Nichido High Definition Lipstick in Fetish Pink – Swatches, Photos & Review

EDIT 8/25/2013
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I’ve never had much luck with Nichido Lipsticks, although I must admit that I wasn’t really able to try a lot from the said brand. But based on my previous experience with their matte lipsticks (click here to read my 2012 ‘Miss’ List), I’m just not comfortable trying/buying anything from their line of lip products. However, I found out recently that they have a new line called ‘High Definition Lipsticks’ and I was pretty intrigued. Despite my hesitation, I must admit, due to the shade, this was more of an impulse-buy. Here are some basics about the lip product.

Nichido High Definition Lipstick in Fetish Pink

Product Name     – Nichido High Definition Lipstick
Shade     – Fetish Pink
Price     – Approximately PhP 198
Weight     – 4 grams
Availability     – All major drugstores & department stores nationwide

The product comes in a sleek, glossy, black tube with their brand name embossed all over it. It also has a gold accent in the middle that I believe, ties the whole packaging together. The cap basically tells you the color of your lip product, as well as the bottom which clearly states the lip product’s name. Per the sales rep, the shade indicator detaches and can be used as a lip gloss should you wish to add a bit of shine to your lip color.

Nichido High Definition Lipstick in Fetish Pink

As for the main lipstick itself, as mentioned, the reason that I purchased this mainly was because of the shade. I really liked how the color looks like from the tube, and when swatched, let’s just say that, what you see is what you get. It has a semi-matte finish that comes with a lip gloss if you want an extra shine to your entire look. What I like about this product is that it’s really pigmented and creamy. You don’t need to apply multiple layers of it in your lips just to get the color that you see in the tube. It has a good color pay-off, pretty opaque and as mentioned, really creamy. Based on my experience, the lipstick lasted for more than six (6) hours on my lips with out retouching. With regard to application, it glides on smoothly with or without lip balm applied as a primer.

Nichido High Definition Lipstick in Fetish Pink - Swatches

Now here’s what I’m not exactly crazy about regarding this product… It made every line on my lips visible, I was horrified. The first time I bought it, I was so excited to apply it, I didn’t bother to exfoliate, I just primed my lips with an EOS lip balm, and then I applied this. I was stunned. The fact that I was wearing braces in my lower teeth made it even worse because it emphasized that I have “poutier” (lol, forgive me for saying that, dunno how else to say it :P). I know that my lips ain’t flawless, but man! That was something I didn’t expect too see out of a pretty color, lol. Anyway, I might be over reacting, and I thought I was too, so I re-applied it the day after that. This time, I exfoliated, and applied loads of lip balm prior to that. Same effect, only less cracks visible.

I’ve read somewhere that in order for the lines of your lips not to be as visible, you can apply a primer, a foundation then a concealer. Wow! that’s a hefty amount of product. And yeah, for the sake of experimenting I did try it. I skipped the foundation, though. I went straight to concealer. Yup, you guessed it right! (or maybe you didn’t. Kidding!) Same result. I wont be doing that again, lol. I didn’t like the feeling, and there are tons of lipsticks out there that didn’t give me this much trouble.

I’m sorry I can’t provide you a close-up of my lips, I just can’t take the chance because it might look like those pics that you see in your doctor’s office, lol. Kidding aside, here’s just a photo of me, wearing the said lipstick. You can zoom it if you like, though I doubt you’ll see what it really looks like upclose. Lol

Sorry if it’s blurry, my digicam sucks!

If you want this lipstick, and this shade as well, then my advice is that you need to exfoliate, and apply loads of lip lip balm as a primer so you can hide the lines, cracks, etc of your lips. That is unless you have flawless lips, then I rest my case.

So to summarize, here are my thoughts about the said lipstick:

Sleek, Glossy, Sturdy packaging
Affordable at only PhP 198 (Approx.)
Comes with a lip gloss already
Highly pigmented
Great color pay-off
What you see is what you get
Glides on smoothly
Available at all leading drugstores & dept stores nationwide
Makes every line on your lips really visible
Settles on the fine lines of your lips
Stubborn to remove
The V E R D I C T

Overall, I am really disappointed in this product. I really wish I can make it work because I love the shade so much, these are the colors that I usually gravitate towards when I buy new lip products. However, it just didn’t work for me.

