FOTD & NOTD – Neutrals & Purples (Jan 26 2013)

Hello everyone! I was a bit bored the other night when I decided to play with my makeup (Usually when I’m bored, I play with my makeup :P) and I came up with this look. I played around with my Lorac PRO palette, and normally, when I use that palette, I only touch the lighter colors, but this time, I tried to deviate. (You can checkout my review regarding the Lorac Pro Eyeshadow palette here).

Most of you guys know already that I usually don’t do FOTDs in my blog, so definitely this is my first time. Despite the fact that I love makeup and I love doing my own makeup, I still believe that I do not have the best technique/skills. This, honestly, is what prevents me in posting my own FOTDs. Call me shallow, perfectionist, or whatever, I don’t mind, but I’m just not confident because from all of the FOTDs that I’ve seen in other blogs, their techniques/makeup/FOTDs are just great.

But still, I want to give it a try, and also, most of the comments (requests) that I got from the previous giveaway entry that I did, asked me for EOTDs, FOTDs & NOTDs, so I’m just giving you guys what you wanted with the best of my abilities (lol)

Here goes

FOTD & NOTD - Neutrals & Purples (Jan 26 2013) FOTD & NOTD - Neutrals & Purples (Jan 26 2013) FOTD & NOTD - Neutrals & Purples (Jan 26 2013)

Sorry for the quality of these pics. I was using my iphone’s front cam.
My digicam was with my sister. We traded for a day. My Digicam for her DSLR

That night, as mentioned, I decided to deviate from my usual lighter shades to the darker ones in the said palette. Though I really dig neutral shades, I’m not really into darker neutrals, except when I feel like experimenting. Just so happens that on that particular night, I felt like doing the exact same thing.

FOTD & NOTD - Neutrals & Purples (Jan 26 2013)

From the Lorac Pro palette, I used the following shades:

FOTD & NOTD - Neutrals & Purples (Jan 26 2013)
Eyelids – Garnet
Crease – Taupe (First), Sable (Second), Espresso (Outer)
Lower Lashline – Gold
Highlight (Browbone) – Cream
Highlight (Inner Tear duct)- Nude

I used Fanny Serrano Gel Liner as my eyeliner, and the Nichido Kohl Liner in Onyx to tightline. For mascara, I used my L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Waterproof mascara. I don’t wear false eyelashes unless I really have too. I know that a lot of people are seriously addicted to those, and I really hope I was but I just don’t like how I look like when I wear them.

FOTD & NOTD - Neutrals & Purples (Jan 26 2013)

For my cheeks, I just used the ELF Contouring kit (bronzer) and the ELF’s Candid Coral blush. I decided not to go all out with my lip color that’s why I decided to just use Etude’s Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips in PPK003 (blended with a lip liner underneath). For reference here’s the complete list of the products that I’ve used for this look:

FOTD & NOTD - Neutrals & Purples (Jan 26 2013)

    ♥    Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation in Natural
    ♥    Mememe Cosmetics Flawless Face Concealer in Porcelain
    ♥    Snoe Cosmetics Poudre Extraordinare in Perfect Beige Medium
    ♥    Wet N’ Wild Ultimate Brow Kit
    ♥    Lip Staysss Semi Permanent Lip Butter Essence in Baby Pink
    ♥    L.A. Colors Auto Lip Liner in Pinky
    ♥    Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips in PPK003
    ♥    ELF Contouring Kit Blush & Bronzing Powder
    ♥    ELF Blush in Candid Coral
    ♥    In2it Face Highlighters in Warm Glow
    ♥    Urban Decay Mini Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Original)
    ♥    Lorac Pro Palette
    ♥    Nichido Kohl Pencil in Onyx
    ♥    Fanny Serrano Long Wear Gel Liner
    ♥    L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Waterproof Mascara

Though I don’t use dark browns that much, I really like this look. I’m kinda thankful that i was bored that night otherwise I wouldn’t be able to come up with this and might’ve just stick with my usual day look.

Anyway, that’s it for my FOTD.

Oh, and for my NOTD, here’s what I’m currently wearing in my nails:

Revlon Nail Enamel in Charming
Revlon Nail Enamel in Charming

Basically it’s just a light/pastel purple cream finish. I’m really into cream/nude nail polishes lately, so there you go. I believe that I included this nail polish in my recent collective haul so if you want, you can go and check that out.

So that’s it, I hope you like this look and try it if you like. More FOTDs to come in the near future (I hope, lol). Oh and I would really love to hear your thoughts regarding this look, so comment down below and let’s talk.

See you on my next post!

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  • eyahnism

    the look is really simple.. I love it on you By the way I notice you change your blog layout a bit I love it too. it looks cleaner and less cluttered

    • Aww, thanks.

      Yes I did, It was beginning to look really busy and i’m getting tired of it. I’m not finished tho. I need to manage my entries pa & some of my codes are a lil’ messed up, but I’ll do that on my next rd.

      • Wala bang bagong post Yette? Hahahaa Sorry namiss ko lang blog mo. Anyway, alam mo ba na I really want to post a NOTD! kaso ewan ko ba I do my nails lang kasi pag may lakad ako

        • Haha, sorry, will post today or tomorrow. Nakaready na yun nga lang dami kase work ngayong week na to e. >.<

  • i like this look very wearable and you looked fresh! =)

  • Jo-an Victorio

    Your face is really pretty. Parang doll lang, hehe sarap lagyan ng makeup ~ jealous with your lips talaga.

  • RosalieTangonan

    neutrals are always elegant for me… I like your eyeshadow palette’s color range! Every color is wearable and not too loud. Plus! Your nail polish is awesome…:)

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    Im not into purple yet this nail polish looks so good. It is more on a subtle side of purple and quite grayish… Just a neutral shade. Thanks for sharing