The GlamourBox

Yes. This is yet another monthly subscription service. But this one… I’m actually excited to receive this one this coming November. And yes, I subscribed, just in case you’re wondering. So you’ll be seeing/reading two(2) unboxing/reviews of the two(2) monthly subscription services that I’ve signed up for. One is for the SaladBox (click here to read an entry about this service) and one from GlamourBox.

Just in case you’re wondering what GlamourBox is all about, here’s some kind of a tid bit about them…

Glamourbox is the premier online beauty subscription site in the Philippines!

Love surprises? Addicted to beauty? Curious about what brands are out there? Eager to try out cosmetics & skincare products without breaking the bank?

Choose from your subscription plan and fill out your Glamourbox Beauty Profile to receive 5 curated deluxe beauty samples wrapped in our beautiful Glamourbox and delivered right at your doorstep.

Discover the best and newest beauty trends. Earn Glamourpoints for product reviews and friend referral. Redeem your points in our Glamour Boutique. Be part of the Glamourbox Community and get invitations to exclusive events & beauty workshops.

GlamourBoxPH - How It Works

GlamourBox costs PhP 595 per month in which you can be billed either monthly or every three month. This subscription service can be cancelled anytime. I’m not really sure how much worth of products you’ll get per box, but according to their website, you will be getting 5 curated sample items for you to try and should you wish to purchase, you can always go back to their website.


Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before, I really am excited to this service. Probably way more than SaladBox. Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed with SaladBox’s September box, based on what I saw on Say’s . But of course, it’s their first box, so who knows they might amaze people when they go public. Besides, that box are for press people & bloggers only, so there ya go.

How about you guys? Do you know about GlamourBox? SaladBox? Feel like subscribing? Already subscribed? What are your thoughts? Let me know! Love to hear from you!

Visit GlamourBox by clicking here.

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  • aika

    added you sa blog list ko thanks sis

  • daintybabymd

    Ohh! you subscribed! Will wait for your post I am still procrastinating on whether I would get the saladbox or this one… I hope they’d give our money’s worth of products…

    • Yes I did! & I hope so too. There’s another one: ‘Sample Room’. I’m not sure what that’s about though. Lol

  • I already subscribed to glamour box, so excited to see what’s in store for the november box… hehe

  • Ida

    I’ll wait for both reviews!

    Wasn’t impressed with what I’ve seen on the unboxed Saladboxes so far either, press sample or no.

    May isa pa, Sample Room. They’re on fb.I haven’t signed up on any of these yet…I want to see more reviews on them first. Hehe.

    • Yey! I know, I wasn’t impressed w/ SB’s reviews either.

      W/ regard to Sample Room, I’m still thinking about getting it kase pag nagkataon 3 na! Lol. Yea but I’m still interested, Hehe

  • the subscription is getting more competitive here locally. It’s nice that padami na ng padami yun local based subscription box. But I would still wait for your reviews before I decide which to subscribe. As for the SB, not impress too. I hope the glamour box will turn out good naman. Thanks for sharing ^_~

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    So far, with my beauty box subscriptions, I can say that Glamourbox is the best from packaging to the supply of items though, in terms of product samples, its minimal in quantity but the brands are almost always at the hight-trend ones. Also, I’m quite sad that their long term subscription is not available