December 2012 Saladbox | Unboxing and First Impressions

WARNING!! Might be a huge ‘RANT’ entry. I don’t want to come off as mean, but I’m just trying to be honest here. This is something that I paid for and I just want to get my money’s worth. I don’t want to come of as a ‘reklamadora’ but if that’s what I sound like to you then that’s your opinion. This is my blog, feel free to leave if you feel that I’m being to negative. I wont feel bad.

I just got my December Saladbox a while ago, and upon ‘feeling’ the said box, I noticed that it’s getting lighter and lighter every month. Just saying. Anyway, before anything else, I just wanna say that this will be my last Saladbox unboxing post. I will not be renewing my subscription from the said website because of the following reasons:

  • It’s just not worth the PhP 500 anymore. Sure you get number of products amounting to PhP 500 but I don’t feel that it’s something that you’ll end up needing.
  • The boxes are getting lighter and lighter every month.
  • I don’t need to receive 2 of every items. It’s getting repetitive already.

Those are only some of the reasons why I wont be renewing my subscription. I mean, props to them for being the first subscription service here in the Philippines, but I think they need a major revamp. Just saying. Anyway, enough with the babbling. On to the unboxing.

December 2012 Saladbox
December 2012 Saladbox December 2012 Saladbox

So as you can see from the third picture alone, there’s nothing much in there. There are two items wrapped in the pink tissue paper, and I’ll be getting to that a little bit later, but first let’s start with those that aren’t wrapped.

Carmex Lip Moisturizing Balm Tube
Carmex Lip Moisturizing Balm Tube | 10g (PhP 110 ea)
You received a day lip balm last month, this month we complete your lip care regimen with thi night balm from Carmex

As it says in the caption, I received my first Carmex lip balm last month (Read my November Unboxing post here), and I have mentioned there that I have a strange addiction towards lip balms. However, with this particular lip balm, I don’t know. I do love Carmex lip balms, but as I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s just getting repetitive.

Alyssa Ashley Musk EDT Alyssa Ashley Musk EDT

Alyssa Ashley Musk EDT | 25ml (PhP 960 ea)
This scent is so familiar, it reminds us of younger years and lotions and boxes from abroad

Another perfume sample, Yay! -__-
I got a perfume sample from the same brand/line last month. Just saying.

Now on to the wrapped products…

Ciate Nail Lacquer in Mistress
Ciate Nail Lacquer in Mistress | 50ml (PhP 650 ea)
The newest trend in the nail department. Caviar is now for the nails too!

This is the mini-sized Ciate and it contains 5g of product. This is the only item that I happened to like from this box. I saw a couple of boxes that got the ‘beads’ or the ‘caviar’ aside from the paint pots, but it’s okay, I’m pretty satisfied with this one. I actually don’t have the time to use those.

Virginia Olsen Minerals in Bronzer Wood Matte Virginia Olsen Minerals in Bronzer Wood Matte Virginia Olsen Minerals in Bronzer Wood Matte - Swatch

Virginia Olsen Minerals – Mineral Blush in Bronzer Wood Matte | 2g (PhP 480 ea)
The perfect blush for that perfect finish — perfect for this holiday season

What I got in my October Saladbox were mineral eyeshadows. This one, however, is a mineral blush. I like this as well, and I can’t wait to try this on.

TREAT - Sophia By Virginia Olsen - PhP 500 worth GC Treat - Crumpler PhP 300 worth GC

TREAT – Sophia By Virginia Olsen & Crumpler
TREAT – Sophia By Virginia Olsen | PhP 500 – worth Gift CertificateBue
TREAT – Crumpler | PhP 300 – worth Gift Certificate

Ooh, GCs, wonder when I’ll be able to use these. I’ll let you know.

Calling Cards
Calling Cards and a Brochure
Calling cards from Virginia Olsen & Beauty Lane. Brochure from Berber Oil

Uhm.. Okay. I guess I’ll be needing this in the near future. I guess..

So those are all of the items/products that I got from my December 2012 Saladbox and that will be the last unboxing & first impressions entry that you’ll be reading from this blog regarding the said subscription service. Of course you will still be reading about BDJ & Glamourbox because I have no plans of letting go of those subscription services, but I really have to let go of this one. As I’ve mentioned before (and a couple of times already), it’s just not worth it. Until maybe I’ve heard of some positive reviews about this subscription service, then I’ll probably come back to it. Till then, good bye Saladbox.

How about you guys? Did you subscribe? Did you like it your December Box? Did you subscribe for a January Box? How do you like it so far? Let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts

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  • Sonya Quezada

    Hi Yvette, I subscribed to the Saladbox December box, and just like you, I was soooo disappointed. I don’t think it’s worth the 500 pesos at all. Tapos the guy who responded pa sa phone inquiry ko, medyo mayabang “It’s in the FAQs ah, we send out the boxes at this time… blah blah blah.”

    I guess I’m comparing it to the BDJ November box, which was so sulit. Mas friendly pa ang staff.

    • Oo nga! I soo agree! Mayabang nga ung customer service nila. Kase during my first month I had to contact them and they were smug about answering some of my inquiries. Di tulad nung nasa BDJ & Glamourbox mababait ang mga tao dun, lol

      • Sonya Quezada

        Hehe nawala yung entry ko dun sa wall post nila where I said the BDJ box is more sulit than theirs. Haha!

        • Ouch, lol

          • Jiji Torres

            Looks like somebody from Saladbox said na unethical daw mag post sa wall about a competitotr hehe. So baka na-delete? Unethical pala mga subscribers nila.

          • O talaga? Wow.. haha

  • I noticed that too. While Glamourbox and BDJ box seems to be improving their succeeding boxes, Saladbox seems to be declining fast. I’m very alarmed to learn that they have bad customer service as well.

  • I was planning to subscribe to review on my blog but reviews like this made me change my mind </3
    hope they will improve their boxes or else BDJ and Glamour it is.

    • Haha. I don’t know what to say, lol.

  • kat

    Hi! i love your blog! you’re right salad box is totally a rip off. ang gaan! sobra! i did receive the ciate polish but i am so disappointed kasi its just varnish ergo colorless, buti sana kung sinama ung “beads”, otherwise its totally useless i just saw saladbox fb, they removed the negative comments. just shows that they don’t value their customers’ opinion.

    • HI! Thanks, appreciate that!

      Actually they didn’t just remove the negative comments, they removed the entire ‘wall’ wherein you can see the other users’ comments, lol. Paranoid much? Hahah.

  • wala pa akong nabasang review about this box na hindi dissapointed… kahit ako malulungkot kapag hindi worth it yung product sa binayad ko.. haaay,..