Urban Decay: Theodora Palette – Review, Swatches & Photos

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delayed update, I know I was supposed to post this last Wednesday but things just got a bit hectic here.(sorry about that!) Anyway, the Theodora palette is a part of the two newly released limited edition palettes that Urban Decay launched inspired by the movie Oz, The Great and Powerful. This palette features a lot of darker, neutral shades while the Glinda palette featured a lot of light, pastel, “heavenly” and glittery shades (When I look at it it makes me think of Care Bears for some reason, lol). These palettes are ideal for recreating the looks of the two of the three witches that are in the movie as it features a “Get The Look” instruction card. But, my question is this.. “Where’s the palette for Evanora (Rachel Weisz)?”

Before I proceed with the review, I just wanna let you guys know a few things. Aside from the fact that this is a picture heavy post, some of you might consider this ‘lengthy’, which I totally understand. However, I will be reviewing all of the items that came with the palette, (three items overall) so if you want, you can use the links below to navigate all over this post and go through whatever section you want. (Although I would really appreciate it if you read the entire post ^_^;)

N A V I G A T E ♥

The Palette
The Packaging
Shades & Swatches
24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil
Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color
Pros & Cons
More Info
My Opinion

Urban Decay - Theodora Palette Urban Decay - Theodora Palette
Urban Decay - Theodora Palette Urban Decay - Theodora Palette

The Theodora palette comes with six full-sized eyeshadow colors, (two of the pans have two shades on them or “duo shades” as Urban Decay calls it, therefore makes them eight) one travel-sized 24-7 Eyeliner, one full-size Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color and a “Get The Look” instruction card. Both palettes (Theodora and Glinda) retail for $49 at the Urban Decay website, but you can buy them here at Stuff In Style. for PhP 3,500 (less 20% if you use the discount code which lasts only for this month, I believe)

Urban Decay - Theodora Palette

The palette is housed in a metallic case, which I first encountered when I bought my Naked 2 palette. However, according to some of the reviews I’ve read online, this palette’s packaging is very similar to the Urban Decay’s Build Your Own Palette. The only difference is that this palette does not come with an eyeshadow brush applicator but instead, it comes with a travel sized 24/7 eyeliner. Since it’s practically the same as the BYOB palette, the eyeshadow pans are detachable hence allowing you to customize your palette if in case you would like to replace one or more shades in this palette. It also has a large mirror allowing you to see your entire face not only your eyes while your doing your makeup.

Urban Decay - Theodora Palette
(TOP; L-R) Broken, Beware and Bewitch
(BOTTOM; L-R) West, Spell, and Jealous

As previously mentioned, this palette comes with 6 full-sized eyeshadow pans (2 of the pans are duo-shades), mostly light, warm and darker neutrals, ideal for creating a perfect day or night eye makeup. This palette is very handy because you can either do the simplest neutral eye makeup, ideal during the day time, or go full on heavy with dramatic, darker shades when you’re going out at night.

Broken – Pale cream eyeshadow with satin finish*
Beware – Warm brown matte eyeshadow*
Bewitch – Dark Charcoal Brown Eyeshadow with Satin Finish*
West – Deep Metallic Brown*
Spell – Duo-Shades: (1) Black with Green Satin and Gold Shimmer (2) Gold Metallic with Tonal Glitter*
Jealous – Duo-Shades: (1) Pale Green Pearl (2) Dark Green Pearl*

*Shade descriptions according to the Urban Deceay Website

Urban Decay - Theodora Palette - Review, Swatches
L-R: (Top Row) Broken, Beware and Bewitch; (Bottom Row) West, Spell, and Jealous

In general, all of these eyeshadows are extremely pigmented, they have a buttery-smooth consistency, and they have a great color pay off. Surprisingly, none of these eyeshadows were powdery, so perhaps there’s something new in their formulation. I had no problems applying them in my eyelid. They went on smoothly and they were very easy to blend. I noticed, however, that there were some fall outs while I was applying ‘Spell’. It wasn’t a big deal, but since both of the shades have a glitter/sparkle finish, it’s quite understandable that you’re bound to end up with glitter fall outs under your eye. As for the lasting power, without an eye primer, these eyeshadows lasted me for more than six hours (I caved, I washed my face right after) without creasing nor fading.

Urban Decay - Theodora Palette - Travel Size 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero Urban Decay - Theodora Palette - Travel Size 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero
Urban Decay - Theodora Palette - Travel Size 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero
24/7 Glide On Eyeliner Pencil in “Zero” (Travel Size)

Included in this palette is a travel-sized 24/7 glide on eye pencil in the shade of “Zero”. Basically, this is just a classic black eyeliner that most of us wear. What I really love about this eyeliner is that, it glides on smoothly without gaps even when I’m tigtlining. That’s actually the main thing that impressed me the most aside from the fact that it’s really easy to use. Usually, no matter how pigmented or creamy my eyeliners are, when it comes to tightlining, I end up poking my eye once or twice before getting the job done. Aside from that, it has a really good pigmentation, it doesn’t smudge and it doesn’t fade. You won’t end up at the end of the day having raccoon eyes or having merely eyeliner residues on your lid. As for the wear, the eyeliner lasted on my eyelids for more than six hours, (it came off when I removed my entire makeup) still intact, with zero smudges.

