LORAC PRO Palette – Review, Swatches & Pics

This is the palette I’ve been wanting to have ever since I saw it and it took me a really long time to find one. As you guys know, I am a sucker for neutral eyeshadow palettes. If you’ve been following my blog for quite some time now, you’ll notice that most of the eyeshadow palettes that I’ve been featuring in my haul entries are all neutral palettes. So when I saw this from other Youtube Gurus, I immediately fell in love with it and I actually forgot that I already have tons of neutral eyeshadows, lol.


The palette comes in a sleek, black, rubbery-matte finish (pretty much like NARS’s packaging), which unfortunately, attracts all kinds of dust, makeup particles, practically everything that’s near to it. It comes with a decent sized mirror, big enough to see what ever eye look you’re working on. It is much thinner than the UD Naked Palettes, but that’s only because this palette does not come with any applicator/brush slots.


The LORAC PRO Palette contains 16 eyeshadow colors: 8 matte, 7 shimmer shades, and 1 sparkle finish. Truth be told, if not for the matte shades, I wouldn’t buy this palette. My main concern about my Urban Decay Naked palettes is that they don’t have enough matte colors, most of them are shimmers/frost finishes and this palette provides a good balance of matte and shimmery shades. There are some shades in this palette that is very similar to the Urban Decay Naked (original) palette, but I will get to that later.

Lorac Pro Palette - Shades

As you can see, the colors in this palette are mostly neutral, perfect for everyday wear. They have the perfect combination/balance of light and darker shades, just right to create either a neural every day look or a heavy dramatic smoky eye look.

Lorac Pro Palette - Matte
Click to see the name of each e/s shade
Lorac Pro Palette - Shimmer
Click to see the name of each e/s shade
In general, all of the eyeshadows in this palette are very buttery & smooth. They’re extremely pigmented and easy to work with. I had no problems applying or blending them. They have a very good color pay-off.
Bottom Row: Matte
Top Row: Shimmers & Sparkle
The matte shades are very pigmented, they have a good color pay off and they have a buttery-smooth consistency. Unlike some of the matte eyeshadows that I’ve encountered, they do show up in my eyelids (not only when swatched, lol) and I didn’t experience any fall-outs. The frosted shades, are also very pigmented, buttery-smooth and easy to work with. However, I noticed while dipping my brushes to the palette, the shimmer shades are quite powdery (click here for reference). Though it doesn’t give me fall-outs or anything, it seems that you need to do the “dip & tap” motion so that you won’t be piling a lot of eyeshadow into your eyelids and also to avoid possible fall-outs.

LORAC Behind The Scenes Mini Eye Primer
LORAC Behind The Scenes Mini Eye Primer LORAC Behind The Scenes Mini Eye Primer

The palette comes with a mini Behind The Scenes Eye Primer. Honestly, I haven’t encountered a lot of eye primers out there. I only have ELF’s and the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Original), so this is my third one, and so far, this is very different from all of the eyeshadow primers that I own. According to some of the reviews I’ve watched/read, the primer’s consistency is very similar to the ‘Too Faced Shadow Insurance’.

I’ve noticed that this one helps prevent creasing and it made my eyeshadow stay longer than usual as well. However, it has a sorta like a ‘tacky’ feeling upon application, which doesn’t last very long, but I guess it helps the eyeshadow stay on much longer. If you ask me to compare this to my UDPP, it’s basically the same, it makes my eyeshadow last for approximately 12 hours (although my UDPP made mine last for more than that once), the only difference, I guess is the primer’s consistency. Still, at the moment, I prefer my UDPP over this one. But who knows? I might change my mind in the near future. Lol.

