Online & Dept Store March Collective Haul

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Me? It’s okay I guess. I just did my layout as you can see. That’s pretty much why I wasn’t able to update the entire weekend. Besides, I only have one day off per week, so yeah, my schedule’s pretty tight. Anyway, enough with the babbling. Here are of the stuffs that I bought last week. I must admit, I splurged on beauty tools (since the PH-TwentyOff was about to be over that time) and I finally bought my own Mac CYY!

Online & Dept Store March Collective Haul

Online & Department Store March Collective Haul

SM Haul
J&C Super Clean Solutions for Makeup Brushes
Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set (Sonia Limited Edition)
Beautyblender® Single + Cleanser Kit
MAC Candy Yum Yum

SM Haul
Sorry if the photo’s blurry. Didn’t notice that it was until I was already editing it
Items L-R: Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Celeteque Acne Defense Facial Wash, Celeteque Acne Defense Spot Treatment, Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Silk Cake Powder in ‘Honey’, Pinkie’s Collections Blush in ‘Cinnamon’, L.A. Passion Mineral Eyeshadow in ‘Buff’, ELF Healthy Glow Brozer in ‘Luminance’, La Belle Nail Polish in ‘Sparkling Lime O’ Lime’

I went to ran an errand last Friday, so I decided to check out what’s new at SM, besides, I’ve been watching Say’s haul videos lately, so I decided to check out the Department store. I bought some essentials like the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo – because I realized that I only have a few drops left & it’s not enough to wash all of my used brushes. The Celeteque Acne Defense Facial Wash & Spot Treatment – I don’t have acne, but I’ve been having blemishes lately, so I really want to minimize their appearances, and since I trust Celeteque, I thought I’d buy some of the products in their Acne Defense line. Then I also bought some makeup items and of course a nail polish.

J&C Super Clean Solutions for Makeup Brushes
J&C Super Clean Solutions for Makeup Brushes

This was actually included in the brush set that I purchased. I tested out this brush cleaner, and damn! I REALLY am impressed with this one and I LOVE IT! I'll do a review about it soon, promise! I need to catch up on my reviews actually.

Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set (Sonia Limited Edition) Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set (Sonia Limited Edition)

Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set (Sonia Limited Edition) – PhP 3,000 at Beauty & Minerals with the J&C Super Clean Solutions for Makeup Brushes

This is actually my first complete makeup brush set. Sure I buy brush sets, but they’re not as complete as this one. I’ll just do a review about this one soon.

Beauty Blender w/ Cleanser
Beautyblender® Single + Cleanser Kit

I have dupes of this thing but I must admit, I just love the real thing! It made my foundation less cakey without compromising the coverage. It also made my foundation last longer.

Mac Candy Yum Yum
Mac Candy Yum Yum

And finally my very own MAC Candy Yum Yum! I finally have one! It’s not really that easy finding one. I know that it’s in the permanent line, but we still don’t have it here, so when Carefree Shopper had one, I took advantage of it. I’ll do a review about it soon.

So those are the items that I got for myself. I know I kinda promised myself that I won’t be shopping that much, butI don’t think I’m really capable of such things! Kidding! Anyway, I gotta go, I still need to do a review about my Mac CYY. Oh, and btw, with regards to my Feb Faves, I’ll be doing that sometime this week or maybe next week. I already took some pictures, but most of them were blurry, so I had to redo them.

Anyway, see you at my next post!

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  • That Charm Sonia travel brush set is so drool worthy. Can’t wait for your review on charm and beauty blender

  • LeaAriannCedeno

    That’s a lot of stuff!!! I wanted to try the J&C brush cleaner but i don’t know where i can get them… and the beauty blender!!!arrggh! you really can’t settle for the dupes. Original is still better, i mean the best!
    nice haul!!

  • Are those brushes really soft to touch? I think I want to own a new brush set from Charm.

    Micmic’s Corner

    • Yes they’re really soft

  • eyahnism

    you always had hauls for the things I really want! I envy you!!! hheeheh! I wanted the charm brushes but then I really wanted to see them personally and actually I still don’t have the budget, I also want to have the beauty blender but I guess I might stick nalang sa mga ordinary dupe since its so pricey for me. And for the brush cleaner I hear a lot of good things about it

    • Haha, thanks Eyah!

      I’ve seen/felt the Charm brushes @ The Ramp, Crossings (TriNoma) and I kept on going back there just to feel them again and again, lol. I like the BB dupes, but once I tried this one, I totally understood there were a lot of raves regarding this product. It’s really different from the dupes.

      Yup, the brush cleaner is really good, I love it

      • eyahnism

        sa the ramp ko binili yung brushes ko din na dollface,, mahawakan nga dyan :))

  • last week bumili din ako nung baby shampoo para sa brushes ko sabi kasi nila ok daw, super love it kasi ang bango.. since nung natuto ako mag makeup ndi na ko fan ng sponge applicator kung sa liquid foundation natry ko minsan and nag stick padin ako sa brush like sima f80. mas nadadalian ako although sabi nila mas flawless daw kapag sponge.. hahha

    • Yup Im a fan of Sigma F80 as well. Its just that this one makes foundation kinda like your second skin without making it so sheer. Chaka mas nakakatipid sa foundation. Kc 1 pump lang ok na.

