Virginia Olsen Minerals’ 2013 Hottest Spring Colors

Spring is coming and Virgina Olsen is coming up with 10 coolest, or rather ‘HOTTEST’ shades in their mineral eyeshadow line. From the looks of it, it is definitely something to watch out for.

Virginia Olsen Minerals 2013 Hottest Spring Colors

Expect to see more EMERALD in the runway and in the beauty industry as this color was hailed as the COLOR OF THE YEAR by PANTONE, the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries. They also announced the official spring colors for 2013! Now’s the best time to update your makeup colors! The fun and playful mineral eyeshadows of Virginia Olsen not only provide high pigmentation but it’s also safe and suitable even for those with sensitive skin. Virginia Olsen is 100% natural, paraben free, bismuth & talc free, and pure mineral make-up. ‘Summer Sun’, ‘Festival’ and ‘Chartreuse’ are highly recommended for the summer-loving chic goddess in you. If you are the bold and adventurous kind, then try ‘Jirbie’, ‘Solar Flare’ and ‘Donnarence’. For subtle beauty and elegance, ‘Green Pearl’, ‘Purple Unicorn’, ‘Moonlight Star’ and ‘Blue Eyeliner’ are your best bet. Affordable for only Php150/each, a little goes a long way with Virginia Olsen eyeshadows.

I already have the shade ‘Solar Flare’, and I am definitely digging the other colors as well. I don’t have a lot of bold colors in my eyeshadow palettes, so this is definitely tempting in my case. Hmm… I got my ‘Solar Flare’ from my October Saladbox, and I think I better start using it especially now that spring is fast approaching. I’ll make a review of my ‘Solar Flare’ mineral eyeshadow as well as the rest of my VOM samples that I received in my Saladbox soon.

Virginia Olsen Minerals in Solar Flare - Sample Size Virginia Olsen Minerals in Solar Flare - Sample Size

Virginia Olsen Minerals Eyeshadow Sample in ‘Solar Flare’

You may check out their website by clicking here or you may also follow them either via their Facebook Fanpage or via Twitter at @Virginia_Olsen for more updates regarding their newest products.

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  • Desire Loreto

    Sana VOM have booths in malls too for easy access. Sometimes kase I buy only singles for testing purposes. but since you have to order in bulk because of the shipping fee, it prohibits me to do so But I’m really interested with VOM products especially its mineral. Given it won’t expire and hypo-allergenic, it’s worth a try! Looking for your EOTD with Solar Flare ♥

    • True. We’re thinking the same thing. Although now I kinda now their texture/formulation because I have three of their shades (sample from Saladbox) but it still doesn’t help because what if I want to look at the shade Jirbie or Donnarence (which is my fave, basing on the pic). I’m also interested in their brushes.

      • Desire Loreto

        Me too. Their brushes are a catch. It’s uber soft and dense (according to reviews I’ve read). I think Jirbie would fit on you. But Donnarence is a nice choice too. Sweet and dainty ang dating. Hmm just get the two. Lol!

        • Hahah, maybe next time. I’m saving up for something else, lol.

  • i agreed with VOM.. parang yung Ellana.. nagkaron sila sa mga malls nun =) i wonder if they were still here =)