Superb Bazaar Oct. 19 – Mini Cosmetics Haul

As you guys may know, I’ve been raving about the Superb Bazaar for quite some time now, and I’ve already told you that I’m definitely going, and I did! I went there during the first day, which was last October 19, 2012, with my friends, and I really had lots of fun not only because I bought makeup but because I spent the entire day with my closest friends.

Me & My friends at The Superb By Super Sale Bazaar

Oh, and yeah! I saw Say once again, and she recognized me. I really thought I wont be able to meet her again because she mentioned in her vids that she’ll be at the bazaar for the entire day and when I arrived at the MUH booth, she wasn’t there, but when I was on my way home, she was there, so I’m so happy. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a fan.

Me & Say

Anyway, on to the haul…

Superb By Super Sale Bazaar Mini Cosmetics Haul

      Purchased Items

Okay, so to start with, there are a lot of booths there that were selling makeup products, from cheap/affordable drugstore items to high end, they pretty much have it all. Thing is, I was actually looking for a particular booth, and I was kinda sad that they weren’t able to join. I was looking for the MakeupHOLICS booth because I was pretty impressed on their booth back at the PhilCosmetics Expo. They carried a wide array of US and UK drugstore makeup and they were very affordable, so yeah. But they weren’t there, so too bad. But a lot of makeup stores were there which wowed me, so.. again.. on to the haul…

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Icy Nude
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Icy Nude (PhP 350-)
Chedelyn’s Cosmetics Collection

I’ve been looking for a nude lip color to wear for times when I feel like I wanna wear a heavy smokey eye look, because I feel like my Creme Brulee Lip Butter is a bit too sheer for me sometimes. Then I heard MakeupByAli rave about this particular shade, and she mentioned that she liked this a lot better than Mac Myth. I was actually planning to purchase this at a department store, but when I saw it at the Chedelyn’s Cosmetics booth, I immediately grabbed it. And I love it.

Milani Baked Powder Blush in Rose D’Oro Milani Baked Powder Blush in Rose D’Oro

Milani Baked Powder Blush in Rose D’Oro (PhP 380-)
Chedelyn’s Cosmetics Collection

This item product is unbelievable! A little of this blush goes a long way. It’s very pigmented and shimmery as well, so if you’re not in to glittery products, then you might not like this one, but I am so in love with this blush. I love the color, I love the finish. I just love it! Aah!

Maybelline Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealer in Nude Chair
Maybelline Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealer in Nude Chair (PhP 350-)
Chedelyn’s Cosmetics Collection

As usual, I found out about this product through Missglamorazzi and she was raving about this product. I was supposed to buy the Maybelline Fit concealer. MakeupGeek was also raving about that one, but I realized that it has some similarities with my Angel Fit Concealer so… Anyway, I find the consistency of this product a bit too thick. I’m not too sure of this concealer yet. I’m still working my way around it. I’ll let you know soon.

Loreal Waterproof Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara
Loreal Waterproof Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara (PhP 350-)
Chedelyn’s Cosmetics Collection

I’ve been hearing a lot of positive reviews about this product, and they were right. I’m so impressed with this product. I’ll do a review about this soon. But for now, all I can say is that, this is definitely worth the money.

  Exclusive Cosmetics 120-color (Warm) Eyeshadow Palette

Exclusive Cosmetics 120-color (Warm) Eyeshadow Palette Exclusive Cosmetics 120-color (Warm) Eyeshadow Palette

Exclusive Cosmetics 120-color (Warm) Eyeshadow Palette (PhP 999-)
Chedelyn’s Cosmetics Collection

I have been eying this palette for quite some time now. I’ve been wanting to purchase this type of palette from Lulu, Dollface, Beauty Cosmetics and also from BH. Then I told to myself I’m just going to purchase this at the Bazaar from whoever’s selling it, because I know that someone will be selling it somehow. Then I was right. Anyway, this eyeshadow palette is very pigmented, can’t believe I’m saying this but… it’s very fun to play with.. even the matte colors are very pigmented as well.. I love it…

Mememe Shimmer Stack in Pink Zest Mememe Shimmer Stack in Pink Zest

Mememe Shimmer Stack in Pink Zest (PhP 650-)
Make Up Hub By Naturelle Collezione

This has been known to be the Bobbie Brown dupe and I’ve been wanting to get this since the PhilCosmetics expo, only that I got the MeMeMe Flawless Face Collection instead. Anyway, I am so glad I got this because this blush is so pigmented and so worth my moolah. Will definitely be doing a review about this item soon.

Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat
Digital Traincase (PhP 420- )
Digital Traincase

Not really sure about the price I’m sorry. Lost the receipt, and the product is no longer available in the site. Anyway, the reason I purchased this item is because I spilled my China Glaze Top Coat, and I love that, it doesn’t chip my nail polish unlike my Revlon Top coat. I mean it’s not as shiny as the Revlon top coat, but it keeps my nail polish in tact for several days, which is good. But as I’ve said, I spilled it. I’ve been such a klutz lately. So I decided to purchase this one. I haven’t really used it yet, but the moment I do, I’ll give you guys a heads up.

So these are the items that I have purchased so far. As you can see, they’re not as many compared to my haul/purchases last Phil-Cosmetics Expo, but I’m pretty much okay with it. There are actually some items that I wished I purchased, like the L’oreal Voluminous Smouldering Eyeliner and the Physicians’ Formula Bronzer Booster, but it’s okay. I’m good. Besides, I’ve purchased a lot of makeup products this month, seriously.

How about you guys? Did you go to the Superb Bazaar? Did you buy anything? How was your experience? Lemme know through your comments! Anyway, gotta go… work later..

More reviews on my next post, I promise!

Oh and P.S. —- If you’re looking for the 30 Day Challenge, I really am sorry. I didn’t erase it. I hid it for a while, work just got hectic, and I realized that I have a lot of pending reviews that I need to post, so yeah… but I’ll do that I promise! I’ve already committed myself into doing that.

See you guys on my next post! Oh, and I’ll be doing a giveaway next month (as promised) as a thank you so stay tuned! Love you guys! :*

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  • wow 120 colors! that’s a lot! i hope you can make some eye makeup look using your new palette

  • Shari

    Wow Yette, I love the haul! I esp love the Colorburst lipstick you got! I’ve been looking for a shade like that na di masyado kamahalan (a.k.a MAC) so I might try that! Also, will wait for your review on the palette!

    The Misty Mom

    • I know & I’ve been loving it ever since I bought it! I can’t stop using it in fact!
      I already listed that on my TO-DO list (120-color eyeshadow) so, hopefully I’d be able to finish all of my pending reviews at least this month! lol