Accessories Haul – PART II!

I know that you must be really tired of my hauls, because I’ve been posting a lot about them non-stop recently. But this is more of a collective haul (Yeah Yette! Like that changes anything!). Most of these items were purchased last week, either by twos or threes, and I just thought that rather than posting mini hauls, it’d be better for me to sort of combine all of them in a single ‘collective’ haul/post.

Accessories Haul Part II

As you may all know, I am such an addict when it comes to accessories. There are times when I don’t think twice about grabbing them and I end up debating whether or not to include them on my final purchase. Though whatever the final result is, I still end up going home with either three or more accessories purchased. That’s how indecisive I am when it comes to accessories. The reason I’m telling you this is that you might end up seeing more of these types of hauls. Not only makeup/beauty related, but also accessories.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some of the necklaces that I purchased recently.

White Statement Collar Necklace Pink 'Bubble' Statement Necklace
White Statement Collar Necklace
PhP 100 ea.
Pink ‘Bubble’ Statement Necklace
PhP 100 ea.
If you remembered my previous accessories haul, I used to rave about this particular store located at the Tutuban Mall (Prime Block). That’s where I purchased these gorgeous necklaces. I love ’em. They added new stocks and though they are a bit more expensive than the ones you can find at 168, I still buy from them because honestly, walking towards 168 is sometimes a bit too tiring for me, lol.

Guess which of the two is my fave? Lol

Owl Necklace Bow & Teardrop Necklace
Owl Necklace
Available @ The Landmark, Trinoma
Bow & Teardrop Necklace
PhP 100 from my niece (Niaraaawr)
I’m not really a fan of long-chained necklaces, seriously. But when I saw these two, I was just taken aback, because I love how gorgeous they are. Especially the “Owl Necklace”. It’s very neutral and can be partnered with practically anything. It has three chains in it, one is the suede brown, attached with a simple gold chain (both of them holds the owl pendant, which is kinda heavy, actually) then the shorter one is the copper/rusty metal chain that holds all of the seven beads that makes the necklace a lot more sophisticated. I love it.

The “Bow & Tear Drop Necklace”, however, is such a ‘happy’ necklace. For me, the necklace gives you more freedom when it comes to choosing what type of clothes you’re gonna wear with it.

Pink Garterized Bracelet & Brown 5-Piece Stackable bracelets
Both Available @ The Landmark, Trinoma

I have been interchanging these bracelets lately. When I wear pink, I use the pink one, and when I wear neutral colors, I use the other one. That’s how I am loving these bracelets lately. They go with everything I wear. The reason I bought the pink one is because I have a pair of earrings just like that (click here to see what it looks like), and when I saw this, I knew exactly how I would wear it. And the other one, (the brown stackable braclets) I bought it so that I can pair it with my ‘Owl Necklace’ and to some of my other neutral-colored accessories.

Spiked, White Bow, Pink ‘Bubble’ & Double Mustache Rings
All 3 for PhP 100 @ Tutuban except for the White Bow Ring (PhP 50 from Niaraaawr)

I love all of them. Especially the mustache ring. Even though one of the rhinestones already fell of, I still use it to death, along with the spikey ring, (I’m really not good with naming things! Lol). I love the white bow ring as well. It’s very sophisticated yet girly. I bought the Pink ‘Bubble’ ring to match with my necklace. Obviously. Lol, as for the others, I just love them.

PhP 50 ea at the Tutuban Mall

Notice how I didn’t name these earrings? I should’ve stopped earlier. Lol. Anyway, I love the one in the left because it’s trying to be simple and conservative, yet if you look at the dangling design, it gives a nod to the trending spikey designs that we are having nowadays. Something like an accurate description of naughty but nice earring, or vice versa. Lol.

The one in the right however, has a vintage ‘vibe’ into it, yet it’s so pink, it’s too girly. I love it.

Anyway, so those are my latest, collective accessories haul and I know that I seriously have a problem, when it comes to accessories, but seriously! Ugh.. How about you guys? Are you as addicted to accessories as I am? Do you like wearing accessories? Comment and let me know.

DISCLAIMER : Please be advised that all of the products shown/disclosed in this entry are bought with my own money. This is not a sponsored entry, nor am I affiliated with any of the companies that manufactured the items mentioned above.

Thank you.


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