This Or That Makeup Tag

I was browsing through some posts at the Beauty Bloggers United group when I stumbled upon Eyah’s blog of Eyahnism and I saw that she did the This Or That tag.

The tag was very interesting and I’m really glad that she tagged me. I was so excited to do this because I find it to be so interesting and also, I’m inspired by Eyah’s creativity in her tag/entry. Therefore, since I am such a Photoshop addict, I thought I’d add some spice in this tag as well.

Tarte Amazonian 12-Hour Clay Blush in Exposed If I have to pick one, then I’d pick a blush instead. Though I really want to contour my ‘Oh-so-chubby-cheeks’ I still don’t want to look like an oompa loompa without a blush, so I’d go with a blush instead.

On that note, I have a perfect stand-alone blush for that, and that’s the Tarte Amazonian 12-Hour Clay Blush in ‘Exposed’. It works great as both a contour because the shade is very versatile. (Check out my review of the said blush here).

Easy. Lipstick. I’m not much of a lip gloss person, in fact I don’t have a lot of them in my collection. I don’t like the ‘sticky/tacky’ feeling that it gives my lips. I know that that’s the nature of lip glosses but I just don’t like it.

At the right you will see my current lip products (supposed to include lipsticks only but I accidentally placed the L’oreal Caresse Shine lip stains so, my bad

My current fave lip products
Revlon Lip Butters & Lip Staysss Lip Butter Essence in Seductress LIP BUTTERS! Duh! Kidding. But seriously, lip butters. But if I’m in dire need of lip moisturizing (because my lips can be so dry due to my braces). I love lip butters because not only do they moisturize my lips but they provide a decent tint/shade. Kinda like MLBB.

Those at the left are my fave lip butters. I’m really addicted to them and they give my lipstick a subtle color/shine.

Uhh, yeah, this time, I’m gonna have to say BOTH. I think too much matte eyeshadows will make your eye look too flat, and having too much shimmery/frosty/sparkle shades on your eye look will make it look like it lacks dimension. I believe that you should always have a good dark/medium shade of matte shade to contour your crease. Also, I believe that every eyeshadow palette/quad should hve a good balance of matte & frosty shades.

Just like my fave right there –>
(Check out my review about the Lorac PRO palette here)

Lorac PRO Palette
Mememe Flawless Cream Foundation & Revlon Whipped Cream Makeup FOUNDATION. Well, sometimes, BB Cream. I forgot to include my BB cream here. Haha. But yea, I prefer Foundation/BB cream rather than a concealer. I’m just not used to using concealer all by itself. I know some people do that, but that’s just not me.
I’m gonna have to say Pencil, particularly Brown Pencil Eyeliner. With the use of this particular eyeliner, I can contour my nose, eyelids, fix my brows, tight line my eyes and do some cheek contouring if I feel like it as well.

I like this eyeliner pencil because it’s really creamy yet it doesn’t smudge and it lasts long.

Covergirl Perfect Blend Eye Pencil in Black/Brown
4u2 BB Powder I am all for loose powders, especially now since I’m really going crazy about my Snoe Cosmetics Poudre Extraordinaire. However, it’s not really that convenient when you want to bring it with you. So just for the sake of this tag, I’ll go with pressed powders
I don’t have a ton of highlighters and all of my highlighters are in powder form. So I guess that leaves me no choice.

Highlighters @ The Picture – IN2IT Facial Highlighter in Warm Glow & Jazzy Collections Blusher in 03

IN2IT Facial Highlighter in Warm Glow & Jazzy Collections Blusher 03
4u2 BB Powder Of course, I can use my trusty fingers in blending foundations, concealer, everything. However, brushes are still very helpful. You can improve your whole makeup look just as long as you use the appropriate makeup brushes.

Currently, my favorite brushes are the ELF Small Stippling brush, Small Tapered Brush and the Ellana Minerals Flat Top Kabuki Brush.

Personally, I prefer waterproof makeup because they provide a longer staying power, and you know guys that I’m all for the longevity of the product. Those are some of the things that I consider when I’m buying my makeup.

The photo at the right shows some of my favorite waterproof makeup. Of course it includes not one but two mascaras, an eyeliner (which is very stubborn to remove!) and my favorite BB Cream!

Favorite Waterproof Products
Products I Can't Live Without
Well, not really. But let’s just say that if I were to travel and I wasn’t allowed to bring lots of makeup, then these items would probably be in my bag.

L’oreal Lucent Magique BB Cream
Snoe Cosmetis Poudre Extraordinaire in ‘Perfect Beige (Medium)’
Skin Food Gold Caviar Toner/Moisturizer
Tarte Amazonial 12-Hour Clay Blush in ‘Exposed’
Covergirl Perfectblend Eyeliner in ‘Black Brown’
KJI & CO Lip Stayss Lip Butter Essence in ‘Seductress’
And probably a concealer too, although I forgot to include it there, sorry…

I love how this BB cream makes my skin look more ‘awake’ especially when matched with the Garnier Light BB Instant Fairness Roll On (which was supposed to be there, btw). Then I just set it with my Snoe Poudre Extraordinaire, contour with my brown eyeliner, a hint of blush, and lastly, applly a lip product, then I’m all set.

