Lovemonth HAUL ♥ Feb 02 2013

So I went to the mall yesterday to run some errands and like usual, decided to drop by at the department store. I got me a couple of goodies, most of them are nail polishes (of course! :P) and two were some things that I’ve always been interested to buy and now I got ’em, so read on and let me show you what I got for myself during the very first day of the love♥month…

Lovemonth HAUL

Lovemonth HAUL ♥ Feb 02 2013 ♥

BYS (Be Your Self) Lip Gloss & Lip Stick Duo in ’07 Nearly Nude’
BYS (Be Your Self) Glitter Eye Cream in ‘Heavy Metal Pinks’
5 pcs of Nail Polishes (Shades listed below:)
Caronia Nail Polish in ‘Italian Nude’
Sassy Colors Nail Polish in ‘Temptation’
Sassy Colors Nail Polish in ‘Baby Pink’
Cutex Nail Color in ‘VIP’
Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel in ‘Blue Slate’
Zen Zest Eau De Toilette For Women in ‘Thistle’

I. BYS (Be Your Self) Lip Gloss & Lip Stick Duo in ’07 Nearly Nude’

BYS (Be Your Self) Lip Gloss & Lip Stick Duo in ’07 Nearly Nude’ BYS (Be Your Self) Lip Gloss & Lip Stick Duo in ’07 Nearly Nude’

PhP 299.75 each @ SM Department Store

This product has been all over the net lately, and I really wanna try it because (a) I find this lippie interesting; and (b) I don’t have a lot of lip glosses, and I don’t really bother buying them because I’m not that addicted to them as much as I am with lipsticks lipsticks. But since this is a duo, I thought that this might be a great bargain.

II. BYS (Be Your Self) Glitter Eye Cream in ‘Heavy Metal Pinks’

BYS (Be Your Self) Glitter Eye Cream in ‘Heavy Metal Pinks’’ BYS (Be Your Self) Glitter Eye Cream in ‘Heavy Metal Pinks’

PhP 299.75 each @ SM Department Store

I’ve been eying this palette ever since I bought my BYS Vertical Eyeshadow 18-Piece Eyeshadow Palette in Neutral Charm palette, but I was a bit hesitant because it’s so damn glittery! But I kinda want to experiment these days, and I would like to know what I can do with this palette.

III. 5 pcs of Nail Polishes

5 pcs of Nail Polishes
L-R: Caronia ‘Italian Nude’ (PhP 33.25); Sassy Colors ‘Temptation’ (PhP 20.00); Sassy Colors ‘Baby Pink’ (PhP 20.00);
Cutex Nail Color ‘VIP’ (PhP 109.75) & Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel ‘Blue Slate’ (PhP 325.00)
Available @ SM Department Stores / Watson’s

And what would my usual haul entry be without one or two (or a couple, lol) of nail polishes? Lol. I love all of them especially the ones from ‘Sassy Colors’ because they’re very opaque at just one coating.

IV. Zen Zest Eau De Toilette For Women in ‘Thistle’

 Zen Zest Eau De Toilette For Women in ‘Thistle’
PhP 200 @ Zen Zest Counters

This is actually a repurchase, and I have been loving this scent ever since I smelled it. I’m not really good in describing scents, and I wish I am, so I really can’t give you at least a vague detail of how it smells like. It’s just that I love it, and it’s pretty much my everyday scent

So those are the items that I purchased yesterday, it’s not much, as I’ve mentioned, it’s just a mini haul. I might do a review about the lip product, I’m not sure about the eye shadow cream since I gotta figure out how to work with them yet.

Anyway, HAPPY LOVE♥MONTH and by the way, stay tune for the ‘COMMENTER OF THE MONTH’ giveaway (this month). Prizes are not yet announced, I’ll have them posted next Tuesday afternoon/night so you better keep an eye out for more updates! See you guys!

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  • KeiFio

    Am not fond of local perfume let say like zen zest but with the post
    that I read from your Blog that it smells good so why not try right? I
    bought myself the Coral and you did not fail me I really like the scent
    and it last for almost 8 hours love it! Next time, I am gonna buy
    thistle, actually I tested it already before buying the coral but you
    have so much influence in me (geez am your fan 6 ^.^) so I bought the
    coral instead. Take care and God Bless!

    • Aww, that’s so sweet of you to say!

      I love Coral as well but my mama’s using it a lot it’s as if she’s drinking the entire bottle, so I don’t want to use it anymore, lol. She might yell at me if she finds out that it’s suddenly empty or sumthin’ lol. Thanks hun! x

      • KeiFio

        hahaha I bet she will. My daughter who is turning 11 this Sept. love the scent she asked me once if she can have it and I told her “No Baby” you can use it anytime you like but its mine hahaha. Your wc!

  • Michelle

    I always love looking at your haul =) makes me try things as well.

  • eyahnism

    wow curious on BYS bearly nude nakita mo ba yung matte na palette nila ang ganda

    • No, not yet. Na-curious tuloy ako bigla. Lol. I’m in a strict ‘no-makeup-buy’ policy starting next week, since I’m saving up for a decent digital camera, lol. So I wont get near any BYS counter muna. Hopefully I can adhere to that promise, lol (crosses fingers, lol)

      • eyahnism

        Me tooo pero parang hindi ko ata magagawa what camera are you planning to buy? me, I lust for Nikon J1 haay

        • Haha! Ive been lusting for that since early 2012, I believe. I just cant save up. Im saving up for a Canon Ixus or s100. They’re not dslrs but they’re better than my digicam & at least I can bring it with me

    • Di pa. Nacurious tuloy aq. Im on a no-makeup-buy policy this month starting next week e. Need to save up for a decent cam. Lol. Sana lang makeri ko *crosses fingers* lol.

  • Desire Loreto

    I love Zen zest scents! I have one too in Scarlet but I seldom use it because it’s too strong for a daytime wear. Would love other scents too like the one you got in Thistle. i love your hauls because I think we have the same taste. I opt for dupes and cheap finds. But if i have moolah, then I’ll go for something expensive but worth it. I want to try BYS products, hope it’s available na in SM cebu or ayala

    • Thistle & Coral is very appropriate for day time wear. I love wearing them alternatively, Haha, yes I agree.I’m more of a drugstore makeup person but if I have the money, or if I really REALLY like the product then I’ll splurge

  • I’ve heard so much good feedback about BYS. Looking forward to your reviews!

    • Thanks! Will have one posted soon!

  • Zenzest!i love their VCO for Hair and Body =) you should try it also =)

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    Your nail polish haul is awesome! You’ve got a wide range of brands over there