MAC Lustre Lipstick in Plumful – Photos, Swatches & Review

Hello everyone! So today, I thought of doing a review about another favorite lip color of mine, my MAC Lustre Lipstick in ‘Plumful’. I actually can’t believe that I’ve had this lipstick for months and I’m only doing a review about this just now. I bought this lipstick I believe last October at CareFreeShopper, when I was looking for a new MAC lipstick to buy (after I bought my MAC Rebel). I find the shade quite interesting so I went to Temptalia‘s website to check some swatches and I loved it. I actually missed the fact that it was a Lustre lipstick, and I only saw it when it got here, but it’s okay.

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Plumful - Packaging

The lipstick comes in a sturdy, sleek, black, bullet-like tube. Pretty much just like all of the MAC lipsticks that are already in their permanent line. I don’t have a lot of MAC lipsticks, in fact this is my first lustre lipstick. But according to some blogs I’ve read, Lustre finishes are typically sheer. According to some, it may take a few (sometimes a lot of) coats in order to achieve its real color. As for this one, however, it may be a bit sheer, but you can already get a decent color pay off with just one layer. Sort of like an MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade. Therefore, when applied with two or more coats, you can already achieve its real color.

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Plumful

Product Name     – MAC Lustre Lipstick Rouge A Levres
Shade     – Plumful
Price     – Approximately PhP 1,000 (Mac Cosmetics Store)
PhP 995 online or at CareFreeShopper
Weight     – 3 grams
Availability     – MAC Cosmetics Store

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Plumful - Further Info

MAC describes Plumful as “Blossoming Rose Plum”, which if I may say so is actually a pretty accurate description. It is indeed a plummy shade, but it’s not that intimidating, unlike most plum-colored shades that I’ve been seeing recently. Also, it has a touch of rosy-pink and that’s the reason why I love it.

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Plumful - Swatches
One, Two, Three Layers (I know, not that different from each other, eh?)

The product, being that it has a lustre finish, is also very moisturizing. I don’t need to apply a lip balm any more prior to applying this, not unless my lips are really dry or chappy. However, I’ve read somewhere that lustre finishes can also be drying but that never happen to me whenever I wear this lip color. My mama loves this lipstick as well, and so far, she doesn’t have any complains. I don’t see her lips getting dry or chappy either whenever she wears this, so maybe it depends on the shade. It also doesn’t settle on the fine lines of my lips, which is typically what I hate in most lipsticks. Fortunately, I haven’t encountered a MAC lipstick that ever did that to me.

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Plumful - Bare Lips MAC Lustre Lipstick in Plumful - First Layer MAC Lustre Lipstick in Plumful - Second Layer
Sorry for the pictures, my skin is really dry right now.

From the camera, the first and second layer looks pretty much the same. In person, however, you can really tell that although the first layer is opaque enough, you can still intensify the color by applying one or more coats. This lipstick lasts for approximately 3-4 hours on my lips without retouching. I really love this lip color because it goes with most of my makeup looks, and it’s very wearable.

Dupe Alert!

Well, I don’t really know if you consider this as a dupe but for me, the shade of these two lipsticks (especially when worn) are very close to each other.

Possible Dupe : Ever Bilena Pro Lipstick With Shimmer in ‘Burgundy Shine’

Ever Bilena Pro Lipstick with Shimmer in Burgundy Shine

I know, I know, it doesn’t look like a dupe, it doesn’t even look similar to each other. Judging by the tube, Ever Bilena Pro Lipstick With Shimmer in ‘Burgundy Shine’ looks darker, in fact a lot more vampy than Plumful. However, when swatched, they are pretty similar, and when worn, BINGO!

Ever Bilena Pro Lipstick With Shimmer in Burgundy Shine - Swatches Ever Bilena Pro Lipstick With Shimmer in Burgundy Shine - Swatches

At the picture where I’m wearing both lipsticks, I’m wearing two coats of ‘Plumful’ while I’m only wearing a single coat of the Ever Bilena Pro Lipstick With Shimmer in ‘Burgundy Shine’. ‘Burgundy Shine’ is actually more opaque, but it has different finish. Let me know if you want a detailed review of this one. But for now, that’s all I’m giving you.

As I’ve mentioned, it may not be a spot-on dupe for some or most of you guys, but for me, it is. I think it’s the white ‘stuff’ (I’m sorry, I don’t know what to call it, lol) that tones the color down, and makes the shade less vampy. I actually bought the Ever Bilena Pro Lipstick With Shimmer in ‘Burgundy Shine’ first, and I didn’t notice that I already had a similar shade. Either way, I do not regret buying ‘Plumful’ because even though their shade is very similar to one another, they’re still different in so many ways.

So to summarize, here are my thoughts about the said lipstick:

Sleek, Sturdy packaging
Decent color pay off in just one layer
Doesn’t settle on the fine lines of my lips
Doesn’t have any noticeable taste
Glides on smoothly
Wearable and can be easily paired with any makeup look
Lasts up to approximately 4 hours without retouching
Available at all MAC Cosmetics Store & online
Lustre finish (Some people are not very fond of lustre lipsticks)
The V E R D I C T

Overall, I really love this lip color. I find it very easy to wear and I love that it moisturizes my lips as well.

Despite the fact that I already have another lip color that is very similar to this lipstick, I still find myself gravitating towards this one more. I find it hard to explain why, but for me, this just feels a lot lighter, and as I’ve said, moisturizing than my Ever Bilena Pro Lipstick with Shimmer in ‘Burgundy Shine’.

R E P U R C H A S E ?

I’m not sure yet.

