BYS Vertical Eyeshadow 18-Piece Eyeshadow Palette in Neutral Charm Review (& Mini Haul)

It’s been a while since I’ve been to SM North Edsa and I always make it a point to check out what’s new in their cosmetics section. because I’ve noticed that they’re always updated. Yesterday, after my appointment to the dentist, on our way home (taking the long, scenic route, lol), we decided to drop by to Trinoma and SM North. Upon arriving at the cosmetics section at SM North, I was intrigued at the new booth located at the middle. I was intrigued by the palettes, the nail polish and the bronzers that they have. I asked the sales lady what’s the brand name, and she said it’s BYS from Australia.

The BYS brand represents one of the most exciting ranges of cosmetics in the world today with consumer loyalty growing rapidly. Not only is the product range creative with leading edge developments, it’s establishment as one of the fatest growing brands of cosmetics within both Australia and globally is testimony to it’s exceptional quality and value for money.
(from their website

BYS Vertical Eyeshadow 18-Piece Eyeshadow Palette in Neutral Charm
BYS Vertical Eyeshadow 18-Piece Eyeshadow Palette in Neutral Charm (PhP 449.00)

I was supposed to purchase two palettes but I was a bit torn on whether or not to do it. Besides, I’m not really sure if I’m going to like it. Anyway, I checked out all of their big palettes, and MOST if not all of them are either shimmer and/or glitter palettes. They don’t have matte eyeshadows included in their big palettes. They do however have matte eyeshadows with their small palettes (trios, quads, etc), but as for their palettes like this one, sadly, they don’t have any.

BYS Vertical Eyeshadow 18-Piece Eyeshadow Palette in Neutral Charm

Upon arriving from a very long, tiring day, I was so excited to open this product and swatch every single eyeshadow and see just how pigmented they are. And they are! They really are highly pigmented. What I noticed though is that there are some shades where the eyeshadows are a tad powdery. But still, it’s very blendable and it has a nice color payoff, so I don’t mind. Also, they are a bit shimmery for me, though, but still I don’t regret buying this palette. In fact, I kinda feel bad not purchasing the other one. Lol.

Here are the swatches from the said palette.

BYS Neutral Charm - Swatches
BYS Neutral Charm – Swatches
Left – top row; Right – bottom row

♥ P R O S ♥

Highly pigmented.
Nice color payoff.
PhP 449.00 for 18 crazy pigmented eyeshadows, I think is way worth it.
Easy to blend
A lot of color variations in a single palette

♥ C 0 N S ♥

Some shades are a bit powdery
Most BYS eyeshadow compacts/palettes are either shimmer or glitter. Only a few are matte (from what I’ve seen)
Not as long-lasting as my other eyeshadow palettes
They’re really soft. I feel like they can give up on me anytime, lol.
Not available at every SM Department stores
Really tiny mirror. Lol.

So those are my two cents about the said product. Would I repurchase? Yup. Definitely. They have other amazing products that I would really love to try and tell you about, so watch out for further BYS reviews!

Aside from that particular purchase, I also did a major beauty-supplies haul.

September 18 Haul
September 18 Beauty Supplies Haul

Okay! Fine! I know! I went a little gaga over nail polishes again! If there are three things I’m really and forever addicted with. They are nail polish, makeup and accessories. You can quote me on that. Lol. I may stop using them depending on my mood, or maybe because I’m just a slacker, but I will always always come back to them.

By the way, remember my addictions post regarding my nail lacquers? Well, they don’t look like that anymore, lol. Guess I better do an updated version, huh?

Anyway, to end this post, about the BYS Eyeshadow palette, I recommend you grab yourself one of those, even just the little palettes, because you’ll definitely enjoy them. They’re really affordable and they are crazy pigmented. They may be powdery at times, but that can be remedied because it still provides a good color payoff.

And for those who already have their own BYS cosmetic(s), what’s your opinion about this product? Will you repurchase? Let me know at the comments. Thanks!

Future haul-related posts coming right up! Stay tuned!

DISCLAIMER : Please be informed that I am no expert when it comes to giving makeup advice. What’s written in this entry, is how I use it, and how I find the item in terms of formula, consistency, etc.

Also, please be advised that all of the products shown/disclosed in this entry are bought with my own money. This is not a sponsored entry, nor am I affiliated with any of the companies that manufactured the items mentioned above.

Thank you.


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  • oooh that palette looks nice! I never really owned an eye shadow palette because I’m a late bloomer to eyeshadows haha yung eyeshadow ko iisa lang, 3pcs eyeshadow from dovera. They are cheap pero ang ganda ng colors!

    • Yea I only had one eyeshadow palette before I became hooked as well, and that was the WnW Walking on Eggshells.

      • I’ve heard so many raves about that palette (walking on eggshells). I’ll buy that and see if this will turn into an addiction haha

  • Mickey Angel Cortez

    Never thought that BYS cosmetics already exist few years ago. Hahaha. I just got wary of their existence when I’vegone to SM Nova last timr and stumbled upon their concealers. OMG. Their concealers are the bomb. They really did conceal my stubborn acne marks and brightened up my dark circles. I’ve never seen this eyeshadow palette from their counter, though. Sayang, I would’ve buy it case I spotted it.

    • I haven’t tried their concealers yet. I might give it a try.