And since I’m having a problem with my extremely dry skin, I need to moisturize often, and currently, I’m loving my SkinFood Gold Caviar Emulsion as my daily moisturizing treatment.

So, those are all of my answers for the “This Or That Makeup Tag”. I hope you like it and you find it useful in some way. Let me know if we have the same preference(s)!

Since I was late in doing this tag entry, I wont be tagging anybody specific. I’ll just be tagging
so feel free to do this on your blog and let me know if you’ll be doing/did it already.
Give me your entry’s URL so I can check it out!

I guess that’s it, see you on my next post. It’s 9:46am now and I haven’t slept yet for more than 24 hours now. Mornight everyone!

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  • eyahnism

    Where do you buy the tarte blusher?.. thanks for doing the tag! We almost have the same preference hehehe and that snoe poudre is so amazing it smells like cupcake

    • At Stuff in Style. The link is at my sidebar. Yes it does! I dont feel bad buying this one instead of the Ben Nye. Its a great alternative.

      • eyahnism

        Super love love ko yan minsan nga binubuksan ko sya just to sniff lang.. mine is a sample size lng.. but I will definitely buy it..

        • Haha! I know how you feel!

  • Desire Loreto

    This tag is fun! We have the same choices too. When asked to choose between concealers and foundations, I would go with the latter. Because some of the foundation nowadays are multi-tasking; meaning, they can do many things at the same time, like giving us a good coverage as well as covering skin imperfections. I would also prefer lippies instead of lipgloss because I hate it when strands of hair stick on my lips like crazy And most of my lippies are matte-semi matte in formula. Great post, Yette! Have a great day!

  • KeiFio

    Sissy, am monolids I tried tight lining it and most of the times I failed. I end up with racoon eyes lolz. Can you actually recommend the best eyeliner pencil that will not smudge hopefully not so pricey :)) TIA!

    • I think Maybelline Master Drama is really good. I too have problems with finding the right eyeliner, Unfortunately Master Drama is often out of stock here in the mall near us so if you’re lucky to have that in the mall near you then go grab that. I didn’t have raccoon eyes when I was using that eyeliner so I think that’s a good eyeliner. I’m using L’oreal silky crayon and it’s also smudge proof but at the end of the day, I end up having raccoon eyes especially in my right eye (usually that’s where I end up having it, lol). Hope that helps.

      • KeiFio

        I’ll check it out hopefully am luck tnx sissy!

  • i want to try those brushes from elf! hope i can get my hands on them soon

    xx Dress Me Up Buttercup

    • My friend bought it in the States for me. I really wish that they carry more ELF products here.

  • I’m about to do this tag too kaso super hectic pa ng sched. I’m very eager to ask how do you do that colorful dividers?! I love it! I’m trying to do it on my posts to but to no avail, poor me ahaha. I hope I’m as good as you in photoshop. Anyway, you’ve done this tag with passion, Congrats. Just a few questions though, where did you buy your perfect blend eyeliner? I’m really curious. How much is the loreal bb cream? I just noticed, I also have Shawill eyeliner! It’s my favorite liquid eyeliner. It’s one of my first reviews on my blog I think which receives my favorite/beauty award. I have snoe powder too but it’s sample size like eyah’s. We got it from snoe event. I’ll buy a full size jar after I finish it. hihi. Nice post!

    • Thanks!

      The dividers? They’re html (table code)
      The perfect blend eyeliner is from Covergirl. I think I got it for approximately PhP 400 or less. I’m not sure.

      The BB cream is worth PhP 698, I believe.

      And I think it was your review that enticed me to buy the Shawill eyeliner. There was someone asking for a waterproof eyeliner at the BBU group and I suggested the KPalette and I think it was you who suggested Shawill, and you gave the link to your review, and since it was only less than 200, I checked it out and it is indeed waterproof (stubborn to remove, in fact, lol).

      • Gotcha! I’ll buy that Perfect Blend Eyeliner I have Glimmersticks from Avon for tight lining my eyes it smudges giving me panda eyes -_____-
        Hmm. The BB Cream is quite expensive.
        Oh yes I remember it! It’s good for everyday use since it’s really cheap. You can use K-Palette for important events Yes it is! I use cotton buds and eye makeup remover to completely remove it

        • Haha.
          Sadly, I don’t have anything from Avon, we don’t have Avon ladies roaming around here, lol
          Yup, the BB cream was expensive. I only bought it because it was on sale that time (Holidays & all).
          Yup I only use my Kpalette for important events. Sayang e. lol

  • Maica France Saldo

    Oh this is nice! I will doing this tag this week and will post my link here.

  • so im it! =) i’ll do this =)

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    wow! awesome post here sis! I enjoyed reading This post is unique and offers fresh perspective and style.