R E P U R C H A S E ?

Although I’ve been hearing a lot of positive reviews about their ‘Glam Red’ shade. But I’ll take it under advisement, lol

Those are my two cents about the said lip product. I just wanna say that just because some products doesn’t work out on me, it wont work for you. Chances are, it just might be the opposite. Not because I had a bad experience in this product you’ll end up not giving this product a try even though you’re already planning to buy it. Take a chance, I did. Just so happens that I’m not that lucky with this one lol. Who knows? I might end up loving my next impulse-buy!

How about you guys? Have you tried this lip product yet? Have you tried anything from Nichido HD lipsticks? Do you like it? What shade do you have? Let me know! Let’s talk!

–> P.S.

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  • eyahnism

    I’m a fan of nichido I have a favorite lipstick yung matte din pero yung brownish yung casing I use that when I was in college I know what you mean about the lines ganun yung effect sakin ng Nyx naman yung fun smacking nila, hindi fun e.. urgh.. By the way have you tried the careline lipstick? for me they are good 99 lang

    • Aw, I wish I have the same luck as yours when it comes to Nichido lipsticks, because I really love their other products.

      Haven’t tried Careline yet. I like how it looked like on my niece’s lips though. I might give it a try

      • eyahnism

        try careline’s butter scotch.. though you really have to try it kasi ba yung color talaga nung lipstick nila when applied sa lips kesa sa hands

        • Nice! Thanks! Ill keep that in mind and maybe pick a few next week! Thanks!

  • NinMonster

    Aww too bad it didn’t work for you. I saw this a few weeks ago and loved the color when I swatched it on the back of my hand. I might pass on this na lang.

    Ladelu Review + Giveaway on my blog!

    • Yeah it didnt. But dont be discouraged though. As Ive said, it might work for others. Im just not lucky with Nichido lipsticks

      • Eto ako, naghahalungkat ng mga old post mo. LOL Sorry nakki-reply.

        Have you tried Ever Bilena’s matte lipstick? For me they are good dupes for Etude House lipstick although the only problem is that it doesn’t last long. Prolly for only 2-3 hrs you need to retouch. Pero aside from that its good naman, cheap pa

        • Yup, I love the EB matte lippies, kumpleto ko na dapat yun e, kaso naglabas sila nung dalawang bago, lol. & I gave Mauvey & one of the pink shades to my niece cause she needs it

  • Jan Mitchelle Panuela

    Ohhh sayang the color pay off looks so intense pa naman sana. But what I hate is it’s texture. I hate creamy lipsticks. For I know that it will NOT last for so long. I havent tried to swatch this one pero once mka drp by ako sa mall, I’ll check this one out

    • Im ok with creamy lipsticks but this one just did not work for me at all. Kainis nga e.

      • Jan Mitchelle Panuela

        meron rin nmn ibang creamy lipsticks na bet ko like yung sa miners moisture lipstick. Meron ding hindi coz sa poor lasting power nila sayang super pigmented pa nmn nito.

  • i think you will like their eyebrow definer.. bet ko yung chestnut!

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    it looks too pigmented for me. I also don’t like lipstick that make your lip lines very visible and settles in between each line.

    • I will redo this review sometime this August with clearer pictures giving more justice to the product. I dont want to be too hasty, just describing it in mere words. So let’s see if my opinions change

      • Rosalie B.Tangonan

        I will wait for it. But I also think honest reviews just like this are what the consumers need. More power!

  • Lei Diwa

    It kinda look like the colour collection lippies from sample room (the matte one) am I ryt? but it’s still a very nice shade of pink, but I think I won’t buy this since I also have a very dry lips.

    • No, this one is more purplish & less pink. Still a Barbie Pink lipstick but more Nicki Minaj pink. If that makes sense