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Plumful MAC Lustre Lipstick in Plumful
That eye look was supposed to be my Chinese New Year FOTD
but I wasn’t satisfied with the look I created so I decided to pass, lol

So those are my thoughts about the said lipstick. I’m sorry if this post went longer than expected. I just had to share my recent find, which is the ‘Dupe Alert’ part of this article. As mentioned, I love the lipstick, I don’t know if I’m going to repurchase it though, not because I don’t want it, honestly, I just don’t know. Kinda hard to make a decision about it at this point. Anyway, I hope you found this review helpful (and I hope you didn’t get bored, congratulations to those who made it this far! lol) in some ways and I hope to see you soon in my next entry.

How ’bout you guys? Do you have this particular lip product/shade? What are your thoughts? Do you like plummy shades? Let me know! I love reading & responding to your comments

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  • Nice review! You’re such a great reviewer. I don’t have any MAC lipstick yet. Hoping to have one soon I think it’s also similar to NYX Round Lipstick in Heather which is only for P150.00 The shade is very much the same. It’s sheer too and doesn’t last that long. Unfortunately I don’t look good in that lipstick and shades like Plumful. It looks great on you btw.!

    • Aww, thanks Gen. I find your reviews very helpful too

      I think Plumful has a lot of dupes. I haven’t swatched all of my plum-colored shades yet, but I think I might find one or more shades that may be similar to this one. I only included Burgundy Shine because when worn, you really can’t tell.

      • Agree. I think I also saw one from NYX and Wet n’ Wild. I just forgot the names. However, it still doesn’t look good on me. I’m good with bright shades when it comes to lipstick

        • It’s kinda close to WNWs Mauve Outta Here only that Mauve Outta here is a lot more pink & it’s matte.

          • Yeah I’ve seen a swarch from a review! Kaso ayon nga, it won’t look good on me.

  • It looks flattering, indeed it is an MLBB shade, Please, make more dupe posts!

    btw, I actually like it if your posts are long, because I know that you’ll get into details so it can be informative as it can be.

    • Thanks!

      I’ll try to find more dupes. Most of my lipsticks are from the drugstore, haha.

      • Same here. Since I am a working mom, I cant justify spending 1 thousand for a lipstick. You know what I mean? for that price I purchase 2-3 even 4 lipsticks that are decent enough haha kuripot ako

        • Yea when it comes to lipsticks I’d rather go for the drugstore brands talaga. Minsan lang ako bumili ng MAC, minsan impulse buy pa, lol.

          I go crazy about eyeshadow palettes though (lol). I splurge when it comes to e/s palettes, haha >.<

          • Iba talaga kasi pigmentation ng branded eyeshadows. they can last a day even without a primer

          • True

  • Desire Loreto

    I love the dupe alert! Like I was given hope na I can buy MAC-like lippies Too bad I’m not so fan of some EB lipsticks. But some of them are good too! Plumful looks good on you, and love its lustre effect on your lips.

    Another great dupe for this one, which I have on hand is the WnW megalast lipstick in Wine room. I super duper love it because it can take you to different color dimensions depending on the number of coats you apply. It retails for 250.00 and some stores sell it for 150.00 only!

    Thanks for this in-depth review, Yette. Very informative

    PS: I love your designing skills. I’m also into web and graphic designing

    • Thanks! I like EB’s matte lipsticks. I wanna try their Famous collection soon.

      I don’t have WnW Wine Room. I have Mauve Outta here though. I gave my Sugarplum fairy to my niece because it’s a dupe of Rebel and I don’t plan on wearing the WnW. Lol. I like buying WnW lippies online. Either Ebay or FB because they’re a lot cheaper.

      Oh & thanks again. I’m not really a web & graphic designer. I mean, all the things that I’ve been doing or learned so far were self taught.

      • Desire Loreto

        Wow then you’re indeed amazing! Aside from being a freelance HMUA, I’m also a front end web developer. I create websites but I appreciate your skills, lalo na kasi self-taught. Dun mo kasi masusukat kung gano ka-interested yung tao sa isang bagay I’m planning to venture beauty blogging soon, but I don’t have the time to do so

        • Nyek. Haha, thanks, you’re too sweet

  • eyahnism

    I’m not fond of lustre finish as well, but then the color is something wearable for me. Up to no I’m still undecided what mac lipstick to buy I’m planning to collect 5 basic mac lipstick that I can wear.. Can you suggest?

    I love the Dupe Alert hihih Thank you for the review.. I know it takes a lot of effort to edit picture before sa review minsan, mas matgal pa yung edit kesa sa mismong review

    • Not really sure about the shades din e. I just pick them up pag natipuhan ko. But if you’re fond of red lippies then I suggest Ruby Woo or Russian Red. I don’t have that yet, but I’ll definitely get one soon. Rebel is also a good shade. More on the vampy side. Wala akong mashadong alam sa nude nila e. Ang gusto ko lang kunin sa kanila ngayon, Chaterbox, CYY, Ruby Woo, Betty Bright, Pink Pigeon & Craving

  • wow.. you’ve found dupe for this one.. and at more cheaper price! EB!!! =) i would like to have that shade soon! yeah,, after my makeup ban

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  • Olga

    It’s my first MAC lipstick and I just love it – I love the shade, the finish, the packaging… just everything and I have found a lipstick that is very similar to Plumful too, not a dupe, but it’s close

  • belinda b. ibanez

    Wow! shining, shimmers, like the color.

  • I went to MAC looking to re-swatch Syrup, but I reached for Plumful instead. It instantly attracted me, though I didn’t go for it in the end when I became unsure of how to pull it off. I kind of regret not going for it, but I’ll re-swatch next time to see if it still ‘calls out’ to me. :)) Glad to see Ever Bilena’s got a dupe.