October 2012 Saladbox | Unboxing & First Impressions

When I found out that we’re going to have our very own monthly subscription box, I didn’t hesitate at all. I subscribed. Then I found out about other subscription services like GlamourBox, and SampleRoom, I thought to myself, “Wow…”

Saladbox released their first box last September to bloggers and press, and to tell you guys honestly, I wasn’t as impressed, and gathering from what I’ve been reading all over the blogosphere, people aren’t impressed with it either. (Don’t know what’s inside the September Saladbox? Click here). But I didn’t give up hope. Since I paid for it, might as well wait for the upcoming boxes. Besides, this is their first box, why not give them a chance? Right?

On to the specs..

October 2012 Saladbox
What's Inside- Touch, Try, Feel What's Inside- Description Card
What's Inside- Touch, Try, Feel What's Inside- Description Card
What's Inside My October SaladBox What's Inside My October SaladBox

October 2012 SaladBox
Length : 7.12 inches
Width : 5.10 inches
Height : 1.10 inches

If you’re clicking each and every one of those pics, you might already know what’s inside of my SaladBox. Me, I was really taking my time in opening it. I was taking a photo of each and every item prior to testing them out. That’s how dedicated I am to this post. Lol.

Let me just say that I LOVE the packaging. It’s like a huge Tifanny box, and I’m in love with it. I was surprised on how thin the box was but I got over it quickly because I really can’t expect a lot for PhP 500- I mean come on?! Still, I love the color. Okay, so here are the products that I got from my October SaladBox....

Virginia Olsen Minerals Eyeshadow | Travel Size Virginia Olsen Minerals Eyeshadow | Travel Size

Virginia Olsen Minerals eyeshadow | Travel Size
Give your eyes some color with these lovely mineral makeup
PhP 150.00 1g

When I opened my SaladBox these pigments caught my attention especially the grey one (Lodo). They are both in travel sizes. The one in the left, Lodo is a beautiful ‘gunmetal’ shade with bits of glitter in it. I really love how it shows up in my skin whenever I swatched it. It’s very sparkly which isn’t such a bad thing especially considering it’s color. The other one, Solar Flare, is more of a fall-themed color. When swatched, it comes of as a rich, bright orange color. Honestly, I’m still thinking about what ‘look’ I’m going to do with the ‘Solar Flare’ pigment that I got. But, since this is makeup, these two pigments definitely made me smile.

Sakura Hand Foam Sanitizer | Full Size
Sakura Hand Foam Sanitizer | Full Size
We have been used to hand sanitizing gels, so trying this foam sanitizer can be strange and refreshing at the same time. But hey, who doesn’t like trying new stuff?
PhP 90.00 50ml

When I saw this, I was like “Hmmm…” I already saw one like this at SM North Edsa the other day and good thing I didn’t buy one otherwise I’d have three! Those were the thoughts that was coming in and out of my head. Another one that comes to mind was “Why did it have to be two?” The other bottle is already with my Mama. I honestly don’t think I need two. The hand sanitizer is definitely refreshing, not that strange, and if you’re into trying something new, then you ought to try this one. But again, “Why did it have to be two?”. As for the product, I’m good with it. My mama’s fine with it as well.

Black Beauty Gold Shampoo | Trial Size
Black Beauty Gold Shampoo | Trial Size
Nourish your hair with these fun trial-sized shampoos
PhP 90.00 120ml

These are 10ml sachets, and I remember receiving one of these at the Phil-Cosmetics Expo. When I saw these two items, I immediately gave it to my Mama. I’m really not a fan of these types of shampoos, but I might try them. Who knows. Can’t give you an opinion about them. But when I saw these, I remember EleventhGeorgeous‘ shouting at their Birchbox Unboxing videos: “No to foil packets! Hehe. I’m fine with it. I just remembered them, lol.