Urban Decay - Theodora Palette - Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Theodora Urban Decay - Theodora Palette - Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Theodora
Urban Decay - Theodora Palette - Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Theodora
Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in “Theodora”(Travel Size)

This lip product reminds me a lot of my Revlon lipstick in ‘Cherries In The Snow’ precisely because it looks like a bright cherry red lip color with a lot of shimmer. I’m not really into red lipsticks, at least, not until it’s December, but this lip color made me want to rethink my position. This lip pencil, as the name states already, is SUPER saturated, and really glossy. I didn’t have any problems applying it on my lips, it went on smoothly, and it didn’t settle on the fine lines of my lips. According to some of the reviews I’ve watched & read, this is actually F-Bomb just like Naked which was renamed as Glinda for the Glinda Palette. But who am I to know? I don’t have F-BOMB or Naked. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a nude lip color that is as pigmented and glossy as this one? Dang! Anyway, I’ve worn this lip color for more than six hours (it came off when I removed my entire makeup) and since it has a really bold color, it doesn’t fade quickly, but once it does, it leaves a really beautiful stain that still covers the entire lip.


6 full-sized eyeshadow pans + 1 travel-sized eyeliner + 1 full size Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color + BYOP = for the price of $49
Comes with an instruction card which can be helpful if you really would like to imitate the look of Theodora
Beautiful yet sturdy metallic casing
Comes with a large mirror enough to look at your entire face when youre doing your makeup
The entire palette is customizable
The palette is very handy since it already comes with the eyeliner inside
Duo shades!
The eyeshadows provide a really good color pay off and have a buttery smooth consistency.
The eyeshadows are mostly neutrals therefore making it wearable day and/or night
Eyeshadow lasts up to more than 6 hours without creasing
Easy to apply & blend
The eyeliner is very creamy and very easy to work with
Eyeliner doesn’t smudge nor does it fade
The lip pencil has a really strong color and is extremely glossy
The lip pencil fades in to a beautiful red tint that still covers your entire lip
Available online @ Stuffs In Style
If you have the original Naked palette you don’t need this anymore since the shades are pretty similar to one another
Pricey (despite the huge savings)
Fall-outs, specifically at the e/s shades with sparkle/glitter finish
Does not come with an eyeshadow applicator
The palette doesn’t really hold the eyeliner in place
Not available locally, therefore even if you would like to customize your palette, you can’t
The V E R D I C T


If you’ve been with me ever since I’ve started babbling about eyeshadow palettes you’ll know that I am crazy about neutral shades. They just tend to grab my attention more rather than colorful, vibrant eyeshadow palettes. Although this palette offer mostly neutral shades, something about this palette is really different. (I can’t put my finger on it, sorry :P) Further, since you have only eight eyeshadow colors in this palette, you’re forced to mix and match and be creative with your eye look. Also, the formulation of this palette is way better, it looks like they changed something. Even the matte eyeshadow is buttery smooth.

Moreoveer, the fact that you get six full-sized eyeshadows (well eight if you count the duo-shades), a ‘Build Your Own Palette’ case, a full-sized Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color and a Travel-sized 24/7 glide-on eye pencil for $49 is a huge deal. I went to Super Sale Bazaar last year and there was a booth selling a BYOP there and it costs PhP 2.000.

The downside, however, is that youu will encounter some fall-outs, most of them will come from those with sparkle/glitter finishes. Also, since the palette is not available locally, should you wish to customize, you might have a problem finding single eye shadow. But who knows, I might be wrong.

R E P U R C H A S E ?

The Glinda palette, maybe (waha :P)


Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Basic Info

Urban Decay - Theodora Palette Urban Decay - Theodora Palette


So I bet you’re asking me why I bought another neutral palette? As I’ve mentioned earlier, neutral palettes are a serious head turner for me. I go crazy over them, whether they’re from the drugstore (either local or foreign brand) or even high end, I just fall completely in love with them. But now, the fact that this palette came from Urban Decay, it really made me go cray-cray and as I’ve mentioned in my instagram post, it’s an ‘impulse buy’. Not that I regret buying it, I don’t, but what I meant by ‘impulse buy’ is that it’s not something that I will buy on a whim.

However, before I bought this, I really considered the Glinda palette. I really looked everything up from swatches to the possible eye looks that I can do, and it’s just not me. I mean, I can use it of course but they’re just so light and shimmery. I don’t think I can wear those eyeshadows on a daily basis or even if I’m going out of my friends. At least when I’m going out for a trip, I can bring the Theo palette with me (because it’s a lot sturdier and a lot more travel-friendly than most of my neutral palettes) and still do either the most subtle eye looks or the most dramatic ones. So for me, this one is still the winner.

Again, both the Glinda and the Theodora palettes are available at Stuff In Style. Oh, and I also would like to thank Windy for the wonderful freebies!