Urban Decay Naked & LORAC PRO Palette
LORAC PRO Palette & Urban Decay Naked Palette
Both palettes contain neutral eyeshadow colors, and while I was taking some pictures of each palette, I noticed that some shades are pretty similar to each other. They’re not exactly dupes of one another, but if you have the Naked palettes (original or Naked 2) below are some shades that can be used as an alternate:
• LORAC Pro: Nude – UD Naked: Sin
• LORAC Pro: Taupe – UD Naked: Buck
• LORAC Pro: Pewter – UD Naked: Toasted
• LORAC Pro: Slate – UD Naked: Gunmetal
• LORAC Pro: Black – UD Naked 2: Blackout

As I’ve mentioned they’re only similar to one another. Not exact dupes. Though Nude and Sin are quite similar, I noticed that LORAC’s Nude is much more reflective than UD Naked’s Sin, which is really perfect to highlight your inner tear ducts. UD Naked’s Gunmetal and LORAC’s Slate is not exactly ‘that’ similar, I tried to compare it with Creep, but Creep is way darker. UD Naked’s Virgin and LORAC’s Cream can be comparable, but Virgin has a bit of shimmer, but when swatched together, they look kinda the same. At first I thought that UD Naked’ Half Baked & LORAC Pro’s Gold is similar, but no. LORAC Pro’s Gold when swatched is a bit ‘orange-y’ while UD Naked’s Half Baked is like a ‘yellow brick of gold’ gold, lol.

So to summarize…

Sleek, thin packaging
Buttery, Smooth Consistency
Highly pigmented
Great color pay-off
Easy to work with
Primer – Doesn’t crease, made my eyeshadow last for approximately 12 hours
The rubbery-matte finish attracts all sorts of dust
Does not include an eyeshadow applicator
The eyeshadow colors in the bottom row are a bit powdery
Pricey. (PhP 2,200)
Not available locally. Can be ordered online, though
The V E R D I C T
4.5 Stars
4.5 Stars

As I’ve mentioned previously, I have no complaints in the palette. I love it, I can’t get over the matte eyeshadows, even the frosted ones, it is so far the only palette that I’ve been using ever since I got it.

Urban Decay Naked Palette or this one?

As of this moment, I’ve been using my LORAC PRO palette non-stop. I’ve been loving it and I can’t get enough of the matte eyeshadows. However, all in all, I’m still in love with my Urban Decay Palettes and I still consider them as the best neutral palette I’ve ever encountered/had. Lastly, I find that the consistency of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes are better than the LORAC PRO Palette.

R E P U R C H A S E ?

Not this one. The Unzipped Palette maybe? Soon. Lol

All in all, I love this palette, I seriously recommend it, especially if you’re looking for a palette with a good combination of matte and shimmery eyeshadows, then this is the one for you. As previously mentioned, one of the downsides of this palette is that it’s not available here. You can of course order it online at Stuff In Style for PhP 2,200.

How about you guys? Do you like neutral eyeshadows? What’s your fave neutral eyeshadow palette? Let me know!

–> P.S.

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  • Janna Joshelle Parel

    Thank you so much for this post. Been wanting to get he LORAC PRO palette but now I’m thinking about getting the Unzipped palette instead. Hmmmm.

    • Thanks! Glad to help!

      Oh & I want that palette too. But I wont be buying it any time soon, lol

  • Gina May J. Mungcal

    Oh i’m so jealous you have both >,< I listed these palettes on my wishlist.. i think I'll have the UD naked palette first hehe. thank you for sharing this review miss yette! :*

    • Haha, thanks!
      Oh, & you’re welcome!

  • been wanting to but this palette! I think i’ll love this more than my UD Naked 2 haha. nice review love !:)

    • Oh yeah, compared to Naked 2 I’d rather choose this one. I rarely use my Naked 2 palette, but I’ve been using this palette ever since I got it. Thanks for dropping by Raych!

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  • i have tried their primer in samples i got from a friend.. if i would choice between UD or Lorac.. i would go for UD instead =)

  • This palette is on my wishlist! I think spending more with this palette will be worth it because it has a combination of matte and shimmer shadows that are wearable and useful. It’s not like the eye shadows that would just rest forever on your makeup drawer since the colors are neutral and considering the texture and quality I think this is a must have..

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  • Lei Diwa

    I envy you so much na! heheh.. i wanted to buy both of this palette (wishlist), this lorac you have has a promising color. I really love matte shadows cause you can easily blend it and work on it. I have a neutral palette the small one estee lauder which is jut a gift and I love it so much. Thanks for the review and swatches of this palette