Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara – Review & Photos

As promised, here’s my review about my current favorite product: The Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara. Although I’m addicted to mascaras, I am also a bit picky with the ones I purchase and often use. (though sometimes, I must admit that my ‘shopaholic-side’ gets the better of me) I never tried any local mascaras, and I had no plans of trying one .Then suddenly I heard a lot of positive reviews about this product. It’s a bit shocking actually because this product has been launched for approximately a year and it’s only now that I’ve been hearing/reading loads about this stuff. Oh well..

Here are my thoughts about this product…

Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara - Packaging Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara - Packaging

The product comes in a slim yet curvy, metallic-red tube. Kinda similar to the Tony Moly Prestige Mascara. The only difference is that the packaging of the Tony Moly Prestige mascara is a lot shinier. Anyway, enough about the packaging. Let’s get to the basics first:

Product Name – Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara
Price – PhP 225
Available At – Fashion 21 Counters at any Watsons and
leading Drug/Department Stores nationwide.

The product promises up to two times longer and stronger lashes upon application, but I think that it also provides an umph of volume to your lashes. At first, I thought that this was a waterproof mascara, because I honestly prefer those, sadly it wasn’t. Anyway, here’s more info regarding the said item:

Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara - Directions Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara - Ingredients

Now let’s go to the wand — Before I go buy a mascara, regardless of how popular it is, I always make sure to check its wand. I’ve had problems with mascaras that never reached the roots of my upper and lower lashes because of the mascara’s wand, and regardless of how great the formula was, it never made my lashes fuller, etc.

Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara - Wand

The Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara’s wand however, is different from all of the other wands I’ve ever seen. It’s longer than most of the mascara wands that I’ve gotten used to, and it’s a bit thinner too. Basically, the mascara’s wand is a long, plastic, slim wand with soft evenly spaced bristles that separates your lashes.

The mascara’s formula is a bit too damp for me, and it takes quite some time for it to settle/dry. However, once the product is completely dry, the result left me speechless. First of all, I never thought that the wand (which took me quite some time to get used to, btw) would reach my non-existent lower lashes. Second, none of my mascaras were able to define my lashes at a single coat. And finally, none of my mascaras were able to volumize nor lengthen my lower lashes. This just did everything for me. No kidding!

Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara - No Mascara Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara - First Coat Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara - 2 Or More Coats

Now since I’ve pointed out my YAYs, here are my NAYs. Despite being that it’s non-waterproof, it’s still a pain to remove. I don’t know why it was believed to be a waterproof mascara when I had to use my makeup wipes, cold cream then a makeup remover in order to totally remove it. Also, it can weigh down your lashes when you layer a lot of coats. God knows I love to put loads of mascara in my lashes, however, when I did that, I noticed that my lashes were pointing straight downwards instead of just being plainly curled. (My eyes looked like Aeon Flux’s, lol) Also, I don’t know if it’s only mine, but I noticed that every time I use it, the consistency is getting thicker and thicker. I don’t know. Let me know if you’re experiencing the same thing with your F21DUM

So to summarize, here are my two cents about the said product:

Slim, curvy, metallic, sturdy packaging
Affordable at only PhP 225
Available where there’s Watsons/Dept.Store
Doesn’t clump
Doesn’t flake
Separates, lengthens and volumizes your lashes
The wand takes a little bit of getting used to
Stubborn to remove!!
A bit too damp
Takes time to dry
Weighs lashes down
Straightens already curled lashes when applied heavily
The V E R D I C T

All in all, I love this mascara. I believe that this is a great everyday mascara since it’s affordable and you don’t need to shell out a lot of money in order to have a well-defined lashes every single day. However, I still have my concerns. But it’s not too major so, overall, I’m still in love with it. (Ok, I’m getting a bit too redundant, already, lol. But you get the point, right?)<3

R E P U R C H A S E ?

Yup. It’s inexpensive so I don’t see the harm in purchasing another one in case I run out

So those are my thoughts/opinion about the Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara. I hope you find it helpful if in case you are thinking about buying the said mascara. However, if you’re looking for new mascaras to try, then check this one out, it’s only PhP 225, it’s not that much of a risk. Who knows, you might love it? You can also join my current giveaway since I’m giving away one of those mascaras there.

Anyway, how about you guys? Do you like this mascara? Do you have this? Let me know through the comments below. Would love to hear from you lovelies

–> P.S.

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  • Bing Castro

    I’ve been meaning to get this one because a lot of bloggers raved so much about this (including you). I think I’ll really get it na! Nice review, babe!

  • Hi sis! Sobrang nacurious ako dito sa mascara na to Kaso is it watery ba? I have kasi penshoppe mascara, after I curl my lashes then applied mascara, it weighs down my lashes. mejo similar ung effect niya on the photos above and your pros and cons. The cons are really cons for me so based from your review I’ll make pass on this siguro. Great review by the way! Thanks for sharing! It helped me decide

    • It’s not watery. It has a thicker formula than most of the mascaras Ive tried. If u dont want this to weigh down ur lashes then dont apply more than two/three coats. Adik kase ako mag apply e. Lol. Also if you’re looking for a great alternative, you can also try L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara. Un nga lang online lang sha mabibili pero its also worth it

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  • Marseille Frances Bañas Talaca

    I agree with you that it straightens already curled mascara which is annoying for me whenever I use it.. haha but for its price I think it’s not that bad. I just swap mine for a covergirl mascara last BDJ Event and I regretted doing so :(( Nice review

  • I’ve been reading reviews about this mascara which makes me want to try it soon. I never had a mascara that has a long wand like this but I like the bristles, that’s the type I want in a mascara. I’ve been thinking of trying one from Essence but I’ll try this one first.

  • Mickey Angel Cortez

    This seems to be a little late now but thanks for this review! Hahaha! I’m really in a search for a gooo mascara but I don’t wanna splurge so much about it. I previously read your review about the Miss Manga mascara of maybelline but I think it will be kinda impractical for me to spend 500 pesos for a single mascara only. I’m only a student and I’m just relying on my allowance so it’s kinda too much. :p I’ll try to find this one out if it’s still available.

  • As soon as my Miss Manga’s half empty, I’ll get myself this Double Up. Affordable yet it seems to work just fine. Thanks for the review =)