Fanny Serrano Lash Extravagance Extreme Length And Volume Mascara – Review & Photos

Hello everyone! So this week, the mascara that I’ll be reviewing for you guys is from another local makeup brand and it’s the Fanny Serrano Lash Extravagance Extreme Length And Volume Mascara. I’ve been eying this mascara since last week and since the packaging is very identical to the Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara, I thought it’d be interesting to compare effects of these two.

Fanny Serrano Lash Extravagance Extreme Length And Volume Mascara

As you all know, FS Cosmetics is owned by Fashion 21, so it’s no surprise that their packaging will be similar to each other. I was actually thinking, except maybe from the packaging, what else is different from this mascara to the latter? Let’s find out shall we?

Fanny Serrano Lash Extravagance Extreme Length And Volume Mascara

As you can see, the mascara comes in a slim, shiny, ‘electrifying’, chrome blue bottle. Remember when I said that the F21DUM’s packaging is similar to my Tony Moly Prestige mascara? Well, this is a lot more similar to that one. I know that some people usually don’t like metallic/chrome finishes because they consider it cheap or tacky (or perhaps, both) but I actually like this. I like things that are shiny, lol. Anyway, enough about the packaging. On to the basics first:

Product Name     – Fanny Serrano Lash Extravagance Extreme Length
And Volume Mascara
Price     – PhP 350.00
Net Wt     – 10 g
Availability     – Fanny Serrano Counters at any Watsons and leading Drug
/Department Stores nationwide.

This mascara, I believe was launched early last year, and I’m surprised that I haven’t heard much about this product. I googled about this mascara and I got nada (or maybe I’m just a lame ‘googler’). Anyway, this product promises to provide maximum volume and length upon application. It also promises to provide soft-textured and clump free eyelashes. We’ll see about that later on. Here’s what the back tells us. (I’m sorry I wasn’t able to take a photo of the ingredients, I didn’t notice that it was located at the side of the box, ggrr..)

Fanny Serrano Lash Extravagance Extreme Length And Volume Mascara - Additional Info

Now as for the wand, before I bought this, I asked the SA what’s the main difference between this one and the F21DUM aside from the packaging. She said, and I quote: “Mas maganda to, kasi Fanny Serrano to eh.”, I was like, “Ohh, okaaayyy…”, pretending that I get the difference and what she said made a whole lot of sense to me. Then I grabbed the tester, opened it then I saw the huge difference. I thought to myself, this mascara must be big on lengthening.

Fanny Serrano Lash Extravagance Extreme Length And Volume Mascara - Wand

As you can see, compared to the wand of the Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara, this wand only has two sides with a lot of thin bristles. It doesn’t have a lot of spaces in between the bristles but the two sided wand reminded me of the Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour On Mascara. The wand is also long and a bit curved, which I believe makes it easier to coat your lashes evenly.

Also, unlike the F21DUM, this mascara has a really thick formula, I find myself wiping the tip of the wand via the rim of the mascara because there’s often a lot of excess. However, despite it’s thicker formula, I find that it dries a lot faster than F21DUM.

I’ve been using this product for three straight days now and I’ve been getting the same results over and over again. What I love about this product is that this mascara is really great in lengthening, separating and defining your lashes. It can also provide a bit of volume in your lashes, but this is really BIG on lengthening. I also noticed that this never weighed down my lashes, and it held up my curls really well. This mascara held my curls for approximately 8 hours, and during that time, I didn’t notice any smudging, flaking or whatever.

Now what I don’t like about this mascara is that it clumps like CRAZY! One layer of this mascara will define your lashes, two will lengthen them and three will, OHMYGOD! I’m in hell. (well that’s an exaggeration). But seriously, if not for this review, I would never apply a third coat/layer in my eyelashes. And if you’re like me, who loves to apply loads of mascara in your eyelashes, trust me, when you use this mascara, you will be satisfied with just two coats/layers.

Fanny Serrano Lash Extravagance Extreme Length And Volume Mascara - Bare Lashes Fanny Serrano Lash Extravagance Extreme Length And Volume Mascara - 1 Coat
Fanny Serrano Lash Extravagance Extreme Length And Volume Mascara - 2 Coats Fanny Serrano Lash Extravagance Extreme Length And Volume Mascara - 3 Coats
Sorry about the photos. Lack of sleep, y’know?!

As you can see, it’s really great in lengthening my lashes, but upon application of the third layer, it went from really separated to really messed up. I really like the feel of it though, personally, I’m not into spidery long lashes, but this kinda gave me that. Therefore, if you really would like to use this mascara, I suggest that you don’t apply more than two layers. Otherwise, you’re gonna have a huge mess up in your lashes.

As for the removal, I just used my Pond’s cold cream and facial cleansing wipes. However, I had to use a generous amount of cold cream and a couple of wipes in order to fully remove it. It’s not that stubborn to remove, but it did take an effort in removing it.

Now to summarize, here are my pros & cons about the said product…

slim, shiny, ‘electrifying’, chrome blue, sturdy packaging
Affordable at only PhP 350
Available where there’s Watsons/Dept.Store
Doesn’t weigh down my eyelashes
Lasted for approximately 8 hours with my curls still intact
Doesn’t flake
Big on separating & lengthening
The wand takes a little bit of getting used to
Thick formulation
Clumps like crazy!
The V E R D I C T

Overall, I think I still like this mascara despite it giving me huge clumpy lashes. I just wont apply more than two coats of the said product and that’s it. It’s really great in lengthening and it held my curls for approximately eight hours, so I think I can live without applying the third layer.

