In2it Facial Highlighters in Warm Glow – Photos, Swatches & Review

I’ve been using In2It makeup ever since I was in college. I’ve always been a fan of their pressed powders & their compact foundation. They give me such a flawless finish and they mattify my face like no other. It was only lately though, that I tried to expand my horizons by buying a few more In2it products, and one of them was this particular highlighter. As far as I know, and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, this product was just launched last year. I, however, just saw this product a couple of weeks ago in an In2It counter at an SM Dept store nearby. I was really excited because I don’t have many highlighters, and seeing a drugstore highlighter is kind of a great deal.

In2it Facial Highlighters in Warm Glow

In2it Facial Highlighters come in two different shades, one is ‘Radiant Pinks’ (contains more peachy, corally highlighters) and ‘Warm Glow’ which is what I have, and what I will be reviewing in this post. ‘Warm Glow’ is mainly consists of yellow, bronze-y, gold undertones, something that I actually prefer as my highlighting product. I’m not really into pinks.

In2it Facial Highlighters in Warm Glow

The product comes in a hard, transparent, plastic packaging. Considering that it has a plastic packaging you might assume that it might not be sturdy or it may look cheap, but I actually don’t believe that. I like In2it’s way of packaging their makeup products, regardless of the fact that they just use plastic. The only downside of this product, however, is just like their blush/eyeshadows, it does not have an applicator. It also does not have any mirror, so if you’re doing your makeup while you’re traveling this may not be the best highlighter for you.

Here are some basic, need to know stuff about the product first:

Product Name     – In2it Facial Highlighters
Shade     – Warm Glow
Price     – PhP 399.75
Weight     – 8g
Availability     – All major drugstores & department stores nationwide

What I love about this product is the freedom you have in terms of customizing what kind of highlight you would like to apply on your current look. You can either use all of the four individual shades, combine the lower or the upper two shades, practically everything that crosses your mind. You can even use the darker ones as your eyeshadow. It is a very conventional highlighter that you’d definitely want to keep around.

In2it Facial Highlighters Warm Glow - All Of the Colors Combined
All Of the Colors Combined
In2it Facial Highlighters in Warm Glow - Individual Color Swatches
Individual Colors

The highlighter is also very pigmented, and provides such a pearlescent glow. It has a buttery-smooth consistency and it’s not powdery. It also doesn’t give me any fall outs, and one thing I like is that it’s very easy to blend. I would recommend that you use a small or a regular stippling brush or perhaps a fluffy eyeshadow brush in order into apply this because if you use a lot of this product, it may appear really shimmery. As for the longevity, I’ve been testing this for weeks now and so far, from the moment I applied it until the end of the day, the product is still in my face (6 hours or more), so I guess that pretty much says that this can withstand our humid weather, right?

Now to summarize, here are my thoughts about this nifty product:

Sturdy packaging
Buttery-smooth consistency
Lasts for approx. 6 hours
Easy to blend
Available locally
Does not come with an applicator
Does not come with a mirror
May appear shimmery if applied heavily

The V E R D I C T

Overall, I like this highlighter. It’s not easy to find a drugstore highlighter that gives you a warm, radiant finish. Most drugstore highlighters out there are either just filled with glitters, or overwhelmingly yellow. This particular product, for me, got it right. Just don’t apply too much and you’ll have a healthy, warm, pearlescent glow all day long

R E P U R C H A S E ?


So those are my two cents about this particular product, I hope you find this helpful. How about you guys? What are your favorite drugstore/high end highlighters? Do you use any In2it products? What are they? Do you use this particular highlighter? How do you find it so far? Let me know though the comments below! Would love to hear from you!

In the mean time, here are some pics of me with the said highlighter:

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  • Great review! I want to try it too! for all the in2it products I’ve tried, their make-ups really last long no? Thanks for sharing! Nice photos btw. Love your make-up too especially the lippie! What did you use?

    • Yes they do!

      Thanks! Etude House Etoinette PPK003. But I also used a lip liner to blend the colors. (LA Colors Autolip liner in Pinky)

  • ohh i love the subtle shimmer nice review

    xx Dress Me Up Buttercup

  • eyahnism

    Ang na try ko plang sa in2it are the lipstick and the eyeliner which didn’t impressed me I guess I’ll give them another try with this. Thanks!

    • I didint like their pen eyeliner either. Ang bilis nagdry. But their e/s, blushes are pretty good

      • eyahnism

        Oh my sorry, I was thinkng 4u2. magkaiba pla yun ..hahah! Sorry.. I’ve never tried any in2it pero gsto ko yung brow nila kasi nakikita ko kay colorismyweapon

        • Oh yeah! I have that too. I love it.

  • im not yet impressed sa in2it.. though others find their brow kit amazing.. im introduced to this brand via reading ms liz blog..

  • IsmahRosman

    The highlight is just amazing but it is easily broken