Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed – Review, Photos & Swatches

I’ve always been fond of blushes. Tell you guys the truth, I like collecting them. It gives your cheeks such a healthy, radiant effect that even when you’re on your lowest possible moment, you can still look, oh well, fabulous!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed

I’m not really familiar of the brand ‘Tarte’ before. Then I came across their ‘Lights, Camera, Lashes!’ mascara & their lip surgeons, then eventually I found out about these. At first, I was really interested in purchasing the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in ‘Dollface’. A lot of YT gurus were raving about them. Some of them were also mentioning ‘Glisten’ and ‘Blissful’, I don’t recall them mentioning this particular shade. I saw this one from CareFreeShopper, and decided to hop on Temptalia’s website & check her review about the said product (Click here to read her review). I fell in love with the shade immediately.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed

I love nude/peach blushes. I love blushes that are subtle but at the same time radiant. These types of shades for me doesn’t need any more contouring because, well, it’s already nude/peachy and the shade is very conservative, it’s perfect for a day look.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed - Swatch

I know that it doesn’t look like much, but it’s actually pigmented. The thing is that the blush has a very conservative shade, (hence the name ‘Exposed’, I suppose) that it only shows up properly when you apply it on your cheeks, not on your hand. Lol. The product lasted in my face more than 6 hours, but I had to remove it before it reached 10 hours. I went to the dentist earlier actually and went straight to Makati, so I’ve been outside the entire day, for nearly 12 hours and my blush was still there. I even forgot to apply a setting spray, and I didn’t retouch or anything. This product never failed me as of yet.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed | Photo With Flash Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed | Photo With OUT Flash
WITH Flash

Highly pigmented
Long lasting
Blends really well
Nice packaging
Expensive! (Costs PhP 1,400 online)
Not sure if you can purchase this here in the Philippines (unless online) :/)
Can only be purchased online
The V E R D I C T
4.5 Stars
4.5 Stars

I love Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes. They are very well pigmented and they offer a wide variety of shades. They are very long lasting and they blend smoothly. Though they are definitely expensive, I believe that considering the quality of the product, it’s definitely worth it.

R E P U R C H A S E ?

Yes. Other shades. Probably Dollface and/or Glisten next time? Maybe next, NEXT month.
I think I’ve purchased way too many makeup this month, lol.

Okay, so those are my two cents regarding the said product. Hope that you find this review helpful in some way. I really like this particular shade, it’s very neutral, perfect for heavy eye makeup.

How about you guys? Do you like these kinds of blush shades? Do you have Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush(es)? Do you like ’em? Share your thoughts!

DISCLAIMER : Please be informed that I am no expert when it comes to providing such reviews. I just love nail polishes, makeups and accessories. This is my passion, hence, I share them to you. What’s written in this entry, is how I view them as I use them.

Also, please be advised that all of the products shown/disclosed in this entry are bought with my own money. This is not a sponsored entry, nor am I affiliated with any of the companies that manufactured the items mentioned above.

Thank you.


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  • Ida

    This looks like such a versatile shade! I’ve only tried Dollface from Tarte. I want to try more. Hehehe. I love blushes too.

    • I’ve been wanting to try that. Hmm.. maybe next time, lol

  • Ayzee Casimiro

    I’ve been eyeing on this blush for so long! I have so many corals and pinks already so Exposed would be a great (and refreshing) addition to them.

    • I love this blush. You should definitely try it!

  • NinMonster

    I have this too! I agree with the things you said about it. I love that it looks good with almost if not everything!

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  • eyahnism

    grabeh Tarte is one of my dream brand.. Its pricey for me kasi I have this all time favorite blush on na ginagamit ko pa eversince college which is just Php80 from nichido.. Pero alam mo yung feeling ng “Lord, Isang tarte lang pls!” hihi

    • Yea that’s my one and only tarte blush. I dont think Ill be buying one anytime soon.