R E P U R C H A S E ?

Uhm, No:)
Despite what I previously mentioned, I still wont repurchase this.

Fanny Serrano Lash Extravagance Extreme Length And Volume Mascara Fanny Serrano Lash Extravagance Extreme Length And Volume Mascara

So those are my thoughts about the Fanny Serrano Lash Extravagance Extreme Length And Volume Mascara. I hope you find this review helpful if in case you’re thinking of buying a new affordable mascara. It’s not that bad, like I said. i like it, and I don’t hate it. Maybe you might like it. Remember, it doesn’t mean that just because it didn’t work for me, it might not work for you. We have or own preferences, so why not take a risk and try it?

How about you guys? Do you like this mascara? Do you like lengthening mascaras? What mascaras from the local makeup brand do you own? Do you like them? How do you find this mascara so far? Let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Omg it looks really clumpy at 3 coats! I prefer my mascara on the natural-looking side, so will skip this. I didn’t notice that FS had a mascara…

    • Yes it does! Usually I don’t mind my lashes getting a little clumpy but I’ve never had anything like this before, lol.

  • natawa ako sa sinabi ng SA. seriously, undertrained ang iba sakanila which is sad anyway it really looks clumpy and uneven at 3 coats. This looks like its difficult to manage so this is a deal breaker.

    • Oo nga e. I didn’t ask her to clarify na, baka mamaya sumakit pa ulo naming dalawa.

      It does! I’ve been wearing that mascara for 3 straight days & I tried to flip the wand, kase baka mamaya mali lang yung side na ginagamit ko but I still get the same result. Kainis talaga.

      • i agree umo-oo nalang din ako pag alam kong hindi alam nung SA ung sinasabi nya ayaw ko makipagtalo ;p

        tsk sayang naman. thats 350pesos down the drain

  • Lanie Pregoner

    I thought you’re exaggerating when you said na “clumps like CRAZY”. But when I saw the picture, totoo pala! Haha Nice pa naman sana ang wand but the super thick naman. It’s a no deal for me lalo pa nahihirapan ako maglagay ng mascara, sometimes it gets messy pa and time consuming.

    • Kaya nga e. Sayang

  • Jan Mitchelle Panuela

    I salute you on how you do every review of yours. yung sa design palang nang pros n cons. hihi Anyways, I was planning to buy this one sana. Then I end up buying their gel liner haha coz I was thinking na baka di to msyadong maganda. so yun. Glad I saw this post of yours.. and I think in terms of local brands of mascaras, the best ang maybelline. hihi.

    • If you’re into natural look & you just wanna lengthen your lashes w/o applying loads of mascara, then pwede to kc nakakalenghten talaga sha & nakakahawak talaga sha ng curls. Pero problem kc is that di pwede maraming coats otherwise magca-clamp. & I think naka-affect pa yung pag take ko ng picture in between application.

  • Jan Mitchelle Panuela

    .Waaaah! Buti nalang talaga di ko to binili. Nag ka-clamp pala talaga cya sayang naman,

  • Desire Loreto

    I must agree with the girls, this mascara is definitely not for good use. I laughed at the part when you asked the SA; too sad nga I encountered lots of them na not-so-knowledgeable with their brand line.

    Anyways, I’m recently loving FS makeup line, especially their two-way cake. Great coverage but expensive for everyday use. Except from their mascaras too. I also notice their SA’s sporting scary spider lashes. Thanks for this post, Yette! You saved our moolahs thru this informative post

  • Grabe, panalo yung sagot ng SA sis! :)) “kasi Fanny Serrano eh” :)) so pag FS mas maganda na agad? :)) LOLS! I’ve never tried any makeup from this brand except for their eyelash curler refill which is pretty good. I always do 1 coat lang when it comes to mascara application because I want it to look like natural lashes but better. The 3rd coat on the photo is a disaster. I hate mascaras that clump. You need to comb pa, hassle. This one is the same with Penshoppe Mascara that I keep because it was given by my brother. -____-

    Anyway, great review as always! Thanks for sharing and saving the girls from spending their money for a not so good buy.

    • I actually tried to comb that, but it just wont work, lol

      Thanks, sis!

      • Hahaha siguro kasi sobrang dikit niya, di na umubra ang comb sis!

  • eyahnism

    Aw.. The only thing I’ve tried in fanny serrano is the concealer.. ngayon ko lang nalaman na iisa sila hehe Ok na sana ng clump lang But then for the prize okay naman sya for a 350.. Will put this on my list then. kaso for now bwal pa ko magmascara T_T hehe THanks for the review

    • ok naman sha for 2 coats e pag marami na dun na sha nagca-clump so for me, it’s not really a waste of money kase pwede mo ren shang maging mascara if you just want a natural effect

      • eyahnism

        I see.. Actually bet ko yung packaging niya

      • eyahnism

        Cge let’s set it sometime

  • Maica France Saldo

    It really looks like the Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara, except for the color. Good to know that it doesn’t weigh down the lashes, unlike the Double Up Mascara that can’t hold the curl of the lashes. I will try this out. Do you have any suggestions to avoid the clumping effect?

    • You can comb it after every coat, it works for some people but it doesn’t really work for me. I haven’t mastered that technique yet, lol.

  • i havent tried any product from FS line.. but i read a lot of reviews from this products.. mostly their curlers and blush-ons =)

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