residues whenever I spot-clean them. Can you blame me? Of course, I’ll be deep-cleaning them in my next day off, that’s for sure, but as for now, they’re spotless

How about you? Have you tried this product yet? What brush cleaner are you currently using? Do you spot-clean your brushes? What brush cleaners have you tried recently? Let me know!

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  • Dito ako tinatamad!!! LOL kaya I only have 7 brushes lang eh and some of them are not yet used pa. Btw Yette, what’s the brand of your flat top brush?

    • SIno kaaway mo? Lol

      The one up there is from Beauty Cosmetics. I have one from Ellana and it’s a lot denser (kinda like SIgma’s).

      • Hahaha wala naman. Tamad lang talaga ako sa paglilinis ng brushes. that’s why I have a LOT of sponges stocked on my closet. Halos lahat disposable. LOL Pero I have stippling brush naman, minsa kasi maganda coverage using that lalo na sa BB creams.

        • Me too. I hate deep-cleaning my brushes. That’s why my former brush cleaner was such a pain kase kahit na anung gawin ko kailangan ko pareng i-deep clean, ASAP, lol

          I’m not really fond of sponges, but I do love my beauty blender. I also like using my stippling brush, pero I use them for cream blushes.

          • Well, we all have our own preferences naman eh. Pero thanks na rin sa review mo I’m planning to buy a brush set in the near future *LOL* then i’ll this one. Pang tamad kasi eh. Hahaha

          • Haha. Okay lang yan, lahat tayo may kanya kanyang katamaran

      • eyahnism

        ahaha sumingit lang ako natawa ako sa “sinong kaaway mo’ kaw talaga @facebook-100001874175705:disqus , naglinis lang ng brush si yette inaway mo na.. -commercial break lang

  • Desire Loreto

    Hello there, Yette! I’ve been waiting for this review. I’ve heard so much about this product and no wonder it works on your brushes as well. I haven’t tried this product yet coz I think there’s no need. I only got 6 brushes (one of them is the free brush in my palette) and I can wash them with baby soap and water. Still I find this product economical and very useful kase the down side of using liquid baby soap is that you need to change the solution every after wash; it’s kinda hassle and waste of product. I wanna try this product. So useful and really made for busy people who can’t allocate a huge amount of time in cleaning their brushes. Thumbs up for this review, Yette ♥

  • eyahnism

    llalallalabing the pictures hihih!!! We do the same thing on the spot cleaning but normally I don’t do it since I rarely put on makeup talaga, I just deep clean it twice a month every day off.. I just used Johnson and johnson baby shampoo kahit sa spot cleaning or sometimes baby wipes lang.. pat pat lang din kasi ginagawa ko sa pagmamake up.. btw, Do you have a review on the Nichido Kabuki brush? Thanks!

    • Thanks! I’m experimenting on my lighting, lol. Thanks for the advice,btw.

      Yeah I use baby wipes too, pag talagang tamad na tamad ako, lol I don’t have a review of the Nichido Kabuki brush e. But it’s more of a powder brush really. It’s not that dense compared to all o the kabuki brushes I’ve seen, but it’s really soft. I use it to buff out my bronzer/contour.

      • eyahnism

        I see Thanks

  • I love the photos! Super clear and well-illustrated yung process! Thank you for introducing this to me yette! Ive heard about it actually but just read about it thoroughly now (through your informative entry!) Been meaning to try a brush cleaner that’s not so bank-breaking (and Filipino-made pa!)

  • I’m really interested with J&C mura kasi. Kaso I dont have a massive brush collection and I’m doing fine with deep cleaning my brushes. Maybe when I purchase a brush set siguro para masulit

    • I’m fine with deep cleaning my brushes as well kaso I find it time consuming. More like a chore, lol. & padami ng padami brushes ko (I blame landmark for that,lol)

  • I know I’m doing it wrong when I saw blogposts about cleaning brushes. I clean my brushes using mild soap and water. -,- Oras na para bumili ng brush cleaning agents!! Thanks for the review ng spray. Parang one step brush cleaner sya super convenient! And btw, nice photos!! Ang linaw. What cam you use?