BC Fragrance Spiced Fig Tea Room Fragrance | Travel Size
BC Fragrance Spiced Fig Tea Room Fragrance | Travel Size
This new room fragrance from BC Fragrance surely will add up to the feel of the upcoming holiday season
PhP 150.00 60ml

The smell of this spray reminded me of something familiar. I’m not really sure what it is. I can’t put my finger on it, it smelled fresh and cozy, I’m not really sure. I like the smell of it. The smell will definitely fit on your living room but prolly not in your bedroom. I don’t know, depends on your preferences, really. I’m sorry if I can’t describe this scent properly, I’m really bad at describing scents. All I can say is that, for those who have sensitive nostrils, this is definitely NOT one of those scents which will make you wanna gag or anything. For us who doesn’t have access to B&BW candles, this is definitely a good alternative.

Not sure how much product the container has, but I’m betting it’s not 60ml, lol

BC Fragrance Pillow Mist In Relaxing Mint | Travel Size
BC Fragrance Pillow Mist In Relaxing Mint | Travel Size
Due to rave reviews, we just have to feature this lovely product from the press box!
PhP 150.00 60ml

As mentioned, this one was already featured in their September box. When smelled right from the bottle itself, the minty scent of the product is a bit too overpowering. But when sprayed to your pillow, then that’s a different story. It is indeed relaxing and it made me want to cuddle my ‘Sleepcare’ pillow more. Of course I haven’t tried to sleep on it yet, but don’t worry, I’ll give you an update. But just a heads up, don’t smell it from the bottle, otherwise it’ll smell just like a typical mouthwash. Lol. I can definitely understand why a lot of bloggers liked this one.

Not sure how much product the container has, but I’m betting it’s not 60ml, lol

All in all, this month’s SaladBox is a combination of a hit & miss products. I love the mineral makeup, I love the pillow mist, I even like the room fragrance, but I am not loving the 2pcs hand sanitizer. I’m not really anticipating that in a subscription box, honestly. I was hoping for something a bit more unique. But it’s okay. Who doesn’t need a hand sanitizer? Lol. I already gave the other bottle to my mama, and I also gave her the foil packets.

I’m looking forward to the November box. I want to know if it’s right for me to continue. Oh! And I’ll be receiving my GlamourBox in November too! So, let’s compare! Shall we?

How ’bout you guys? Did you subscribe? Did you like ’em? Do you feel like subscribing? Let me know!

Gotta go work! See you later

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  • daintybabymd

    Oh you got virginia olsen makeup! Maganda yang eyeshadows nila sis! Tama ka hit and miss ang contents ng box… :p will be waiting for the glamourbox, I hope it would be a little better than this…

    • Really? I’ve been wanting to buy their e/s pa naman. Buti nalang. Also their brushes, lol

      Oh, I’ll definitely update you guys about the GlamourBox.

      • daintybabymd

        Oh I think you misunderstood me sis! Maganda ang eyeshadows ng virginia olsen, you have to get more! I got four of them myself and also planning to buy more… I have a product review of them here sis… http://daintybabymd.blogspot.com/2012/10/product-review-virginia-olsen-mineral.html I have seen their brushes too they are super soft they are next on my going to buy list… haha

        • Yea sorry about that too. It came out wrong. What I meant was that ‘buti nalang I got some samples because I really wanted to find out about them…’ lol

          Will check out your product review as soon as I finish this comment, lol.

          Did you order them online, btw?

          • daintybabymd

            I got mine from fabshopaholic sis, the owner Ms. Myla is very helpful and kind very smooth transaction… Ohh and btw maybe you would like to learn more about mineral makeup featuring these virginia olsen products, you can visit glaminar makeup artistry here sis: https://www.facebook.com/GlaminarMakeUpArtistry trust me it’s super fun!

  • Ida

    I think the eyeshadows are the best items in the box, I would’ve been glad to receive those too. Those shades look nice and bright! I don’t get why there had to be two of the hand sanitizers either, the other one could’ve just been a different item instead, right?. I’ll wait for the Glamourbox review.

    • Korek! Couldn’t have said it any better!

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