February 2013 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impressions

Last Saturday, two packages arrived in my house and one of them was my February Glamourbox. I was supposed to do an unboxing entry right away, but I was already busy writing a review about the Urban Decay Theodora Palette so I decided to postpone it until i finish that one. Sadly, I was so tired that I wasn’t able to finish that review on time. Sorry about that. Anyway, here goes my usual monthly Glamourbox unboxing/first impressions post for you guys and I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts/opinions about the goodies that I received this month.

February 2013 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impressions
February 2013 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impressions February 2013 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impressions
February 2013 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impressions

Wild Peach Cosmetics Personal Palette Wild Peach Cosmetics Personal Palette

WILD PEACH COSMETICS | Customizable Makeup Palette
Personal Size With Sticker | PhP 298

The Wild Peach patented palette is designed to simplify your daily beauty routine. Featuring a magnetic base with free form layout, it lets you minimize clutter by consolidating makeup into one container.

Whoever thought of including this item in this month’s Glamourbox is such a genius! I’ve been contemplating whether or not I should get this palette because I have quads in my vanity that are half filled, half broken. But thanks to this month’s box, I don’t have to order anything anymore! (Scratch that — I might, since I just depotted some of my eyeshadows and I’m running out of space :| )

Carmex Jar
Full-size Jar | 7.5g -PhP 109.75

Carmex jar contains natural moisturizers such as cocoa butter and lanolin. These and other emollients give you healthy-looking lips by moistening and preventing chapping caused by environment

I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit surprised seeing Carmex in my monthly box, but it was actually very timely too. Not that I don’t have any lip balms, in fact I have tons. (being that I am such a huge lip balm junkie, as you all know) However, for some reason, my lips (especially my lower lip) seems to be REAAALLLLYYY dry & chappy these days and I’ve tried all of my lip balms here, even my regular Carmex and after just a couple of minutes, it goes back from being soft and moisturized to really dry. Then I thought of using this, and what do you know, this particular Carmex has a longer staying power than most of my lip balms. So, I guess having this in my Feb box is kinda okay.

KJI & CO Emergency Lash RX KJI & CO Emergency Lash RX

KJI & CO Emergency Lash RX
Full-Size | PhP 1,350

This lash serum prevents new virgin hair from being adversely affected by cosmetic and environmental factors. Users will see dramatic improvement in lash volume, texture and density

I was really interested in this product because it’s from KJI & Co. I loved their lip stain, which was the one that came from last month’s Glamourbox and because of that, it got me curious and I really would like to see if this one will live up to what their label says. So far, it’s only been four days since I started using it, and all I can say is that, I am definitely intrigued. I will update you more after a couple of days if there are any developments regarding my lashes

Snoe Oil For All Argan Oil
SNOE Oil For All Argan Oil
Full-size 25ml | PhP 799

Argan Oil has been gaining recognition for its restorative ad anti-aging benefits to skin and hair. High in Vitamin E, this “Liquid Gold” heals dry skin, prevents acne breakouts and reduces marks and fine lines

I like the idea behind the container bottles, it’s so cute. I’m not sure how much this bottle contains and I’m not sure how long it will last, but this can be useful, especially now that I have a really dry skin. I’ll let you know what I think about it after a couple of tries, maybe

Calvin Klein Beauty
Full-size 100ml | PhP 5,498

Sophisticated, confident and radiant. Beauty evokes the ultimate power of femininity and sophistication. It captures the spirit of woman who is beautiful from the inside out

Great. Another perfume sample. :|

February Glamourbox Gift Certificates

So those are all of the items that I got from my February Glamourbox. I actually liked this one better than the January box, and that’s mainly because of the customizable palette and the lash serum. But if I am to be honest, I still think that their November and December boxes were a lot better than this one. I am not disappointed with the items that I received, nor do I hate it. I still think that you get what you pay for when you pay them PhP 580 monthly, and I still believe that it’s worth it. I know that more than a few might (will/are already) be disappointed with this month’s box, but I’m actually fine with it. I got three full sized items which could be worth more than PhP 1,700 if bought individually. Instead, I only paid less than half of their prices combined. There may be some ‘eh’ items in this month’s box, but I don’t know, I guess I just happen to like my Glamourbox this month.

So how about you guys? Did you like this month’s Glamourbox? Did you subscribe to any monthly beauty box this year? Let me know your thoughts!

Oh, and stay tuned for my BDJ Unboxing everyone! Bye!

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  • Wow you really do subscribe to different gift box services. How I wish I can do it too. I don’t know what’s with the January box but this one is good. You’re right, it’s because of the palette and the serum Is the Argan oil from snoe is full sized also? That’s great. Huge save! Will wait for your reviews, most esp. on the lash serum

    • Just this and BDJ. I unsubscribed to Saladbox

      I got the tiny sample size bottle. Sorry wasn’t able to indicate it. I’ll edit that later.
      Oh & about the lash serum, I’ll do a review about it after a week

      • Ahh feeling ko alam ko why ka nag unsubscribe hihi. I’ll wait for your review

  • Laging sold out ang boxes ng Glamourbox.

    I will wait for your review in the Argan oil and the lash serum.

    • Aww, this March, maybe?

      Sure hun

  • I got the Body Shop Vitamin E moisturizer instead of the Wild Peach palette. I think you might have gotten the better product. I’m excited to see your review on the lash serum as I really have no idea how to use it.

    • I usually apply it at the bottom part of my lids, kinda like where my gel liner is supposed to be at when I’m outlining my eyes. I also apply it at the roots of my lashes (where you usually tightline).

      You can also use it for your brows if in case you want to have thicker & fuller brows

      • Wow I didn’t think of that! Yeah I have pretty sparse brows too. Thanks for the tips!

  • KeiFio

    The Feb. Box is much better than the Jan. Box if I may say, I guess, I need to subscribe again. I been waiting for your Unboxing post for Feb. maybe to justify if unsubscribing is a good decision but maybe not lolz :))

    • Ah haha. Well, that’s the thing with these monthly boxes, especially w/ BDJ & Glamourbox, you never know what you’re gonna get.

  • theabelle

    I’m interested on your feb bdj box review

    • It will be up maybe tomorrow or on Friday

  • eyahnism

    this is the best box for the month so far! I love it because of the palette!! grabehhhh! I want to buy it kasi matagal na I think this time is sulit

  • Maica France Saldo

    Question: Where can I get the customizable palette? it is so much cheaper than the Z Palette, and I have been looking for a dupe so I can organize my eyeshadows.

    This is such a good post, very interesting box. Is it worth to subscribe to Glamourbox? I am currently subscribed to BDJ, and was subscribed to Saladbox. I am contemplating if I should subscribe to Glamourbox as well, since from your unboxing posts they give out cool makeup products. Are there other beauty box subscriptions around?

    Thank you!


  • hindi ako umaabot sa subcription ng Glamourbox.. haaay.. sa sampleroom sinuwerte lang ata ako hehehe..

    • Me too! Sinuswerte lang ako sa Sampleroom.

      With regard to Glamourbox, I get the quarterly plan to avoid the rush, lol

      • uu nga.. ang bilis talaga maubos ng box nitong glamourbox.. sobrang nanghinayang ako di ako nakakuha ng december =( i love all items on their december box.. haaay..

        hehe talaga sinuwerte ka din sa sampleroom? i want to tru yung shieshido,.. malas lang i only have 80pts that time.. di ako umabot din sa second wave ng restock… and by looking sa mga reviews na nabasa ko sa blogger.. puro positive feedbacks..

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