Anyway, how about you guys? Do you like this palette? Are you more of a “neutral eyeshadow” kind of girl or are you adventurous and you want more bright, bubbly, shimmery colors? In short, are you Theodora or Glinda? (not the witch! the palette!) Let me know!

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  • Nice review. UD has really good quality eyeshadows that overperform. I think the theodora palette is lovely

  • Desire Loreto

    I’m more of a theodora girl. I love neutral shades and just so-so afraid of wearing bright eyeshadow colors. It seldom reminds me of commercial s*x workers. Weird me o.o But when it comes to lipstick, that’s when I become Glinda. hahah love bright lippies but not to the extreme. Thanks for the in depth review, yette! I always love how you do reviews ♥

    • Thanks! Yeah, I prefer the lippie in the Glinda palette too, but I like this one too. Although I don’t think I can wear this every day, lol

  • I was like O – M – G! I wish I can have such palettes too. I don’t have any palette as in. The only one I have is the one you saw I used in the video last Feb 14 hahaha poor me. I have single shadows though but I really wish to have a palette. I hope I can buy one for my self this coming birthday of mine hihi. I love your reviews as always. It’s too pricey for something that fall out. I think that’s my main standard when I’ll buy my own palette. So far, the best eyeshadows I’ve tried are from Shu Uemura when I attended the event but it’s too pricey like 4 colors for P4,500! WTH! If I’ll have more extra money, that’s the first thing on my list. However, you said you have Naked Palette right? I was planning to buy it too but then I’ve heard some bad reviews about it like yeah, it fall out just like Theodora. What do you prefer between the two? Theo or Naked? Anyway, the liner and lippie looks amazing. I’m really looking for that liner that won’t smudge so I can use it for tight lining the eyes. We’re also the same. I love neutral shades too! I’m more on safe side hihi. Plus, Ms. Nikki told me that I must go with neutral based from what kind and shape of eyes I have but I still try to experiment when I have a palette on my hand

    • Both Theo & Naked palettes have fall-outs but it’s not that bad. They’re really pigmented & they both have good color pay off. Mostly the ones that have minimal fallouts are the ones w/ sparkle/glittery finish. I think that’s pretty normal when it comes to glitter shades because I haven’t really encountered one that didin’t have any fallouts. Between Naked & Theo, if you’re really in to wam, neutral shades, I suggest Naked.

      If you’re willing to invest for a really good eyeliner, then this one’s for you because this one is really smudge-proof and you wont hurt yourself just to tightline your eyes, lol.

      Try Dollface/Elf palettes. They’re less expensive. That’s what I use to experiment, lol

      • Hmmm I’m confused na tuloy whether to save for Naked or not. As for the ELF Palettes, sad to say I don’t like their E/S I’ve tried a tester and it didn’t even color the back of my hand

        • Haha. Well, Naked is definitely a good investment. I never regretted buying my Naked palette. Sometimes I end up using only that palette for one-two months straight. That’s how worth it that palette is.

          Yeah, sadly w/ regard to ELF, hindi lahat ng shades nila pigmented. Kadalasan powdery. The only e/s palette that I use from them often is their butternut quad. Try Wet N WIld, their eyeshadow palettes are great although it’s really expensive dito, but it’s cheaper if you buy it in Ebay

          • Hmmm sige pagipunan ko na yang Naked Pero naisip ko din ung isa yung Lorac. Ano mas peg mo between the two? Pati nga daw lippies sis ng wet n wild maganda Mag pm ako sayo sa fb ng murang bilihan ng wet n wild

          • WnW lipsticks are really good. Most of my WnW lipsticks are from Ebay

          • Finally I got one yesterday na. WnW in Spike of Rum i think is the shade. Home much is it from ebay? On hand or pre order? The cheapest one I saw online is 125?

          • On hand. Something like that. Mga 120+ din

          • woooow mukhang mas peg ko yan. You have suki online seller in ebay? The one I know kasi is for pre-order pa so matagal ung dating ng items

          • Ill give u a link pag nagonline ako. Im not sure kase e. lol

          • sige sige thank you sis!

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  • eyahnism

    What I don’t like about UD is that its a bit chalky considering the part that its pricey. THe OZ palette is really nice and cute, but buying it I probably won’t kasi I already have a lot of neutrals na.. but this is good.. What I love about this is the lip gloss grabeh I love it on your lips napaka sexy babe

    • They’re no longer chalky kc they reformulated their eyeshadows so as for the consistency mas maganda na sha
      Yea I love the lip gloss as well

  • UDPalettes never failed in their packaging.. lagi din syang nasa wishlist ko na hindi pa naga-grant hehehe.. you can find dupes naman diba.. hihi not same as their quality nga lang..

    • True. I’ve always loved their packaging especially recently.

      Yes you can find dupes, but the thing is that it’s not really as good

      • and look.. improving pa yung packaging nila no? sobrang ♥ ko.. at yung mga shades dito.. almost ME.. in lababo talaga ako sa palette na to huhu

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