  • Maica France Saldo

    Where did you buy the Pinkies Collection blush? I wanted to try their lipsticks but there’s no Pinkies Collection in SM North EDSA. I didn’t know that Charm brushes are available at Crossings Trinoma. Will definitely check them out! Thank you so much Yette!

    • SM San Lazaro. Yup, I’ve been at SM San Lazaro, sadly they don’t have Pinkie’s Collection there. Sa SM Manila ata meron.

      Merong Charm Brushes, Ellana & Dollface Cosmetics sa Crossings. That’s where I bought the palette for the March COM

  • Desire Loreto

    I love your hauls, Yette. As always! I knew about Pinkie Swear in Say’s videos, and I guess you too I have always been lemming for Charm brushes due to the reviews I read from bloggers like Ms. Shen, Ms. Liz and Ms. Marta of TBJ. Sad thing I’m still in a tight budget and our allowance as working students are nowhere to be found This made me want to buy badly! I heard a lot from JandC makeup brush cleaner too, and I’m glad you bought one! Would definitely be waiting for your review about that, Yette!

    High-five for this drooling haul post, love. I must agree with what you said that no matter how we control and ban ourselves to buy something, you will still crave more and more each day for it. Kaya, you have no choice but to buy it nalang. LOL!

    • Yup it’s because of Say. Her hauls are so ‘enticing’. Buti na nga lang mura ung mga pinagbibibili nya kung hindi..T_T;
      I only bought Charm because it was sale at Multiply and it has a brush cleaner included

      Naku sinabi mo pa.. -__-;

      • Desire Loreto

        I know right? Like now, she posted na naman about her HBC haul and my hand is itching to get those stuffs :))

        Now that’s a steal! You get two products at the price of one Is it still available, Yette?

        • Yes she did! Makes me want to go to HBC! Unfortunately all of the HBC branches are far from our house so I might buy those maybe next time.

          • Desire Loreto

            Same problem here girl, But those babies are worth the test. Plus the prices are soo affordable. Maybe an hour and a half travel from our house x.x Tiis ganda!

          • I’ll be going to Landmark soon. Any products from HBC/San-san you might want to suggest?

          • Desire Loreto

            Yes! I’ve heard that their SanSan Matte Finish Liquid Foundation is worth a try. Better than EB liquid foundies I think. But of course, I won’t conclude more before your reliable review post Please try their thick lash mascara too and lipsticks. hahaha how about a 500 peso makeup challenge?

        • Oh & yes they’re still available. The Sonia brushes are sold for Php 3,000 w/ the J&C brush cleaner included and the travel pro (the pink version) is only PhP 2,850 (w/ the J&C brush cleaner as well).

          • Desire Loreto

            Thanks for the info, Yette

  • I think I remember that when you said you won’t be buying that much for this month hahaha. It’s hard to control right? I love your haul! I’m actually eyeing on that sonia brush set but I really want to save so I resist myself from buying one. what I don’t like in that brush set is the pouch. I’m not that fan of animal prints. I’ve seen that candy yum yum in photos! Will read your review next

    • You remembered that? Darn it! Haha.

      You don’t need it! You already have Sigma! Lol Even if I already have the Sonia brush set, I’m still drooling for the Sigma brushes, lol

      I’m a fan of leopard print, haha xD

      • Hahaha yeah you’re banned from shopping na! Hahaha but that one is good for travel unlike my heavy sigma brushes – combo :|

  • I hope yo see a review of the Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Silk Cake Powder. I really like your haul. Especially the MAC Lipstick!! I hope I can get mine soon, kahit isa lang, T.T haha!

    • Sure, I’ll do one soon

  • Rochelle Caparas

    I’m not sure if you already had a review on that Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set. I would really love to hear your critic on that since I find your review style very admirable. My sister is planning to buy kasi yung Charm. Baka may pros and cons ka rin nun

    • It’s already in my ‘todo’ list, lol

  • Super cute ng layout mo. I have never seen a make up haul blog post this cute Kainggit you have the Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set >.<

  • I use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo for my baby’s curly hair =) hihi,, and i used this also for cleaning my blush brush and e/s brush.. i wonder how you do your layout for pics/images you were using here on your blog =) i find it cute =)

  • Nice haul yette ♥ I’m not a brush fan pero I still wanted to buy one. Make a review on your new babies ah

  • Jameila B

    Wow! You spent a lot for this haul. O.o Anyway, what’s important is the quality of the products. Looking forward to your reviews especially on the pinkies foundation (if im not mistaken).

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  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    wow! how much is their make up brushes??? I need to buy a set soon because my make up items are growing in number and I’ve been learning to do my own make up too…