  • It is very tempting to buy this brush cleaner! Thanks for the review. I only use baby shampoo and makeup remover to clean my brushes. But this product is worth a try.

    More power!

    • Thanks! I use baby shampoo too (& olive oil) to deep clean my brushes
      & it is worth the try!

  • Great Review! I want to try that brush cleaner too kaso minsan nahahasslelan ako pag online lang available kasi may delivery fee pa :| You mentioned Parian Spirit, I saw it in Suesh, meron pa bang ibang bilihan non? Feeling ko kasi mahal sakanila. Right now I’m using Ellana Brush Cleaner saka minsan pag nagmamadali talaga, makeup remover ung water type

    • Yeah I know the feeling. I’m not really ‘that’ fond of ordering online too unless gusto ko talaga ung oorderin ko. Pero pag little things lang, like this one, I usually don’t bother. I think Digital Traincase has Parian Spirit, but then again, that’s an online store. I saw one at Suesh (Trinoma) but I think Parian Spirit is kinda expensive talaga e. Whether you buy it at Suesh or at Digital Traincase (mas malala nga lang pag sa Suesh, lol)

      Haven’t tried Ellana yet, but I love their flat top kabuki brush, it’s the one that I’m using right now

      • Hahaha natawa ako don “(mas malala nga lang pag sa Suesh, lol)” hahaha. I love their brushes too I have kabuki na retractable like 3 years na siya sakin hm yan gamit mo?

    • Hi Gen! J&C delivers for free if you are within Makati area. Just visit their Facebook page

      • There you go @genzel:disqus

        Thanks Krissy!

      • Thanks Krissy but I’m in Alabang area

  • Lissy

    Hi, can you tell me where you got that large fan brush? I’ve been looking for a good one for ages. Thanks!

    • At Landmark Makati

  • This product is amazing. Until now I am using shampoo to clean my brushes. Boo!

    • Haha, it’s okay. I think most of us started using shampoo/baby shampoo first to clean our brushes.

  • Envious enough sis! Ang daming brushes! I really need to find my very own best buddy on putting makeup! Kaso until now nganga parin ako haha and I can’t seem to find one unless mahawakan ko sila. They say ung brushes sa Landmark would be a good start, what do you think? And yes your comment moderation should be on held para nababasa mo sis. May comment kasi ako last time and I’m waiting for your answer parin hihihi.

    • Yup landmark brushes are good. Most of my brushes are either bought from Landmark, Marionnaud or Elf (Studio).

      Aww, I didn’t see that. I’ll modify my settings right away. Kainis naman. Sorry ’bout that. Do you remember what your comment was or what the blog was about?

      • Oh no! I’ve checked both of your blogpost wala sila. nagcomment ako sa Mac Matte Lipstick and Haul mo for March! Oh well sayang!

        • Ganun? Kainis talaga. I already adjusted the settings. Imo-modify ko na. Hmmp.

  • anamariealina

    Been eyeing for this. Pero torn ako. Gusto ko yung sa sephora eh. Wah..

    • Haven’t tried that one yet, but this one’s good

  • Haha. You can also try baby wipes.

  • Since, im a mom-on-a -budget i use J&J Shampoo for cleaning my brushes =) and it works wonder din naman =) tapos amoy baby pa yung brushes ko after hihi =) although i read great reviews about this brush cleaner =)

    • Yup I use J&J too along with EVO oil for deep cleaning

  • I can spot-clean my brushes just by using alcohol! LOL.. I think the best substitute for brush cleaners would be alcohol since this one contains the ethyl and the isopropyl alcohol.. alcohol is much more cheap and you can find it at home.. hehe But I also clean my brushes with shampoo anyway..

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