Stay Fashionable & Lucky This Chinese New Year!

When I was a kid, my mama used to buy these crystal pendants as well as some various colorful “stones” that she referred to before as “lucky charms”. She would tie these pendants into a red ribbon/string and make me wear them. She believed the crystal pendants will help me focus/concentrate more on my studies, and the other stones will keep me safe as long as I keep them in my pocket/purse. She also believed in the healing power of crystals. Our family is not Chinese but my mama was big on lucky charms even before these things entered the fashion scene.

Crystal Pendant
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Then all of a sudden, when I was in college, these ‘Feng Shui’ lucky charm bracelets emerged. They were huge that time, and being an accessory geek, I used to collect these goodies. A lot of creative entrepreneurs also benefited from this fashion craze. All of a sudden, from teenagers to grown-ups, they’re just simply going gaga over these lucky charms. As for me, I ordered them from a friend, and I order them by twos. Weekly. Lol.

10MM Rose Quartz Wealth Pixiu Lucky Bracelet
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However, when we transferred to our new home, perhaps due to packing, etc. most of them got lost. I was only able to retrieve a few, and as time goes by, I feel like my house was gradually swallowing them (if that makes any sense, lol).

But since the 2013 Chinese New Year is fast approaching, I realized that I needed to restock my ‘Feng Shui’ lucky charms. Unfortunately, I’ve been busy with work lately so I decided to check out some online shops that might help me decide what to buy.

And what do you know, I bumped into Lazada Philippines. And lookie here, let’s see what they got so far..

Bracelets At
Bracelets At

Stay fashionable and LUCKY with these bracelets! Pick the year you were born in or choose the stone you would like to serve as your lucky charm and you’re good to go!

Key Chains at

I’m not big on key chains since
(a) I don’t have a car/car keys to have these trinkets attached to
(b) I don’t usually bring my house keys with me, unless it’s really necessary and lastly
(c) this is for office/school girls – I don’t have a locker, lol (I don’t know if that applies anymore since I’ve been out of the school/office setting since I don’t know when, lol). But these trinkets are really cute, especially the infinity ones. They make me want to bring my keys everywhere just so I can have them with me.

Key Chains at

This would be so cool if I could hang them in my iPhone! Unfortunately I can’t. I used to collect these things back when I have those phones that can have these cute phone charms attached to them. Unfortunately iPhone doesn’t have that feature. Doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t use them. I think you can use them as your key chain.

All I can say is that compared to the ones I know personally who sell ‘Feng Shui’ bracelets, offers their bracelets and trinkets at a lesser price. This is actually what this online shopping website is famous at. They offer a lot of items at a discounted rate. Apart from that, they have a ton of promos that you can take advantage of. I especially like the fact that they offer C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery). It’s very convenient for those who doesn’t have credit cards, and those who are lazy (like me) to do bank deposits/Gcash.

If you are addicted to accessories like me, and if you believe that these things can help improve your luck this Chinese New Year, then check out their Chinese New Year Lucky Charms & Trinkets and maybe you’ll find something that may help brighten up your 2013.

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Good luck & Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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