Superb By SuperSale Bazaar | October 19 – 21, 2012

Since I really enjoyed going to the recent Phil-Cosmetics Expo, I was really looking for another event, which is sorta similar to this one. Then I found out about this bazaar, second week of September and I got really hyped. You see, I missed their previous bazaar last July, I just found out about it days after, so imagine how pissed I was when I found out na ‘huli na pala ako sa balita’.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward (in fact, excited) to attend to this event, because since I had lots of fun at the Phil-Cosmetics Expo, I have no doubt that I’ll definitely enjoy the bazaar even more. I’ll be attending with my college friends, and they too are excited. I told them that there will be lots of makeups and to my surprise, they were as excited as I am. I didn’t know that they were in to cosmetics like me.

Superb By SuperSale Bazaar at October 19-21 2012

I’ve never been to any SuperSale bazaars before, so this is the first, and I think that they just don’t offer makeup, there’ll probably be a lot more stores/shops out there that will offer a variety of products that weren’t available before at the Phil-Cosmetics Expo.

How about you guys? Are you attending? Are you as excited as I am? If you are attending, I would love to meet all of you in person. I’ll be there during the first day, which is October 19th. See you there!

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